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January 27 - January 28, 2022
Healthy Leadership, Healthy Employees and Resilient Organisations

February 7 - February 9, 2022
General Aspects of EU Law Ι – EU Law for Non- Lawyers

March 8 - March 11, 2022
Introductory and Practitioners’ Seminar: European Public Procurement Rules, Policy and Practice

March 10 - March 14, 2022
Cohesion Policy Regulations 2021-2027 and Implementing New Structural Funds Programmes

March 28 - April 1, 2022
Data Protection: Refresher and Advanced Course

March 29 - March 31, 2022
Procedures and Strategies of Litigation Before the Court of Justice of the European Union

April 11 - April 13, 2022
Quantification and Monetisation in the Context of Better Regulation

April 27 - April 29, 2022
EU Green Deal 2021-2027

April 28 - April 20, 2022
Enforcement of EU State Aid Rules

May 19 - May 20, 2022
Designing and Assessing the Logic of Intervention in Policymaking and Implementation

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Outputs:Working Group on Public Sector Quality

Third phase:  2003 - 2005

Editors and Contributors:
William N. Dunn
Katarina Staronova
Sergei Puskarev

NISPAcee Proceedings from the NISPAcee Conference 2005. Moscow, Russia

Juraj Nemec, University of Matej Bel, Banska Bystrica,Slovakia
Paper: Policy-making and Policy Implementation Problems in Central and Eastern Europe:The Case of Health Care Delivery in Slovakia
Kristina Tonnisson, University of Tartu,Estonia
Paper: New Public Management Principles and Policy Implementation:The Case of Estonian Local Governments 

NISPAcee Proceedings from the NISPAcee Conference 2004, Vilnius, Lithuania

Iwona Sobis, Michiel de Vries,  University of  Skovdisk, University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Paper: The role of  Experts in Local Government in Transitional Countries
Aare Kasemets, Mari-Liis Liiv, University of Tartu, Estonia
Paper: The Use of Socio-Legal Information in the Draft Acts’ Explanatory Memoranda: A Precondition for Good Governance
Kaido Paabusk, Kristiina Tonnisson, Centre for Public Service Training and Development and University of Tartu, Estonia
Paper: Quality of Expertise: Securing Common Knowledge and Competencies of  Public Servants in Decentralized Public Service Training System: The Case of Estonia
Part of the papers from the Vilnius meeting  were selected  into the publication of a special issue in  the NISPAcee Occasional Papers journal.

From previous phases:

Second phase:  2001 - 2003

The selected papers from the Cracow meeting were published in the stand-alone publication:
"Improving the Quality of East and West European Public Services”
edited by Elke Loeffler and Mirko Vintar.
All contributions went through multi-stage peer review process, in the course of which many papers were significantly changed. The book aims to  present a set of stimulating and challenging ideas on public service improvements to an international audience of researches and practitioners.
• Evaluating the Quality of Internal Information Flows  and Citizens Interaction in
Estonian Local Authorities, Kristiina Tőnnisson
Part of the papers from the Bucharest meeting  were included into the publication of a special issue in an international public management journal.
• Report of the WG on Better Quality Administration for the Public, Eke Loeffler, Tatiana Zaytseva
• Measuring Customer Service in Georgia’s Local Governments: The Mystery Shopper Program, Mark D. Bradbury, Richard L. Milford
• Strengthening Local Administration of Social Assistance in Russia, L. Jerome Gallagher, Raymond J. Struyk
• A Comprehensive Evaluation of Local Government Performance in Ukrainian and Russian  Cities, Vladimir Salamatov, Alexander Balobanov
First phase:  1999-2001
(WG on Better Quality Administration for the Public)

NISPAcee Proceedings from the NISPAcee Conference 2001, Riga, Latvia
• Report of the WG on Better Quality Administration for the Public: Applying Principles  and Methods to Deliver Better Quality Administration for the Public, 
            Joanne Caddy  and Mirko Vintar
• An Empirical Semantic Model of Local Government Effectiveness as Assessment kit Base(Ukraine-Russia Pilot Study), Volodymyr Salamatov and Alexander Balobanov
• ISO 9000 First Step to Implementing Total Quality Management, Mihaela Carausan
NISPAcee Proceedings from the NISPAcee Conference 2000, Budapest, Hungary
• Achieving Better Quality Administration for the Public, Joanne Caddy and Mirko Vintar
• Improvement of Innovation Management in Local Government, Anatoliy Chemerys and Nataliya Parasyuk
• Corruption and Quality in Servicing the Public” The Klaipeda City Case, Dainius Urbanavicius
• Building a "Communicating Town”, Vera Foretova and Miroslav Foret
• Performance Evaluation in the Latvian Public Administration, Iveta Reinholde
• Activities for Public Service Quality Improvement in Public Administration Institutions in Latvia, Armans Kalnins
• Communicating with the Public –The First Step Towards Meeting Inhabitants’ Needs by Local Governments: The Slovakian Experience, Magdalena Bernatova
• Institutional Performance of Local Government Administration in Poland, Pawel Swianiewicz
• Role Partnership in Modern Local Government: International Trends and Ukrainian Practice, Yuri Navruzov and Aidan Rose
Specialised publication:
 edited by Joanne Caddy and Mirko Vintar
Section 1: Introduction and Basic Concepts
Building Quality into Public Administration, Joanne Caddy Mirko Vintar
Defining and Measuring Quality in Public Administration, Elke Loeffler
Section 2:
Methods and Approaches for Quality in Public Administration
EFQM and its Application in CEE, Tomasz Szejner

Applying Quality to Public Administration in Practice, Presentation of the Common Assessment Framework(CAF), Dag Stromsnes

Quality Management in the Public sector Through the Common Assessment Framework (CAF), Helfried Bauer

Obstacles to Implementing TQM in Public Organisations, Zdravko Pecar, Vladislav Rajkovic and Ivan Bartko

Developing the Best Practice in Quality Customer Service(QCS):the Irish Public Service Experience, Peter C. Humphreys
Section 3:
Country Case Studies in Building Quality Public Administration
Comparing Local Governmet Performance – Cross-National Experience and Perspectives, Bruno Lauritzen

Introducing the Quality Management System: The Latvian Case, Iveta Reinholde

Civil Servant Training Strategy as a Precondition for Improving the Quality of Public Administration: The Example of Lithuania, Eugenius Chlivickas, Kristina Marceline and Raimonda Vaitenkovaite

Public Perception of Local Governments in Poland, Pawel Swianiewicz

Performance Management System of Public and Private Sector Organizations in Russia : Comparative Research, Tatiana V. Zaytseva

The Experience of Local Governments in Slovakia with Communicating with the Public on Public Services Quality Issues, Magdalena Bernatova

Influences of Inforamtion Technology on the Quality of Public Services, Mateja Kunstelj, Anamarija Leben and Mirko Vintar

Awarding Innovation in Government: US – Ukraine Comparative Case Study, Natalia Parasyuk and Anatoliy Chemerys
Section 4:
Policy Guidelines for Central and Eastern Europe Policy
The Working Group is supported by a grant from The Local Government and Public Service Reform Initiative Open Society Institute, Budapest, Hungary