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Final conference of the project

Conference Main Theme:

Effective Project Management in the Water Sector in Georgia

September 6, 2016, Tbilisi, Georgia


Georgia is in a critical state in the cleanliness of waste water and the building of waste, with a poor infrastructure and very low level of management. It is vital that the water sector increases its utilisation of foreign investments, EU and EBRD funds and the application of their methodologies in the planning and management of projects.

This is crucial for an improvement to the current situation and the implementation of EU directives and requirements in the water sector to improve the living conditions of the population in Georgia.

Improving water protection, and water and waste management is one of the main priorities of the country, due to the current critical situation in this sector. In addition, an Association Agreement has been signed with the EU. The critical situation has been confirmed via information from the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia, the Ministry of Environment and the Georgian project partner NALAG.

The effective management of water sector projects in Georgia, based on the EU and EBRD methodologies, is therefore the mainobjective of the conference organised by NISPAcee.

However, the presented Guidelines and Documents are intended to assist a Contracting Authority to prepare responsive Tender Documents in conformity with the Standard Documents used for EC co-financed projects, as well as for EBRD projects. The Documents manage construction projects in order to achieve better Procurement Practices, higher productivity, high-quality construction Works, better working conditions and the avoidance of malpractice.

All Documents are suitable to be used, not only in the water sector - municipalities as well as professionals could use them for several types of infrastructure projects, civil works, refurbishment and upgrade of kindergartens, schools, lighting etc.

Participants - Target Group

The conference was attended by 40 participants. All those actively involved in international projects, including representatives from Consulting Engineers, Contractors, Funding Agencies, Employers, Insurers, local Experts, Officials, Design Engineers and Operators of Waste Water Treatment Plants, local Governments, Ministries, NGOs,Manufacturing Organisations, representatives of the EU, EBOR and other donor organizations, as well as representatives from Legal and other Construction Professions.


Conference Objectives

The major conference objective is to attract the attention of the wide professional public and public sector professionals, not only from the water sector in Georgia. Sharing of information with our Experts who are preparing Tender Documents, as with other participants with previous experience with documents of international institutions, will help attendants to have an overview of developments in the water sector.

To increase the uptake of investments and behaviour in the water sector and construction generally, public policies are necessary to eliminate the barriers that discourage stakeholders from pursuing projects, also in the water sector. One of the aims of the conference is therefore to remove the information barriers for the preparation and the implementation of projects in the water sector.

Guidelines and Public Procurement in Georgia

The Guidelines and Methodology ("The Guidelines”) prepared by NISPAcee and presented during the conference are intended to assist Contracting Authorities in the country to prepare responsive pornolarpornolaram yalamaporno izleTender Documents in conformity with Standard Documents used for EBRD projects, as well as for EU co-financed projects. Guidelines describe minimum standards of acceptable practice for public infrastructure construction projects in Georgia.

The presented Guidelines offer information related to the Tendering Procedures, their implementation in practice, issues and cases faced during daily work, as well as solutions or opportunities to find such solutions. The Guidelines describe the tendering and contractual environment and cover the most common forms of tendering, and contractual procedures will be used on infrastructure projects in Georgia.

Language and translations

English. Interpretation: English - Georgian.

Place of Conference

Hotel Ambasadori, Ioane Shavteli Turn, Tbilisi, Georgia




9.00 - 9.30 Opening and welcome of participants

·David Melua, NALAG

·Ludmila Gajdosova, NISPAcee Executive Director

·Rudolf Michalka, Slovak Ambassador to Georgia

·Georgian governmental representative to be invited by NALAG

9.30 - 10.45 Current system and challenges of management in the water sector in Georgia – general overview of the system and major problems at national and local levels.

Possible speakers to be appointed and invited by NALAG:

·National government representative to be appointed – should speak about governmental achievements and strategies for the future in the sector.

·A governmental opponent to be invited by NALAG.

·Representative of municipalities could speak about the challenges the municipalities face within the current system.

·Georgian expert in the field (should be the project expert, or another expert in the field) could speak about the situation from his/her point of view as an independent expert and his/her vision for improvement.

10.45 - 11.00 Coffee break

11.00 - 12.30 Experience of Georgian investorswith external funds and management of projects:

·e.g. UWSC, GWP, MDF, etc.

Experience of foreign investors in Georgia, opportunities for funds

·e.g. representative of the EU, WB, EBRD etc.

12.30 - 13.30 Lunch break

13.30 - 15.00 Presentation of the project results by Slovak project experts:

·Overview on the Manuals A,B,C,D and their utilization in practice: Milan Oleriny

·Public Procurement Law – comments based on the EU point of view: Boris Balog

·Reflection on the project results by a Georgian representative: could be a participant of the training held the previous day.

15.00 - 15.15 Coffee break

15.15 - 16.30Specification of necessary reforms in Georgia by the project’s local experts:

·Reform of the system: Irakli Paresishvili

·Legislation framework – legal requirements: Nino Romashvili

Summary and closing of the conference by David Melua, NALAG

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