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EPAN-NISPAcee Joint Summer School 2003

Bratislava, Slovak Republic, June 29th- July 5th, 2003

Detailed Programme and Organizational Details Added

look below in download section (June 12, 2003)


This is the second Summer School organized by EPAN, The European Public Administration Network, a network devoted to promote the study and teaching about Public Administration in Europe. After the successful completion of the first EPAN Summer School at Leiden University (The Netherlands), under the title: "Europeanisation, Institutional Analysis and Public Administration”, EPAN Executive Committee decided that the coming Summer Schools should continue focusing on the double goals of strengthening the research competences in comparative public administration in an European context, and developing the pedagogical competences of the participants.

The 2003 Summer School is a cooperation between EPAN and NISPAcee, joining efforts from their respective Western and Eastern European traditions and resources in Public Administration practice and teaching.

Purposes and objectives of the Summer School:

The first purpose of the 2003 Summer School is to provide the students with a solid understanding of the dynamics, processes and principles guiding public policy management from a truly comparative perspective in a European context. The teachers of the Summer School are acclaimed scholars in their respective fields, with extensive research and teaching experience in Public Administration. The selected topics include among others: "European policy management from a comparative perspective”, "Politico-Administrative relations in the policy process”,  "Multi-level governance in the European context” or "Implementation in a comparative perspective”.

The second related objective of the 2003 Summer School is the improvement of pedagogical skills of the participants, particularly learning how to use case studies in teaching and improving lecturing techniques. Lecturing and using case studies are essential elements of any teaching activity at university level, therefore they are very first aspects to take into consideration in the development of teaching skills. The idea will be to invite experts in this field, to develop a larger and more systematic scheme regarding this issue, combining it with students’ own exercises. Special emphasis will be given to the development of personal communication skills, to the effective and creative utilization of different teaching support materials (i.e. overheads or videos), and to the very important question of evaluation and assessment (how to prepare good/relevant exams, and how to evaluate correctly the ability of the students).

The students will participate actively in the Summer School, in the discussions following each lecture, and in the assignments and exercises related to their pedagogical development. All lectures will be in English.


The EPAN/NISPAcee Summer School can accommodate 25 Ph.D. students, post doctoral researchers and young university teachers in Public Administration/Public Management from Western and Central/Eastern Europe.

Applications should be sent to the EPAN secretariat (see registration form for contact details) by May 20, 2003 and should include

• Complete registration form
• CV
• Letter of intent
• Recommendation letter from the Head of the Department of the

EPAN will fund accommodation, breakfast, lunches and a subsidy of 50 EURO for dinners for participants from EPAN member institutions (see download section below) and a limited number from NISPAcee institutions (see the list on www.nispa.org). A limited number of travel grants for EPAN/NISPAcee participants is available based on individual requests. For more information contact the EPAN secretariat at leons@fsw.leidenuniv.nl. Applicants who can find their own resources to cover the travel costs will have an advantage in the selection procedure.

Registration fee for non-EPAN/NISPAcee participants: 100 EUR

Lectures will be held on the subjects of:
• "Policy making in the Post-communist governments: understanding the political space” by Laszlo Vass (Budapest University of Economics and Public Administration)
•  "Personnel and Performance Management: Weaknesses of the Post-Communist PA” by Laszlo Vass (Budapest University of Economics and Public Administration)
• "Using case studies in PA teaching”
by Marleen Brans (Catholic University of Leuven)
• "From government to governance”
by Susana Borrás (Roskilde University)
• "EU and national administrations: Multi-level governance in the European context”
by Theo Toonen (Leiden University)
• "Politico-Administrative relations in the policy process”
by Guy Peters (Pittsburgh University)
• Lecturing techniques/ Student exercises.

Look at detailed programme on separate page
  Map of Bratislava in .pdf (700k) new (June 18, 2003)
  Map of Bratislava in .JPG (665k) new (June 18, 2003)

  Detailed programme in .pdf (81k) updated (June 12, 2003)
  Detailed programme in .doc (58k) updated (June 12, 2003)

  Organizational Details in .pdf (107k) new (June 12, 2003)
  Organizational Details in .doc (49k) new (June 12, 2003)

 Information and Program in .pdf (129k)
 Registration Form in .doc (280k)
 EPAN Member Institutions List in .pdf (84k)