European Association for Public Administration Accreditation

12th NISPAcee Annual Conference
"Central and Eastern European Countries inside and outside the European Union: Avoiding a new divide"
Vilnius, Lithuania, May 13 – 15, 2004 

Organized in cooperation with the Lithuanian Public Administration Training Association, Vilnius, Lithuania


Deadline for applications:  October 15, 2003

ON-LINE Applications

Applicants should complete an application form on the NISPAcee web (all in English) and input an abstract of a paper that is relevant to the main conference theme or Working Group themes (maximum 2 pages - 3600 characters and attach the CV file (maximum 2MB). 

Scholars and practitioners of public administration/public policy are invited to submit analytical papers either on the conference main theme or for a selected working group. Junior researchers (Ph.D. candidates and research assistants) are particularly encouraged to apply. Participants may be of any nationality.

Selection criteria
The NISPAcee Conference Selection Committee, in cooperation with working group coordinators, will select the papers to be presented at the conference using the following criteria:
  • The nature of the topic and its relevance to the main theme of the conference or a working group
  • The specificity of the research topic and/or case example
  • The scholarly quality of the paper - strong preference will be given to analytical papers based on empirical evidence.
Work plan and papers
The authors whose drafts have been accepted will be informed by November 15th 2003.
Special deadline for accepted papers for WG II and WG III – more developed abstracts of papers (about 4 pages) should be submitted to WG Programme Coordinators by DECEMBER 5, 2003.
The final version of the completed paper should be prepared according to NISPAcee MANUSCRIPT GUIDELINES  and submitted via the NISPAcee  website by April 10,  2004 at the latest .
Papers will be will be accessible for all conference participants on the NISPAcee website prior to the event. Copies of papers will not be provided by NISPAcee during the Conference. Authors of the papers are welcome to bring copies of their papers for distribution at their working session or working group.
Papers which are not accepted for the presentation may be duplicated and distributed during the Conference to interested participants by the authors themselves.
The most representative papers of the Conference will be submitted to the selection process and published in the Conference Proceedings.
The publication of speeches or papers presented at the Conference requires the authorization of NISPAcee. This means that the authors should contact the President of the Association, or the Executive Director, prior to giving their agreement for publication of their paper by some source other than NISPAcee.

NISPAcee, in co-operation with the working groups’ coordinators, intends to develop projects and seeks funds to support applicants with the selected papers of the  working groups in the conference. However, this funding is uncertain and therefore all participants are encouraged to find their own financing.