NISPAcee Database of Institutions and Persons

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Dear Colleagues and Partners,


The full Database of Institutions and Persons is available only to the NISPAcee members. Some of the information is public but the public information depends on approval of institutions and persons.

The database is directly connected to the centralised user registration system. The aim of such centralised system is to increase cooperation among the NISPAcee members, to find new partners and enlarge our network.

We wish to keep information up-to-date as much as possible and enable these information to be regularly communicated to our target audience. We are depending on the willigness of users to update personal and institutional

Please read Definitions of Terms before continuing.

NISPAcee, March 2012 

*The Central Database was created as a "User account system" which is completely flexible, allowing users to decide which information will be public, or not.