European Association for Public Administration Accreditation

III . Working Group on Preventing Corruption in Public Administration

Barbara Kudrycka, School of Public Administration, Bialystok, Poland
        E-mail: bkudrycka@wsap.bialystok.pl
Roman Chlapak, Council of Europe, Strasbourg, France
        E-mail: Roman.Chlapak@coe.int

Background and justification:
It is widely recognised that strategies against corruption are only successful if they are comprehensive. Legal and law enforcement measures need to be complemented by the involvement of the public as well as by measures to prevent corruption within public administration systems. Countries of central and eastern Europe have made progress in adjusting their legislation with European standards and in strengthening their capacities to investigate and prosecute corruption. However, special efforts are required in the field of prevention, in particular with regard to reducing risks and opportunities of corruption within public administrations. At the same time, capacities to design and implement such prevention measures are limited. Public administration training institutions could make an impact in this respect by including corruption prevention issues into the curricula.

Objective: To strengthen capacities for the prevention of corruption within public administrations by integrating prevention issues into the curricula of public training institutions.

Output: By December 2003, a research study will have been published containing at least ten case studies on experience with the integration of anti-corruption issues into the curricula of public administration institutions and/or specific and practical recommendations for improvement.

Call for participation: deadline for the applications - September 15, 2002 !!!!

Applicants of this WG are invited to send the CV and the Letter of Intention to Ms. Barbara Kudrycka or to the NISPAcee Secretariat (Email:Wallnerova@nispa.org)

The first meeting of the WG is planned to be held in October 4-5, 2002. Selected applicants will be invited for this meeting and their participation will be covered by the organizers.