Project Multiplier Event E2 - virtual

E2- Public Administration Education Quality Enhancement in Czech Republic
Term: April 27, 2021
54 Participants
Leading organization: Masaryk University

One-day-event in a form of a seminar for 54 participants with a purpose to present the PAQUALITY project, quality assurance, and opportunities of EAPAA accreditation/certification in Czech Republic, including opportunities to participate in EAPAA site visit teams. Outputs include dataset of relevant information of those who might be interested in the EAPAA quality evaluation, and the summary in which the participants of the event indicate their opionion and experience regarding the strengths and weaknesses of PA programmes in regards to the EAPAA accreditation/certification. The event was held in April 2021 in order all already completed Intellectual outputs could be presented and O7 and O8 could be discussed prior they are finished, so relevant comments could be considered for the final versions of the final project outputs.