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New Theories and Practices of Public Governance in the NISPAcee Region

Editor(s): Alexey Barabashev, Juraj Nemec

Date: 2021

ISBN: 978-80-99939-03-6

Publisher: NISPAcee

Order contact: nispa@nispa.org

As the NISPAcee Annual Conference 2020 has been cancelled due to the current Corona Virus pandemic, NISPAcee decided to organise the "2020 NISPAcee Online Conference for PhD Students” with the title "New Theories and Practices of Public Governance in the NISPAcee Region”.
The conference is the critical activity of the "NISPAcee Professional Development Programme for Doctoral and Young Researchers”. The goal of this project is to foster and strengthen high quality research of PhD students and other categories of young researchers from the central and eastern European region, through the establishment of a research network of participating institutions. The network serves as a platform for the exchange, communication, consultation and presentation of research work performed by participating young researchers and the presentation of their research findings and final research papers. The core tangible output from this project ishigh quality final research papers, developed by participating PhD and young researchers, considered for publication in NISPAcee publications, including the NISPAcee Journal of Public Administration and Policy, or in special e-volumes of the programme.
This was NISPAcee’s first experience in organising a completely online multi-sectional PhD conference with a broad participation of students from various leading Universities and Doctoral schools in Public Administration and Public Policy areas. The Conference was organised on October 29, 2020 and included five panels, chaired by leading academicians from the region – Alexey Barabashev (Russia), Daniel Klimovský (Slovakia), Juraj Nemec (Czech Republic), Lucie Sedmihradská (Czech Republic) and Tudor Ticlau (Romania). The conference attracted a strong interest from PhD students and leading universities and Doctoral schools in fostering contacts and in the representation of the results of PhD research for a broad professional audience. In total, 57 PhD students from 19 countries (16 from the NISPAcee region and 3 from other countries) and from 30 universities participated in the conference. The best papers are included in the e-proceedings of this conference.
The variety of the articles covers most of the subjects of the conference, including: governance and human capital; evaluation, reforms and capacity building; governance; local government, and public management. All the research areas mentioned are no doubt the focus of current interests of young researchers and it is possible to say that the progress in this area will be a new frontier for Public Administration and Public Policy for the NISPAcee region in the next years.

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