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Social Events during the NISPAcee Annual Conferences


NISPAcee conferences present not only an opportunity to work together, but also the chance to relax and participate in some fun activities.


The NISPAcee Secretariat, together with the host country organisers, plans various social events during the three-day conference. These events present an ideal opportunity for participants to get to know one another in a more relaxed atmosphere, do some networking and see some of the city where the conference is being held.


These social events make the conference more enjoyable and create more familiar atmosphere during the conference. Participants are also encouraged to join in the singing of the NISPAcee Anthem.


The conferences are very popular and highly recommended by participants, not only for the work content, but also for the social events. NISPAcee is delighted that this activity continues to maintain the team spirit of the NISPAcee community.

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