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News:  Working Group on Public Administration Education

Call for papers for WG7

WG Programme Coordinators:
Calin Hintea, Babes-Bolyai University, Department of Public Administration, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Roger Hamlin, Michigan State University and Babes-Bolyai University

Place: 27th NISPAcee Annual Conference, Prague, Czech Republic
Date:  May 24-26, 2019

Main Focus and Aims
The aim of the Working Group is Public Administration Education in its broadest sense (curriculum development, curriculum technology, e-learning, teaching technology, best practices, research on education, quality assurance, modern management of public administration programs, and international accreditation, etc.).
The Working Group also focuses on those interested in the management of public administration education because they are in charge of public administration programmes, manage public administration departments or like to share experiences with public administration teaching.
Over the years, the Working Group has hosted a variety of presentations and debates concerning higher education in the field of public administration, as well as presentations by relevant stakeholders from specialised international organisations such as EGPA, EAPAA, NASPAA, and ASPA.
This Working Group is striving to offer a comparative view of the way in which higher education in the field of public administration is perceived and implemented at international level and to offer best practices for universities and countries which are searching to improve their current situation.
Specific goals 2019
For the 2019 Conference, the coordinators propose a special focus on strategic issues related to the development of public administration programmes. At the moment, higher education in public administration faces very diverse challenges regarding the profile of students, internationalisation, European Integration, digitalisation, relations with the community and the market, etc. we are trying to identify more clearly these challenges and to offer possible solutions.
The Working Group intends to publish, long-term, an edited book on this subject. The volume might include analyses of these challenges as they apply to various geographic locations as well as transnational analyses on this subject.  
Guidelines for contributors
The working group is interested in papers connected broadly to higher education in public administration (topics such as teaching, research, curriculum development, internationalisation, national and international accreditation, programme management, etc.). We are interested in papers employing both qualitative and quantitative methods. The Group encourages a comparative approach at international level in dealing with the aforementioned topics, as well as the development of practical solutions/suggestions based on the universities’ own experiences which can also be transferred to other organisations. 
Papers can address the field of higher education as understood in the broader sense – this means that authors can address both traditional forms/programmes in higher education, as well as training for civil servants, online learning, open courses, etc.).