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Better Budgets for Better Horizon 2020 Proposals — What to Do and How to Do it

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Implementation of the Public Administration Reform Strategy in Montenegro
Study Tour

The project "Implementation of the Public Administration Reform strategy in Montenegro” was implemented by NISPAcee, within the UNDP–Government of Slovakia programme on Promotion of the Slovak transitional Experience and Human Capital in ODA.

The project began in September 2011 and the project's activities are scheduled to last until June 2012.

The main purpose of the project is to provide members of the specific Montenegrin governmental Task Force - Coordination Committee for implementation of the PAR Strategy, with a source of knowledge and comparative experience on the adaptation and reform of Public Administration during the EU accession process, as well as on the comparative praxis on horizontal coordination mechanisms for successful implementation, monitoring and evaluation of a PAR Strategy.

This should be assured by the implementation of the following three main activities: study tour to Slovakia for members of the Coordination Committee of the Government of Montenegro, Slovak experts’ mission to Montenegro and Guidelines on horizontal coordination of PAR.

The study tour to Slovakia took place on November 28 – December 2, 2011. Eight members of the Coordination Committee of the Government of Montenegro participated in the study tour– representatives from the Ministry of Interior (Mr. Veselin Vukcevic, Deputy Minister for State Administration, Mr. Mladen Jovovic, Deputy Minister for Local Governance, Mr. Ivan Sikmanovic, Advisor and Ms. Danijela Nedeljkovic Vukcevic), Ministry of Finance (Ms. Tamara Ivkovic, Ms. Tanja Musterovic) and Human Resources Agency (Ms. Svetlana Vukovic, Director, and Ms. Jadranka Djurkovic, Deputy Director). Ms. Olivera Dimic
, UNDP-CDP Programme Manager from Montenegro also participated.

The main purpose of this tour to Slovakia was, in general, to introduce the system of public administration reform in the Slovak Republic. This was achieved through a combination of both a seminar and study visits to the relevant Slovak institutions.

The programme of the study tour was designed and coordinated by the leading project experts Ms. Jana Oremová and Ms. Ľudmila Gajdošová. The individual presentations were developed and provided by them and also by other project PA and legal experts – Mr. Juraj Nemec, Mr. Boris Balog and Mr. Peter Kukliš.

The seminar’s goal was to ensure that the participants became familiar with the process of PA reform in Slovakia, its steps since 1990, the legal basis, and lessons learned. In the frame of the visits to the relevant institutions (National Council of the Slovak Republic,

Government Office of the Slovak Republic,

Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic,

Ministry of the Finance of the Slovak Republic,

Association of Towns and Communities of Slovakia, and

the Mayor's Office of the capital city of Slovakia, Bratislava and


they had the opportunity to discover how PA reform was implemented in practice in Slovakia, within the responsible central state bodies. The participants were acquainted first-hand with all aspects of public administration reform in Slovakia and were given the possibility to establish direct cooperation with those representatives of the Slovak authority competent in the field of public administration.

Based on the information obtained, the members of the Coordination Committee for implementation of the PAR strategy in Montenegro, together with the Slovak experts selected, were made aware of those Slovak experiences in the area of PA reform, which were appropriate and suitable to give inspiration and/or to be implemented into the Montenegrin public administration system, and which could be useful in the field of the euro-integration process in this area. The selected Slovak experiences formed the basis of the main structure of the planned manual, which was discussed and agreed at the end of the study tour.

In March 2012, the Slovak experts’ mission to Montenegro will take place. The purpose of the planned mission is to gain awareness about local conditions, to provide consultations on the adaptation and reforms of Public Administration and to discuss the final structure of the planned manual, which should be available in April / May 2012.
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