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Contacts:  Working Group on PA during Transition, Change and Uncertainty

WG Programme Coordinators:

György Gajduschek, Corvinus University, Budapest, Hungary

E-mail: gajduschek@gmail.com

Eva Zemandl, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary

E-mail: zemandl_eva@phd.ceu.edu


György Gajduschek is a Professor of Public Policy and Administration at Budapest Corvinus University and is a senior research fellow at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Research Centre for Social Sciences. He is also the President of the Public Policy Section of the Hungarian Political Science Association. He has published several papers and books, in both Hungarian and English – amongst others – on the civil service system, law and policy making and implementation in Hungary and in the post-communist region.




Eva Zemandl received her B.A. in International Studies/Economics at Seattle University (USA) and her M.A. in European Public Policy at the University of Kent’s Brussels School of International Studies (Belgium). She is a doctoral candidate at the Central European University in Budapest with the Doctoral School of Political Science, Public Policy and International Relations. Her research focuses on how political appointments to public organizations influence organizations, governance, and policy. Her past research includes social policies in European and CEE countries and European Union governance and policy. Her previous experience includes working in the NGO sectors in both Seattle and Brussels in areas such as international trade/business, social and employment policy, and new towns/pilot cities.



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