European Association for Public Administration Accreditation

V. Working Group on Internationalization and Networking of Public Administration Studies and Civil Servant’s Training Systems

WG Programme Coordinators:

Eugenijus Chlivickas, Training Center of the Ministry of Finance, Lithuania, President of the Lithuanian Public Administration Training Association
E-mail: e.chlivickas@takas.lt

Melnikas Borisas, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Department of International Economy and Management, Vilnius, Lithuania

NISPAcee Project Manager:

Viera Wallnerova, E-mail: wallnerova@nispa.org

Internationalisation and networking processes are one of the most important conditions for the modernisation of public administration studies and civil servants’ training systems in the European Union and in central and eastern European (CEE) countries. Public administration studies and civil servants' continuous training systems are closely related to the strengthening of administrative capacities and new quality creation, according to the new global challenges.

The main focus will be on the following issues: accepting new challenges for the improvement of public servants’ training, studies and qualification quality in the future; new phenomena and problems which will appear in the future; development of democratic spirit finds 21st century values in the process of qualification development; how to make public administration studies and professional development quality relevant to international standards and current needs; the importance of internationalisation and networking for teaching and professional development processes; sharing new experiences accumulated in CEE countries, members of the EU, whilst improving public servants’ qualifications and organising teaching and studies; international co-operation: its cultivation, not only in CEE countries, but also within the EU and Europe, focusing on EU quality parameters; how the training content of professional development should be relevant to networking determined by EU enlargement and the perspectives of EU co-operation with Russia and other CIS countries; possibilities for application of the experience accumulated by 'old' EU countries as well as the USA or other Western countries in CEE countries; opportunities for dissemination and application of central and eastern European countries’ experiences in Russia and other CIS countries and opportunities for applying experiences from Russia and other CIS countries; integration of scientific research elements into the processes of studies, training and qualification improvement by networking and internationalisation, and the necessity to conduct and expand scientific research in the sector of civil servants and public administration specialists, studies and professional development.

The work in the group in 2011 revealed several problems of international co-operation development in the area of civil servants’ training and suggested solutions to them. The title and content of the WG is new – reflecting the present day situation. There is therefore a great demand to continue the work which already began in 2012.

The results of the Working Group will be characterised by a resolution. It will determine the main priorities of the Working Group: progressive experience of public administration studies and civil servants’ training accumulated in world practice, EU countries and other countries; new challenges, new opportunities and new teaching technologies which are to be taken into consideration under the conditions of EU enlargement and networking; analysis of the current situation; development of internationalisation of public administration studies and civil servants’ training systems and implementation of the long-term strategies, and the development and implementation of international programmes and projects .