NISPAcee Annual Conference
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Author(s)  Aleksandar Markovic 
  Belgrade University
Belgrade  Serbia
Labus Aleksandra, Marko Vulic, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Serbia , Bozidar Radenkovic, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Serbia 
Paper Name  Using social networks for improving e-government services
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Paper Abstract  
Social networks were originally designed for socializing and entertainment, but nowadays they have a wider usage. Number of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and users of other social networks increases every day. Many organizations use social networks in order to communicate with their customers, to present their products and services or to follow competition activities. Government and its entities also follow the rapid development of IT sector. In order with that, presence of government entities on social networks is not a surprise. The situation with Serbian government isn’t any different. Therefore, the focus of this paper is to further investigate the social network relations between regional government entities and citizens in the Republic of Serbia. . The main goal is to determine the extent to which citizens use Serbian regional government social networks services, and how citizens experience those services. Accomplishment of this goal will create possibilities for improvement of mentioned relation. Beside theoretical basis and literature review, this paper contains statistical analysis of the results obtained through research. The research results are used to propose a model and guidelines for improving Serbian regional government entities social networks appearance. Information gathering was done implicitly, through analyzing the social network pages of regional government entities, and explicitly, through a survey on user’s activities and preferences on regional government social network pages.

Key words: Social networks, regional government, E-government, G2C.