The 27th NISPAcee Annual Conference

Conference photos available

Conference photos available

In the conference participated 317 participants

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Almost 250 conference participants from 36 countries participated

Conference Report

The 28th NISPAcee Annual Conference cancelled


...Sessions were interesting, scholars were engaging and all the social events were amazing!

B.K., Kazakhstan, 26th NISPAcee Annual Conference 2018, Iasi

Excellent organization, excellent food. Compliments to the organizers, they did a wonderful job!

V.J., Netherlands, 26th NISPAcee Annual Conference 2018, Iasi

...I must say that the PhD pre-conference seminar was the most useful seminar of my life. Very well...

K.V., Czech Republic, 26th NISPAcee Annual Conference 2018, Iasi

... I would even argue that they are the very best - both in terms of scientific content and also entertainment…

P.W., Denmark, 26th NISPAcee Annual Conference 2018, Iasi

An opportunity to learn from other researchers and other countries' experiences on certain topics.

G.A.C., Hungary, 25th Conference 2017, Kazan

Very well organised, excellent programme and fruitful discussions.

M.M.S., Slovakia, 25th Conference 2017, Kazan

The NISPAcee conference remains a very interesting conference.

M.D.V., Netherlands, 25th Conference 2017, Kazan

Thank you for the opportunity to be there, and for the work of the organisers.

D.Z., Hungary, 24th Conference 2016, Zagreb

Well organized, as always. Excellent conference topic and paper selection.

M.S., Serbia, 23rd Conference 2015, Georgia

Perfect conference. Well organised. Very informative.

M.deV., Netherlands, 22nd Conference 2014, Hungary

Excellent conference. Congratulations!

S. C., United States, 20th Conference 2012, Republic of Macedonia

Thanks for organising the pre-conference activity. I benefited significantly!

R. U., Uzbekistan, 19th Conference, Varna 2011

Each information I got, was received perfectly in time!

L. S., Latvia, 21st Conference 2013, Serbia

The Conference was very academically fruitful!

M. K., Republic of Macedonia, 20th Conference 2012, Republic of Macedonia

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 Paper/Speech Details of Conference Program  

for the  27th NISPAcee Annual Conference
  Program Overview
Panel: Challenges in the Strategic Renewal of PA
Author(s)  YuHeng Jung 
  Masaryk University
Brno  Czech Republic
 Title  The Inspiration from Open Government, Public Engagement and Agile Governance: A Case study of Tax E-filing System Reform in Taiwan
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Presenter  YuHeng Jung
Driven by the widely held belief that use of open government data is capable of making government more transparent, accountable, participatory, and inclusive, the phenomenon of Open Government Movement (OGM) has spread around the world in the last decade. The practice and research in this field are exponentially growing and open government data has caught stakeholders’ eyes from different sectors. Governments around the world have become active participants in this evolution, gradually opening up their data for access and re-use by public and private agents. However, the goals of Open Government are not only releasing data to civic society, but also including collaborative cooperation, public engagement, and open policy decision-making processes. It is unclear how those associated departments collaborate with each other to achieve those goals. Furthermore, it is crucial to further the understanding of agile governance, such as how can governmental organizations improve their ability to delivering goods and services through new technologies to deal with uncertainties and opportunities. In the field of E-Government, Taiwan is a worth exploring case, as it is ranked as the number 9 among 65 countries based on the WASEDA - IAC International Digital Government Rankings in 2018. This article focus on how agility of government organizations can bring new innovative solutions on, as well as break the distinct constraints in the public sector. We apply a case study to investigate the successful improvement of the Tax E-filing system in Taiwan, which combining the spirit of agile governance, public engagement, and public–private collaboration to promote the goals of OGM.