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Training course for advisors
St. Petersburg
, Russian Federation
October 1-4, 2003 (Russian language)
written by Lesya Il’chenko-Syuyva, leading trainer


Training course in St. Petersburg was conducted as a continuation of the series of “How to be a Better Policy Advisor” trainings previously held in Almaty, Kazakhstan and Bratislava, Slovak Republic (2001); Cluj-Napoca, Romania and Odessa, Ukraine (2002). The training has been hosted by one of the oldest educational institutions in Eastern EuropeSaint-Petersburg State University.


The training was based on the training program developed under the auspices of the UNDP RBEC Regional Support Centre/ NISPAcee project “Building Advisory Capacities in CEE Countries.” Trainers as well as trainees appreciated a lot translated into Russian manual “How to be a Better Policy Advisor” as well as manual for trainers that incorporated wide experience gained during previously held trainings.


25 candidates out of almost 200 applicants were selected for the training. In order to ensure the highest efficiency possible 25 participants formed two relatively equal groups lead by two international teams of trainers (Lesya Il’chenko-Syuyva (Ukraine) and Georgi Shopov (Bulgaria); Zulfiya Tukhtakhodjaeva (Uzbekistan) and Bolotbek Orokov (Kyrgyzstan)). It was a real challenge to conduct the same program with two groups of participants simultaneously. However, trainers worked in close cooperation and on step-by-step basis to ensure two groups are following the same program in terms of the context, materials, as well as time frame and meeting specific requirements of the two groups.


During and after the training participants have repeatedly highlighted their high interest in the training and its importance for their further carrier development. A considerable amount of time was spent developing interpersonal communications as well as sharing experience of working the government bodies. Also, participants expressed their willingness to have some kind of a manual for trainers that will help them from time to time to refresh their knowledge and skills gained during the training.


Oleg T. Guchgeldiev, Turkmenistan - participant


Training in St. Petersburg brought us the unique experience not only by gaining the knowledge, but through by creating the unique environment in which everyone, working whether personally or as a team, could share the knowledge about own country. The content of the course was generally aimed at the discussion of approaches to consult the government and their applicability in every country's specifics.  It provided us not only with theoretical knowledge but with practical tools.

Finally, I really enjoyed working together with a group of young, interesting and bright professionals from CEE and CIS. I am telling my friends back in Turkmenistan that I have never spent my time surrounded with so many intelligent men and women as I did in this course. 

I am negotiating with the government various consulting assignments and discussing with colleagues the idea of establishing a non-governmental agency to provide the government structures with advice on various issues, including PA reforms, economic policy and etc. I hope that cooperation with the NISPAcee and newly established relations with new colleagues will make this idea to come true and be successful.


Mrs. Gayane Selimyan, Armenia - participant


The workshop “How to be a better policy advisor” organized by NISPA in St-Petersburg was a unique experience for me. It gave me solid knowledge of who and how can serve as a policy advisor; explained the best way of communication and also mapped the road to success as an   advisor. The topics of the workshop were so useful and discussions were so interesting that we all regretted that it lasted only four days. Besides this workshop helped me greatly in my professional development. Upon my return I started to look for potential clients using acquired knowledge and managed to find a job as an advisor for external links with the one of the leading banks in Armenia - the Anelik bank. I want to say thank you to organizers of this workshop and especially to Elena Zakova for a wonderful job. Every time I attend NISPA’s events I really reach new horizons. Thank you very much,  NISPA!!!



Mr. Dzmitry Markusheuski, Belarus - participant


The training in St. Petersburg"How to Be Better Policy Adviser" was a useful lesson of communication in ambience of the similar as well as different people: intellectually advanced and purposeful young individuals.
I have heard new opinions and acquainted with more effective approaches to the problems that had been seemed to be solved already. It is difference between types of consulting, between "expert" and "adviser" that is more obvious now. And I’ve accepted as my own manual the expertise presented by trainers and some participants. The discussion on step-by-step and cyclic planning was very interesting and polemic especially when implicated with practical exercises.
Let me take this opportunity to thank the trainers and organizers of the training in
St. Petersburg.



Ms. Victoria Antonova, Russian Federation - participant


It is a pleasure to share my impressions on participation in the NISPAcee training course HowTo Be A Better Policy Advisor. It was for the first time I took part in such kind of training dealing with the development of knowledge and skills on public policy advising and I am very satisfied with the results.  I was impressed by the team-work atmosphere the trainers have created during the class-sessions.  I felt that all the participants (including myself) were encouraged to share their own advice delivery experience in front of the audience. That was another advantage of the training course – I have got a chance to learn from the other’s practice, to compare my particular professional problems with the problems of my colleagues from different countries, to ask questions and to get an evaluation on my thoughts and ideas from the trainers and trainees. I met some people who are involved already in policy advice delivery as well as people who have just embarked on this path. I also would like to emphasize that I have established some interesting contacts with my colleagues during the course and these contacts seem to be promising and fruitful. And what is even more important from my point of view – the design of the course was created in accordance with the participants suggestions. That allowed to escape wasting time on minor issues and to concentrate on the challenging aspects of the policy advisor practice. Moreover, all the handouts were very informative and useful.  All in all this course was very important and helpful for me as a beginner in policy advising and I am very grateful to NISPAcee for the opportunity to participate in it.

Artak Manukyan, Armenia

Gayane Selimyan, Armenia

Ramiz Huseynov, Azerbaijan

Elkhan Polukhov, Azerbaijan

Dmitry Markusheuski, Belarus

Tomas Kucera , Czech Republic

Giorgi Rusiashvili, Georgia

Inese Matvejeva, Latvia

Audrone Gudonyte, Lithuania

Dangis Gudelis, Lithuania

Dovile Jakniunaite, Lithuania

Ekaterina Vasilyeva, Russia

Svetlana Ivchenko, Russia

Darja Pupenko, Russia

Maxim Zenkov, Russia

Victoria Antonova, Russia

Olga Skachko, Russia

Alexander Malkevich, Russia

Nikolai Jounda , Russia

Anna Volkova, Russia

Oleg Guchgeldiev, Turkmenistan

Valentyna Golovynska, Ukraine

Svitoslav Katerousha, Ukraine