European Association for Public Administration Accreditation

Panel on Human Resources Management (HRM) in a Modern Public Service

Programme Coordinators:

Hans Rieger, dbb Academy, Bonn, Germany
Maria Bordas, Corvinus University, Budapest, Hungary

NISPAcee Project Manager:

era Wallnerova, Email: wallnerova@nispa.org

I. Field of Discussion

After having their exams, after having their scientific or practical education the Human Resources Management System in the Public Service has to care about the career of their staff members. Therefore different professional HRM instruments have to be in place, i.e.: job profiles, staff selection procedures, performance management.

All these Instruments of a good human resources management in public administration are necessary to have outcome oriented work in the public service, to develop change for improvement and to create motivation. The subject is also linked with organizational change and change management.

This panel addresses the needs of practitioners (specially from HRD or HRM Departments and from Organization Department, leaders and managers), Managers and Leaders from Training Institutes and Consultants to exchange HR Policies, public service law, development and training concepts and implementation strategies.

II. General Call for Paper in HRM

The circle of Human Resources Management starts with the (changing) demands and needs of the jobs in the Public Service. How to have current Job descriptions in place, and how should profiles look like? Vacant jobs in Public Service are advertised and applications are collected. A professional personnel selection based on the profiles with different methods has to select the right candidates for the right job. What are the criteria? How does the selection process look like? How is the system evaluated? The selection takes the future changes of the job also into account. New staff members must be integrated in the existing teams, they must be trained for the fulfillment of the new tasks. How is the system of integrating new staff member organized. Which different approaches are in place? Staff members must have a training to keep their professionalism, to develop their capacity and to follow or initiate further changes in their work and to fulfill new demands. Leaders should be qualified in special programs. Which programs exist? How is training organized? How is training combined with the demands of the job? How are needs assessment planned? Performance management systems or staff appraisal systems are in place to give feed back to the staff members about their strength and weaknesses in their performance. Performance management systems can also be used for optimizing the feed back, the quality of the staff members and for output oriented payment systems, etc. Which systems are in place which experience exist in different countries. What is a success of a performance management system?

Other subjects related to HRD are: Payment systems, conditions of workplace, career planning, rights and obligations of staff members, training concepts (also e-learning), HRD efficiency,…

NISPA is offering an international exchange of experts who work in the field of HRM. The main theme in Kiev “Leadership and Management” is in some aspects related to the new Panel. Additional questions to those which are mentioned above which should be taken into account are:

How does a profile of a good leader/manager looks like?

How are leaders selected in the Public Service?

How are leaders/managers developed?

How are leaders/managers trained

What are the future needs for leaders/managers?

III. Call for papers in Kiev

Because the panel in NISPA is new, it would be good to have the following subjects covered in presentations:
General papers:
¨ Country report: What is done and what is missing in the HRM Policy in Public Service?
¨ Which regulations are in place and what is the outcome of the law or regulation?
Specialized Papers:
¨ Demands and Profile of Leaders and Managers in the Public Service
¨ Personnel selection (special for Leaders and Managers) in the Public Service
¨ Performance Management
¨ Payment system

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