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“How to be a Better Policy Advisor”
Two training courses for advisors
Bratislava, Slovak Republic, October 11-13, 2001
Almaty, Kazakhstan, October 25-27, 2001 


Within the pilot project “Building advisory capacities in Slovakia and other ECIS states” supported by the UNDP Regional Support Centre NISPAcee implemented two training courses „How to be a better policy advisor” in October 2001:  

1, Bratislava, Slovakia (in English language) led by Katarina
Staronova (
Slovakia), Gyorgy Gajduschek (Hungary) and Sorin Dan Sandor (Romania)

2, Almaty, Kazakhstan (in Russian language) led by Meruert Makhmutova (Kazakhstan), Zulfiya Tukhtakhodjaeva (Uzbekistan), Ieva Lazareviciute (Lithuania)

During the courses the manual “How to be a better policy advisor”, which had been developed within the project was tested. The manual will be published by NISPAcee at the beginning of 2002.


Pobeda Loukanova, Bulgaria

The need of such training is outstanding, especially in the course of ongoing fundamental changes in states' organization. It is grounded in the necessity to democratize and add transparency to the policy-making. The initial stages of these processes require broad knowledge about the nature and the problems arising in the course of public sector reforms. Undoubtedly, this knowledge comes from the research sector.

The overcoming of the difficulties in the process of implementation of the reforms in public administration again insists on involvement of research fellows. They have to enhance the potential of the government to find out alternatives, optimize the solutions of current problems and determine the procedures for their implementation.

The mechanisms for transfer of experience and knowledge to policy- makers in countries in Central and Eastern Europe, still remain underdeveloped. It seems that there is a shortage of specialists who are able to play proactive roles and provide advice to the governments on policy-making.

For all these reasons, the training on policy advising had the aim to develop specific skills and provide knowledge on how to establish new working relationships between clients, defined as governments, and providers from academia and universities. At the end of the course the participants were expected to be familiar with the main guidelines on what to do and how to be better policy advisors.

The program of the course, the methods of instruction and the professional background of the participants were all elaborated and selected by taking into consideration the overall aim of the training. The bigger part of the participants included university professors who had experience in policy advising. Experts at central and local governments took part, as well.

During the course the trainers applied the interactive teaching method in combination with short introductory lectures.

A useful training material was the manual: “How to be a Better Policy Advisor”, written by Mirek Grochowski (Poland) and Michal Ben-Gera (Israel) and its appendix “Techniques and Methods of Policy Analysis” written by Katarina Staronova (Slovakia). The two materials were sent to the participants in advance. In this way, they could use them for acquiring systemized knowledge on the course. Also they could establish realistic expectations towards the content of the training course and to benefit from it in the best way.

The common opinion of the participants was that the training was useful, well organized and well presented, including in terms of training materials and resources. This was due to the well-coordinated teamwork of the experienced instructors, the good organizational skills of the representatives of NISPAcee, the hospitality of UNDP and the active response of the participants during the all three days of the seminar.  


Zdravko Pečar, Slovenia

Thanks to the organizers. The training course »How to be better policy advisor« covers the important gray spot of our Public Administrations. All of us, who attended the three day course, have greatly improved our skills and through »learning by doing« discovered many new insights from this field.

Since the policies are the starting points of the real transition changes, I hope that the group of trainers will continue their mission of dissemination of knowledge and skills.


Eliko Pedastsaar, Estonia

I found he manual of training course very useful and already one week after the training course I used some knowledge in my work. During the course I had an opportunity to develop my skills that are essential for an advisor. Several simulation exercises and role-plays helped me to understand better the positions of different parties. I strongly recommend to both practicing and potential advisors to participate in this course.


Lesya Ilchenko-Syuyva, Ukraine

The course gave me a chance to improve or adjust my work as an Analyst. Sharing experience with advisors from different CEE countries contributed a lot to my further career development. Despite some small slips that usually exist while launching pilot initiatives, the course was very fruitful and thought provoking one. Organization of the course was excellent and thank you a lot for giving me an opportunity to be among the course participants.


Gulnara Ismukhanova, Kazakhstan

I am grateful to the team of trainers and especially to Ieva Lazareviciute for high quality of training. Our Institute, starting from 2000 year, initiated the conducting of the training on Public Policy for NGO, teachers and researchers of the Universities. It is necessary to recognize that prepared materials of training and reference book are the result of a great and dedicated previous work. The accumulated experience of NISPAcee project participants will render invaluable assistance in development of educational programs and research projects on public policy in Kazakhstan.


Askat Dukenbaev, Kyrgyzstan

I have found the course useful as it was organized professionally both in terms of training and regarding the spare time of the participants. I had an opportunity to learn new ideas and deepen my knowledge in the field (as far as it is possible within three days seminar). I also acquired new experience regarding to the realities of the public policy and gained a lot from my meetings with practitioners from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Russia Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. In short, the seminar has helped me to broaden my understanding of the process of policy advising and contributed to my Public Policy Analysis class I have been teaching for the undergraduate students at the American University in Kyrgyzstan (AUK). I also hope my knowledge helps me to become skillful policy advisor to the key decision makers around my university - the AUK - the unique educational institution throughout Central Asia.

Ildar Zoulkarnaev, Russia

The days spent in Almaty on the training course were very useful for me and I think will be very fruitful in my further work. Before that course my work as an adviser was on a periphery of my research work in the sphere of Public Administration. Now I feel a certain balance between these two sides of my work in that sphere. This is owing to the next things. I not acquired only new knowledge but also some skills in an adviser work in the process of the training samples. I could see my weak points as an adviser and now know I see in what way should perfect myself.


Bahrom Isoev, Tajikistan

Training course "How to be a better policy advisor" was organized on high methodical and practical level, there was given more practical materials such case studies as situations with "triffids". As for me I find so much interesting in sphere of public advice, consulting and in public administration at all. So I would like to express my great thanks to our trainers: Ieva Lazarevicuite, Meruert Makhmutova, and Zulfiya Tukhtakhodjaeva and special thanks to organizers of this training.

Participants - Bratislava, Slovakia

Pobeda Loukanova, Bulgaria

Pedastsaar Eliko, Estonia

Rannala Ruta, Estonia

Priede Mudite, Latvia

Valters Martins, Latvia

Urbanavicius Dainius, Lithuania

Suwaj Patrycja Joanna, Poland

Sitniewski Piotr, Poland

Teodorof Gheorghe, Romania

Paulickova Renata, Slovakia

Dado Jaroslav, Slovakia

Darulova Marta, Slovakia

Pecar Zdravko, Slovenia

Romanyuta Sergiy, Ukraine

Il´chenko-Syuyva Lesya, Ukraine


Participants - Almaty, Kazakhstan
Alibekova Farida, Kazakhstan

Ibzharova Sholpan, Kazakhstan

Iskakova Gulnar, Kazakhstan

Ismukhanova Gulnara, Kazakhstan

Ospanova Aigul, Kazakhstan

Umbetalieva Tolganaj, Kazakhstan

Aalybek Akunov, Kyrgyzstan

Atamanov Aziz, Kyrgyzstan

Bolotbek Orokov, Kyrgyzstan

Dukenbaev Askat, Kyrgyzstan

Saleh Murzaev, Kyrgyzstan

Kupriashin Gennady, Russia

Zoulkarnaev Ildar, Russia

Isoev Bahrom, Tajikistan

Kasimova Saodat, Uzbekistan

Photos- Bratislava, Slovakia

Photos - Almaty, Kazakhstan

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