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Project: Sustainability and Effectiveness of Civil Society Organisations in Kyrgyzstan


Supported by: SlovakAid, a Slovak Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ programme

Activity: Study visit of Kyrgyz representatives in Slovakia – workshop and study visits of relevant Slovak institutions

Date: March 14-22.3.2009

Within the project, the workshop „Sustainability and Effectiveness of Civil Society Organisations in Kyrgyzstan" was implemented by NISPAcee and its Kyrgyz project partner, the Institution Social Research Centre, American University of Central Asia, in Bratislava, Slovakia in March, 2009. The workshop was organised in conjunction with a study visit to the relevant Slovak governmental institutions and civil society organisations (CSOs).

The Kyrgyz delegation included 10 representatives from Parliament, the Government and the 3rd sector. Members of the Kyrgyz Parliament were represented by Mr. Sabirov Alisher, Ms. Moldosheva Dinara, Mr. Zhamaldinov Ziiadin and Mr. Baitikov Asanbek. Also taking part in the delegation was Mr. Aidraliev Akylbek, Head of the Department on Electronic Governance from the Office of the Prime Minister. The Kyrgyz 3rd sector was represented by Mr. Mambetov Aidar from the Association of Civil Society Support Centres. The Kyrgyz partner institution was represented by a team of experts and managers - Mr. Baktygulov Sheradil, Ms. Alymbaeva Aida, Ms. Esengul Chinara and Ms. Konokbaeva Aida. Special guests in the study visit included members of the Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic in Austria – Mr. Azamatov Alakunov and Mr. Muratbek Baihodjoev. The Slovak side was represented mainly by Slovak project experts – Ms. Gajdošová Ľudmila, Ms. Hricková Jana, Mr. Hodás Milan and Ms. Jasová Adriana.

The workshop programme focused on the following topics: relevant Kyrgyz legislation; the Slovak law-making procedure; E-governance in Slovakia; business enterprise of CSOs in Slovakia; Slovak practices in the area of defending common interests of the CSOs, and CSOs, democracy and law enforcement – the vicious circle and practice of Slovak CSOs.

In the frame of the study visit, the Kyrgyz delegation had the opportunity to visit the National Council of the Slovak Republic, to meet and participate in discussions with the heads and representatives of different sections, departments and committees. They also visited the standing advisory body of the Government of the Slovak Republic - The Governmental Council for Non-governmental and Non-profit organisations, the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic - Section for Public Administration. A meeting and discussions with representatives of the 1st Slovak Non-profit Service Centre were also on the programme, as well a visit to the NISPAcee Secretariat and its library.


Several proposals on the policy recommendations for the improvement of the Kyrgyz legislation were formulated as aresult of the workshop and the study visit based on Slovak experiences and the agreement of all participants, for example: the allocation of 1% of income tax; the creation of a governmental advisory body for non-governmental organisations; analysis of the Kyrgyz law on access to information and the internet system of legal information in order to propose their improvement; generation of an interactive "Portal of the legal acts” where all Bills could be publicised and publicly discussed; obligatory hearing on the public’s suggestions to the bill in inter-ministerial legislative procedure; a free copy of the Collection of Laws to each municipality; obligatory involvement of CSOs and citizens in the parliamentary legislative procedures; the right to petition for stopping the legislative process; increase in the capacity of parliamentary staff; each book published in Kyrgyzstan should be given to the Parliamentary library; creation of an official communicating tool between the 3rd sector and the state and the creation of periodical dialogue between CSOs and government.

The selected recommendations will be analysed, developed in detail and publicised at the end of the project in November, 2009.

Workshop „Sustainability and Effectiveness of Civil Society Organisations in Kyrgyzstan"

Workshop „Sustainability and Effectiveness of Civil Society Organisations in Kyrgyzstan"

Visit of the National Council of the Slovak Republic

Visit of the National Council of the Slovak Republic

Visit of the National Council of the Slovak Republic

Visit of the National Council of the Slovak Republic

Visit of the Governmental Council for Non-governmental and Non-profit organisations

Visit of the Governmental Council for Non-governmental and Non-profit organisations, meeting with the SlovakAid manager Mr. Jan Salko

Visit of the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic - Section for Public Administration

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