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Institutional Members

Institutions (main organisational units that are members)
Order by: Institution   City   Country
 Institution City   Country 
Institute for Public Administration Prague 
Prague 1  Czech Republic 
sub-units/departments: department of public administration
Institute of Public Administration 
Zagreb  Croatia 
Karoli Gaspar University Of Reform Church 
Budapest  Hungary 
sub-units/departments: Department for General Humanities
Department of Public Administration, Faculty of Law
Department of Law - Doctoral School
Kazan Federal University 
Kazan  Russian Federation 
sub-units/departments: Faculty of Economics and Management
Center for profassional training and retraining of public administration employees
Centre for Effecteviness and Quality in Public Administration
School of Public Administration
Institute of Management, Economics and Finance
Institute of Continuing Education
Lech Kaczynski National School of Public Administration 
Warsaw  Poland 
sub-units/departments: Centre for Projects and International Cooperation
Administration and Public Management (APM)
Economics and Public Finance
European Union and Foreign Policy
International Cooperation
Leningrad State University after named A.S. Pushkin 
St.Petersburg  Russian Federation 
National Academy for Public Administration 
Belgrade  Serbia 
sub-units/departments: Sector for Development of Training Programs and Quality Management
Polish Association for Public Administration Education 
Gdansk  Poland 
Public Administration Academy of the Republic of Armenia 
Yerevan  Armenia 
sub-units/departments: Faculty of Managment
Department of International Relations
Law Department
Public Administration
ReSPA (Regional School of Public Administration) 
Danilovgrad  Montenegro 
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Total Institutions:  27

Sub-units (where main organis. units - institutions - are not members)
Order by: Sub-unit   City   Country
 Sub-unit City Country
Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences
  Budapest  Hungary 
Faculty of Economics
  Banska Bystrica  Slovakia 
Faculty of Economics & Business Administration
  Iasi  Romania 
Faculty of Economics and Administration
  Pardubice  Czech Republic 
Faculty of Economics and Administration
  Brno  Czech Republic 
Faculty of Economics and Business
  Rijeka  Croatia 
Faculty of Finance & Accounting
  Prague 3  Czech Republic 
Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies
  Warsaw  Poland 
Faculty of Juridical, Social and Political Sciences
  Galati  Romania 
Faculty of Law
  Zagreb  Croatia 
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Total Sub-units:  49