European Association for Public Administration Accreditation

Key Papers and Papers
The NISPAcee effort is constantly improving the quality of its Annual Conferences in the order to create a space  for the presentation of high quality papers. Therefore, since the 21st NISPAcee Annual conference in Belgrade, Serbia in 2013, in the conference programme we started to distinguish the Conference Papers.
The paper can be identified by Working Group coordinator(s) as a Key Paper or  a Paper based on the quality of the full paper.
What means the identification/status "Key Paper"?
  • The paper is in a higher quality and with higher significance for Working Group;
  • Presenter has more time for the presentation on the Conference, 15-30 minutes including discussion (the time frame is set by the WG coordinators);
  • The paper has a greater potential to be published by NISPAcee Press.
 What means the identification/status "Paper"?
  •  The paper is in a standard quality;
  •  The time for presentation on the Conference is 5-15 minutes including discussion
  •  The author has a chance and opportunity to improve the paper.
We do believe that the differentiation between the papers based on their quality and significance will improve the standards of papers presented on the Conference and will be for benefit of all conference participants.