European Association for Public Administration Accreditation

The EAPAA General Meeting was chaired by EAPAA Board Chair Wolfgang Drechsler (Ragnar Nurkse Department of Innovation and Governance, TUT, Tallinn, Estonia). Members of EAPAA, NISPAcee representatives and IIAS representatives participated in the meeting. An Agenda of the  Meeting included reports of the EAPAA Secretary General Taco Brandsen, discussion and approval of the of the new EAPAA statute and election of the new EAPAA Board Chair. EAPAA activities have been managed by Seeta Autar, the EAPAA Manager, who also participated in the meeting.
EAPAA Secretary General Taco Brandsen expressed great appreciation of the three years´work of the departing Chair Wolfgang Drechsler and thanked to him for his excellent cooperation and commitment.
The EAPAA Board Meeting followed the General meeting. An Agenda of the meeting included reports of the EAPAA Secretary General Taco Brandsen and Calin Hintea, the Chair of the EAPAA Accreditation Committee. The EAPAA Board accepted all presented reports and upon extensive discussions agreed about EAPAA plans for the upcoming period. These include mainly possible new accreditations of programmes as well as opportunities for further development and collaboration with other similar organizations.
Please visit the EAPAA website for more information about EAPAA activities and the EAPAA accreditations/certifications: https://www.eapaa.eu/