The 24th NISPAcee Annual Conference

Conference photos available

Conference photos available

In the conference participated 317 participants

Conference programme published

Almost 250 conference participants from 36 countries participated

Conference Report

The 28th NISPAcee Annual Conference cancelled

The 29th NISPAcee Annual Conference, Ljubljana, Slovenia, October 21 - October 23, 2021

The 2020 NISPAcee On-line Conference

The 30th NISPAcee Annual Conference, Bucharest, Romania, June 2 - June 4, 2022

Well organized, as always. Excellent conference topic and paper selection.

M.S., Serbia, 23rd Conference 2015, Georgia

Perfect conference. Well organised. Very informative.

M.deV., Netherlands, 22nd Conference 2014, Hungary

Excellent conference. Congratulations!

S. C., United States, 20th Conference 2012, Republic of Macedonia

Thanks for organising the pre-conference activity. I benefited significantly!

R. U., Uzbekistan, 19th Conference, Varna 2011

Each information I got, was received perfectly in time!

L. S., Latvia, 21st Conference 2013, Serbia

The Conference was very academically fruitful!

M. K., Republic of Macedonia, 20th Conference 2012, Republic of Macedonia

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Recommended restaurants, cake shops and coffee shops in Zagreb



$$ - $$$

1. Didov san

Will surprise you with flavors and aromas of the Dalmatian hinterland.

Address: Gornji Grad, Mletačka 11, 10 000 Zagreb

Working hours: 10.00-24.00

Menu, wine list and further information check on:


2. Kaptolska klet

In the new interior of the restaurant specialties is prepared by chef with high-ranking chefs using local ingredients collected from households.

Address: Kaptol 5, 10000 Zagreb

Working hours: every day 11.00-24.00

Further information check on:


3. Vinodol

Vinodol Restaurant is the first place to go when in search of traditional continental and Mediterranean cuisine. 

Adress: Teslina 10, 10 000 Zagreb

Working hours: 10.00-24.00

Phone: +38514811427

Further information check on:


4. Boban - cafe and restaurant

Offers a wide selection of Italian dishes from bruschetta and carpaccio, salads and soups and offer all kinds of homemade fresh pasta.

Adress: Gajeva 9, 10 000 Zagreb

Working hours:

Monday - Thursday: 11.00-23.00

Friday and Saturday: 11.00-24.00

Sunday: 11.00-23.00

Further information check on:



1. Nokturno

This Italian restaurant located in Tkalčićeva Street will delight you with cozy atmosphere. The menu is varied and the prices are more than affordable.

Address:  Skalinska 4, in the perfect heart of Zagreb

Working hours:

Monday - Thursday: 8.00-24.00

Friday and Saturday: 9.00-01.00

Sunday and holiday: 8.00-24.00

Further information check on:


2. Brewery Medvedgrad

Pub Medvedgrad widely known for its rich variety of beer. At three locations in Zagreb you can taste their specialties. Recommened dish: Steak "Bellflower” (Zvončić).


Ilica 49, 10 000 Zagreb

Tkalčićeva 26, 10 000 Zagreb

Božidara Adžije,10 000 Zagreb

Further information check on:




1. Vincek

Offers premium ice creams, cakes and pastries and biscuits.


Ilica 18, 10 000 Zagreb

Tomićeva ulica 2, 10 000 Zagreb (gluten-free)

A wide variety of desserts, see on:


2. Amelie

Check cute little joy in patisseries Amelie.

Adress: Vlaška 6, 10 000 Zagreb

Further information and rich offer check on:


3. Ivica i Marica (Hansel and Gretel)

Hansel and Gretel Healthy Cakes are the only cakes in Croatia with no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, no hydrogenated vegetable fat, brown cane sugar with whole wheat flour.

Adress: Ivana Tkalčića 70, 10 000 Zagreb

Further information check on:




1. Gradska kavana - Johan Franck

Johann Franck conceived as a place for the true coffee lovers first and foremost always be able to drink masterfully prepared cup of your favorite beverage in a wide range of aromas, flavors and aromas. The offer is enriched with elements that the cafe used to have like a bistro with a selection of fine cuisine at affordable prices, but also sweets that will go fine with coffee.

Adress: Ban Josip Jelačić square 9, 10 000 Zagreb

Further information check on:

2. Zagreb Eye wiewpiont & bar

Zagreb Eye observatorion deck is the most visited tourist attraction in Zagreb. You can enjoy drinking coffee and at the same time have a look at the main square in Zagreb from the air.

Adress: Ilica 1a

Working hours: 10.00-24.00

Further information check on:


3. Dream Coffe & Wine bar

Adress: Frankopanska street 1, 10 000 Zagreb

Further information check on:


4. Cafe de Paris

You will be delighted rich offer and ambience in the center of Zagreb .

Adress: Petra Preradovića square 7, 10 000 Zagreb

Working hours: 7.00-02.00

Further information check on:


5. History caffe

It's a great place with excellent service and offering. It is only a few minutes walk from the main square.

Adress: Tkalčićeva 78, 10 000 Zagreb

Working hours: 8.00-04.00

Further information check on:


6. Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist Pub is a popular place in the famous Tkalčićeva Street in Zagreb. The pleasantly decorated interior you can expect an excellent assortment of beer, decanted in a bottle.

On Friday and Saturday evenings, different events take place and the atmosphere is rather lively. Oliver Twist is a great place for young artists. It is also one of the rare places that is open into the wee hours during the summer months in the city center.

Adress: Tkalčićeva 60, 10 000 Zagreb

Working hours: 9.00-04.00

Further information check on: