European Association for Public Administration Accreditation

Project: Sustainability and Effectiveness of Civil Society Organisations in Kyrgyzstan

Supported by: SlovakAid, a Slovak Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ programme

Activity: National workshop in Kyrgyzstan for high level governmental representatives, CSOs, members of Parliament, media and other relevant organizations

Date: September 22, 2009

A National Workshop “Increasing the Effectiveness of Interactions of Civil Society Organisations with the State Governance bodies of the Kyrgyz Republic in the Decision-making Process” for Kyrgyz high level governmental representatives, civil society organisations, Members of Parliament, media and other relevant organisations was organised within the project "Sustainability and Effectiveness of Civil Society Organisations in Kyrgyzstan" (2008 - 2009), which is supported by SlovakAid and implemented by NISPAcee, in co-operation with its project partner, the Institution Social Research Centre, American University of Central Asia.

This one of the most important project activities was implemented on September 22, 2009 in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. The event was opened by Ms. Aida Alymbaeva, Director of SRC and Project Consultant, Ms. Elena Zakova, Project Manager, NISPAcee and Ms. Dinara Moldosheva, Member of the Kyrgyz Parliament.

The National workshop was divided into two parts – a roundtable, followed by a workshop session which was devoted to discussing the project results.

During the first part of the event "Roundtable – Presentations of Policy Recommendations and Public Discussion", a team of SRC and NISPAcee experts presented the research results and a set of strategy recommendations developed within the project.

The main thematic areas were: “Ensuring Public Participation in the Law-making Process”, “Establishment of a Central State Advisory Body on NGOs and the Creation of Regular Dialogue between NGOs and Government”, “Ensuring Public Access to Information through Internet Portals during the Law-making process and the Creation of an Integrated Portal of Normative Acts” and “Allocation of 1% of Income Tax to NGOs”.

The Slovak practice was presented by Mr. Milan Hodas, Slovak Project Expert and Mr. Milan Andrejkovic, Slovak Project Consultant. The Kyrgyz practice was presented by a team of Kyrgyz experts and consultants - Mr. Medet Tuilegenov, Mr. Sheradil Baktygulov and Ms. Aida Alymbaeva.

The event was important, not only from the standpoint of introducing and presenting the developed strategy recommendations by Slovak and Kyrgyz project experts, but also from the view of collecting public comments from the participants. The roundtable format allowed an atmosphere of open discussion and free reflection on the proposed recommendations. The event participants were active in voicing their ideas and proposals. Some participants were concerned with the report content in general whilst others focused on the terminology and the relevance of the Slovak experience. All public comments were summarised and considered by the project team in the process of the finalisation of a set of recommendations. In particular, much interest and support was given to the recommendation of the allocation of 1% or 2% from income tax to the activities of the preferred NGOs. It was equally interesting to, and supported by, government and NGO representatives.

The roundtable discussion resulted in the adoption of a final set of recommendations to improve the Kyrgyz legislation related to the participation of CSOs in policymaking processes.

During the second part of the event - "Seminar on the In-depth Slovak Experience on Concrete Recommendations" the participants had the opportunity to comprehensively learn about Slovak practices, especially with regard to the allocation of 2% of income tax to CSOs and the creation of a State Advisory body to provide an institutionalised platform to improve the dialogue between governmental and non-governmental organisations.