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  Last Name    First Name   Acad. Title   Home Country   Institution   Sub-unit  
Mr.   正兴    China  Qinghai Provincial Party School   
Mr. †Kulesza  Michal  Prof.  Poland  Domanski Zakrzewski Palinka sp. k.   
Mrs. †Kandeva-Spiridonova  Emilia  Prof.  Bulgaria  Burgas Free University  Faculty of Legal studies 
Mr. †Dunn  William  Professor  United States  University of Pittsburgh  Center for public policy and management 
Mrs. Ужахова  Лейла  доцент  Russian Federation     
Mrs. Иванова  Мария    Russian Federation     
Mr. Łukasz  Satoła  PhD.  Poland  University of Agriculture in Krakow   
Mrs. Łazutka-Gawęda  Paulina  Dr  Poland  Polish Association for Public Administration Education   
Mr. Łapszyński  Radosław    Poland  University of Warsaw  Faculty of Law and Administration 
Mrs. Zyman  Roxana  Dr.  Poland  I do not belong to any Institution   
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