European Association for Public Administration Accreditation

VIII. Working Group on Public Administration Education

WG Programme Coordinators:

Calin Hintea, Babes-Bolyai University, Department of Public Administration, Cluj-Napoca

E-mail: calin.hintea@polito.ubbcluj.ro

Theo van der Krogt, EAPAA (European Association for Public Administration Accreditation), University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands

 NISPAcee Project Manager:

Viera Wallnerova, E-mail: wallnerova@nispa.org

The newly-established NISPAcee Working Group ‘Public Administration Education’ was officially launched at the 19th Annual Conference of NISPAcee in Varna.

This new Working Group strives to stimulate the participation of NISPAcee members in a structured discussion with regard to the fundamental rationale of public administration programmes, namely the quality of education.

Education in the field of Public Administration is currently undergoing significant transformations with regard to both content and structure. The question we want to provide an answer to is whether public administration programmes are able to cope with the new political, economic, and technological challenges, as well as with the consumers’ expectancies and therefore to offer qualitative education.

The object of the Working Group is Public Administration Education in its broadest sense (curriculum development, curriculum technology, e-learning, teaching technology, best practices, research on education, quality assurance, and modern management of public administration programmes, etc.).

The Working Group will organise paper sessions and training sessions. Furthermore it will organise a session on the preparation for accreditation, and the EAPAA Advisory Panel session, both in collaboration with the European Association for Public Administration Accreditation (EAPAA).

One session in 2012 will probably include a research project on learning outcomes.

The Working Group focus will be on those interested in public administration education because they are in charge of public administration programmes, manage public administration departments or would like to share their experiences with public administration teaching.

For the paper sessions we are inviting papers dealing with public administration education.

The topics covered by the WG are:

1. Teaching methods and technology (e-learning, teaching technology, education best practices, research on education, using case studies, interacting with students);

2. Curriculum design and public administration competences (curriculum development, curriculum technology, course design);

3. Public administration programmes’ management (quality assurance, bachelor/master programmes, programme financing, leadership of PA programmes, internationalisation of PA studies/organising international co-operation ); and

4. Community outreach (working with public administration institutions, involvement in the community, organising internships, using applied research in the community).

We would also like to invite you to send the coordinators your ideas for training sessions, especially if you have any suggestions for ‘trainers’ who can deliver such training (perhaps one of your colleagues).

The coordinators wish to gather, within the framework of the Working Group, analytical papers capable of offering examples of best practices within the field related to education in public administration. The quality of the papers from a methodological standpoint and their international relevance are highly important.