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Generally universities and private (non-public) schools in Poland (apart from National School of Public Administration in Warsaw - KSAP) do not provide employment assistance to their graduates, but it should be mentioned that in some private schools (e.g. Private School of Business and Administration in Warsaw, School of Business National Louis University in Nowy Sacz) allumni associations try to assist graduates.

Therefore, there is a lack of data about the quantity of graduates employed in central or local administration. Generally, within Poland, the situation has not seen any major changes in the aspect of young graduate employment. Public administration in Poland is based on already employed staff. New people are employed only in the case of a vacancy. There exists an opinion that an experienced employee is more effective than one that has been educated.

Public service recruitment policy does not make a difference between Public Administration studies or concentrations of studies. Moreover Public Administration studies are not as popular as legal or economic majors. This situation is related to the structure of the corps of civil service. There is no legal regulation about the preference of required education. A candidate must obtain university degree (or non public school): Polish “licencjat” or “magister” degree. There is no pre-set career path for those who seek for Public Administration degree except the National School of Public Administration.

Given the public sector orientation of Public Administration programs, it is generally believed that unemployment is high among graduates. The budgetary (central and local) restrictions on civil service (central administration) and local (sub national administration) recruitment are the main reason. However one should consider the growing number of PA graduates, the fact that they belong to the same group with a lot of other specialties and that, as the result, they are not treated as a specific category.

The natural next step for Public Administration graduates can be the National School of Public Administration – however, it is not open for every graduate. So, the carrier paths can be developed within a public administration sector (both state and self-government administration) assuming that are clear rules concerning professional development of civil service cadre.

Each KSAP graduate is legally obligated to work at least five years in administration. Employment is carried out according to formal procedure. Every year the graduates with the highest ranking have a priority when choosing the job. The majority of the KSAP graduates work in the Highest Chamber of Control and ministries.

In the last few years non-public schools are going to establish more links with professions. Many of them organized monthly internships in different public offices for their students. They are involved in looking for public agency employment and in this way they are helping students find jobs.

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