The 21st NISPAcee Annual Conference
Regionalisation and Inter-regional Cooperation 
Belgrade, Serbia, May 16 - May 18, 2013  
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Total of Selected Papers:  198 
Main Conference Theme
 Author:  Mr. Barabashev Alexey,  Moscow, Russian Federation  
   Higher School of Economics 
Department of PA and Municipal Management, School of Social Sciences
Paper:  Regionalization of the civil service in Russian federation  
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 Author:  Mr. Groenendijk Nico,  Enschede, Netherlands  
   University of Twente 
Centre for European Studies
Paper:  Macro-regions: regional integration within and beyond the EU  
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 Author:  Mr. Markovic Aleksandar,  Belgrade, Serbia  
   Belgrade University 
Faculty of Organizational Sciences
Co-authors:   Marko Vulic, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Serbia , Bozidar Radenkovic, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Serbia
Paper:  Using social networks for improving e-government services  
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 Author:  Ms. Mikhailova Ekaterina,  Moscow, Russian Federation  
   Higher School of Economics 
Department of PA and Municipal Management, School of Social Sciences
Paper:  Collaboration in the field of public administration among border regions and municipalities  
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 Author:  Mrs. Mikhaylova Anna,  Moscow, Russian Federation  
   Institute for Public Finance Reform 
Paper:  Forms of inter-regional cooperation in Russian Federation  
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 Author:  Mr. Noworol Aleksander,  Krakow, Poland  
   Jagiellonian University 
Institute of Public Affairs
Paper:  The role of hybrid partnerships in the management of development  
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 Author:  Ms. Nyikos Gyorgyi,  Budapest, Hungary  
   National University of Public Service 
Faculty of Science of Public Governance and Administration
Paper:  Development policy in the age of austerity - result-orientation, effectiveness and sustainability  
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 Author:  Mrs. Safina Svetlana,  Ufa, Russian Federation  
   Bashkir Academy of PA & Management under the Head of the Republic of Bashkortostan 
Paper:  Constitutions of the republics in the Russian Federation  
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General Session
 Author:  Mr. Fuller Donald,  Yerevan, Armenia  
   American University of Armenia 
School of Political Science & Intl. Affairs
Paper:  Poland: Recession model or idiosyncratic traditionalist?  
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 Author:  Ms. Katsamunska Polya,  Sofia, Bulgaria  
   University of National and World Economy 
Department of Public Administration
Paper:  Policy of regional development in Bulgaria: Design and implementation  
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 Author:  Ms. Limpok Valeria,  Gyor, Hungary  
   Szechenyi Istvan University 
Kautz Gyula Faculty of Economics
Paper:  Taxes on the financial sector  
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 Author:  Mrs. Mergaliyeva Liliya,  Uralsk, Kazakhstan  
   Western Kazakhstan State University 
Department of Economic Theory and Business
Paper:  Globalization: The new threat to economic sovereignty  
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 Author:  Mr. Merighi Massimo,  Warsaw, Poland  
Paper:  Renewable energy as glue for regional integration  
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 Author:  Mrs. Mikulskiene Birute,  Vilnius, Lithuania  
   Mykolas Romeris University 
Faculty of Politics and Management
Paper:  Public administration readiness for managing in the network: managing the advisory groups. The case of Ministry of Education and Science of Lithuania  
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 Author:  Mr. Pivovarov Ivan,  Rostov-on-Don, Russian Federation  
   The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration 
The South Russian Institute
Paper:  University strategy as a mechanism of regional educational cluster development  
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 Author:  Mrs. Stanus Cristina,  Sibiu, Romania  
   Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu 
Department of International Relations, Political Science and Security Studies
Paper:  Creating welfare markets under ESF funding: The case of educational service delivery in Romania  
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 Author:  Mrs. Velikova Maria,  Varna, Bulgaria  
   Varna Free University "Chernorizets Hrabar" 
Faculty of Administration and Management
Paper:  New approaches and instruments for the governance of specific territories in Bulgaria – key points in a reforming regional policy  
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I. Working Group on Local Government
 Author:  Mr. Bartlett William,  London, United Kingdom  
   London School of Economics and Political Science 
European Institute
Paper:  Vocational education, social inclusion and patterns of local governance in the Western Balkans  
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 Author:  Ms. Bobcheva Nadezhda,  Silistra, Bulgaria  
   Municipal Council of Silistra 
Paper:  Incentives to inter-municipal co-operation: the case of municipalities of Tutrakan and Slivo pole, Bulgaria  
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 Author:  Mrs. Burbulyte-Tsiskarishvili Gabriele,  Klaipeda, Lithuania  
   Klaipeda University 
Department of Public Administration and Law
Co-authors:   Audrius Kutkaitis, Inga Normante
Paper:  Local governments as the main actors of regional development in Lithuania  
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