European Association for Public Administration Accreditation

KosovaPAR2023 Conference on "PAR for an Agile and Resilient Governance”
22-24 November 2023 in Prishtina, the Republic of Kosova

Join us at the KosovaPAR2023 International Conference on Public Administration, hosted by the Government of the Republic of Kosova, under the lead of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in partnership with the Office of the Prime Minister and the University of Prishtina, alongside our esteemed international partners, the German Development Cooperation and International Financial Corporation WBG. This groundbreaking conference is set to take place on November 22 - 24 at the University of Prishtina.
Public Administration Reform (PAR) is a crucial endeavor undertaken by European, Western Balkan, and other nations, each at different stages. The goal is to enhance the quality and efficiency of public services while building trust with citizens. Central to this reform is coordination and planning, encompassing strategic vision, responsible institutions, tools, and multi-level coordination, all tailored to the specific needs of each country.
The exchange of practices and dialogue are invaluable tools for sharing both successful and less successful strategies, contributing to the global improvement of public administration and governance. This inaugural international conference will focus on "PA Reforms for an Agile and Resilient Governance," and marks a significant milestone in Kosovo.
The lessons of Covid-19 have demonstrated that bureaucracies can be both agile and resilient, even in extreme circumstances. This conference will explore innovative ideas that foster agility and resilience at all times. We will discuss how bureaucracies can partner with the private sector to achieve these goals, echoing the principles outlined in "How to Make an Entrepreneurial State: Why Innovation Needs Bureaucracy" by Kattel, Drechsler, and Karo (2022).
The conference will be opened by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosova, Mr. Albin Kurti, followed by a speech by the Minister of Internal Affairs, Mr. Xhelal Sveçla.
Our keynote speaker, Prof. dr. Wolfgang Drechsler (University College London/Harvard University/Tallinn Technology University, Germany), will talk about the futures of public administration, while amongst our distinguished guests we will have Prof. dr. Alketa Peci (Fundacao Getulio Vargas, Brazil), Prof. dr. Michiel de Vries (Radboud University, the Netherlands), Prof. dr. Anneli Temmes (HAUS Finnish Institute of Public Management, Finland), Prof. dr. Eduardo Araral (Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore) to name a few of them.
Our aim is to bring together academics, practitioners, and experts from international organizations and countries that have excelled in the PAR process. Over two days, the conference will delve into the concept of PAR, explore international trends and approaches, and pave the way for practical, applied reforms across diverse contexts. Our ultimate aim is to achieve agile and resilient governance, with discussions focused on concrete mechanisms and illustrative examples implemented by countries worldwide. We will explore the transformation of governance from rigid and ineffective to agile, responsive to citizens, collaborative, and innovative.
We invite all participants to join us in the Republic of Kosova at KosovaPAR2023 and discuss with us on how to make our governance more agile and resilient, and to define the kinds of PA reforms that are needed to achieve it, as well as to discuss ideas on how to bring solutions to our common and singular challenges and deliver better services to our citizens.
The conference is free of charge, the catering is covered by the organizers and its partners. However, due to limited resources, participants must cover their travel and accommodation expenses.
For more, please visit our website https://par.rks-gov.net/Home/Index or contact us at blerton.vehapi@rks-gov.net