The 21st NISPAcee Annual Conference
Regionalisation and Inter-regional Cooperation 
Belgrade, Serbia, May 16 - May 18, 2013  
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Total of Selected Papers:  197 
X. Working Group on Good Governance, Human Rights and Development
 Author:  Mr. Bahman Nasim,  Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan  
   Balkh University 
Paper:  Good governance in Afghanistan: Challenges and solutions  
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 Author:  Mr. Checa Hidalgo Diego,  Coventry, United Kingdom  
   Coventry University 
Centre for Peace and Reconciliation Studies
Paper:  Strengthening human security: Non-violent protection of empowerment processes in socio-environmental conflicts.  
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 Author:  Ms. Chechel Anna,  Donetsk, Ukraine  
   Donetsk State University of Management 
Department of Productive Management
Co-authors:   Stojka Andrij
Paper:  Sustainable Development and Human Security Strategy for Old-Industrial Territories  
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 Author:  Mr. Farzam Farid Ahmad,  Beppu, Japan  
   Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University 
Paper:  Role of community activities on rural development in Afghanistan  
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 Author:  Mrs. Lyebyedyeva Yaroslavna,  Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine  
   Dnipropetrovsk Regional Institute of Public Administration, NAPA 
Advancement Qualification Department
Paper:  Problems of migrants’ integration into Ukrainian society  
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 Author:  Ms. Malyarenko Tetyana,  Uppsala, Sweden  
   University of Uppsala 
Paper:  Getting the connections right: Human rights human security and good governance in the EU´s Eastern neighbourhood  
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 Author:  Ms. Mambetalieva Erkaiym,  Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan  
   I do not belong to any Institution 
Paper:  Mechanisms of interaction of a civil society and the state.  
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 Author:  Mr. Nikolovski Dimitar,  Skopje, Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)  
   CRPRC Studiorum 
Paper:  Rewards or reparations? Transitional justice approaches in post-conflict Macedonia  
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 Author:  Ms. Prijon Lea,  Nova Gorica, Slovenia  
   Faculty of Applied Social Sciences 
Institute for Social Change Research
Paper:  Role of political and administrative elite in human security: Cases Slovenia and Slovakia  
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 Author:  Ms. Remenski Frosina,  Skopje, Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)  
   University "St. Kliment Ohridski" 
Faculty of Security
Paper:  The challenges of policing in multiethnic societies: The case of Republic of Macedonia  
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 Author:  Mrs. Sandu Cristina,  Bucharest, Romania  
   National School of Political Studies and Public Administration 
Faculty of Public Administration
Paper:  Comparative good practices of social enterprise in South-Eastern Europe  
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 Author:  Mr. Sarnyai Csaba,  Budapest, Hungary  
   Karoli Gaspar Reformed University 
Co-authors:   Tibor Pap PhD Candidate University of Pecs Hungary Pecs Hungary
Paper:  Structural tensions between regional and non-regional forms of local politics in Serbia:The possible roles of personal autonomy and regionalism in the reduction of inter-ethnic conflicts in the West-Balkan  
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 Author:  Ms. Sever Tina,  Ljubljana, Slovenia  
   University of Ljubljana 
Faculty of Administration
Paper:  Human rights assurance principles in administrative procedures in selected Central and Eastern European states  
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 Author:  Ms. Zakirova Venera,  Abuja, Nigeria  
Co-authors:   Nicolas Colloff, Country Program Director, Oxfam GB, RussiaDr. David Zakus, PhD, Senior Program Specialist, IDRC, Canada
Paper:  Poverty and participatory approaches in poverty reduction in Russia: Oxfam GB case study.  
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VI. Working Group on Public Finance and Public Financial Management
 Author:  Mrs. Benkovic Sladjana,  Belgrade, Serbia  
   Belgrade University 
Department of Financial Management, Faculty of Organizational Sciences
Paper:  Benefits of implementing public-private partnerships in local government infrastructure financing- the case of Serbia  
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 Author:  Mrs. Blagoeva Ivanova Viktoryia,  Varna, Bulgaria  
   Varna Free University "Chernorizets Hrabar" 
Faculty of Administration and Management
Paper:  Taxation challenges for theintegration processes in the EU  
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 Author:  Ms. Boskoska Meri,  Bitola, Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)  
   University "St. Kliment Ohridski" 
Faculty of Information and Communication Technologies
Paper:  Managing regional public finance towards implementation of the distributed databases  
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 Author:  Ms. Capkova Sona,  Banska Bystrica, Slovakia  
   University of Matej Bel 
Faculty of Economics
Paper:  Tax sharing as an instrument of interregional fiscal equalization  
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 Author:  Mrs. Guzikova Liudmila,  Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation  
   St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University 
Department of Finances and Monetary Circulation
Paper:  Development of national system of mortgage housing crediting in Russia  
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 Author:  Mrs. Houbenova-Delisivkova Tatiana,  Sofia, Bulgaria  
   Bulgarian Academy of Sciences 
Economic Research Institute
Paper:  The role of clusters in the regional sustainable development – challenges and opportunities for public governance and fiscal policies (case study of Bulgaria)  
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