O1 - Assessment of Methodology and Materials of Public Administration Teaching and its Relevance for Practice

Term: September 1, 2018 - September 30, 2019
This analytical output consists of initial country studies developed and based on project guidelines. The studies are focused on the present state of public administration education in new EU member countries. The output covers a general description of public administration programmes and systems of evaluation/accreditation in these countries. The aim of this activity was to collect initial reports of public administration programmes’ data and systems of evaluation, not only in the countries of project partners but all new EU members covered by NISPAcee. These studies were utilised in next project phases, but they were also important resources of knowledge and information for project partners at the beginning of the project.

The Output includes 11 country studies and 9 analyses of surveys on the practical relevance of programmes' competencies, focused mainly on programmes running by HEIs' partners.

Leading Organizations: NISPAcee
Country studies on Public Administration Programs



Analyses of practical relevance of programmes' competencies