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Analysis of the Law on General Administrative Procedure in the Function of the Economy and Citizens


Term: Friday, October 13, 2023
Location: Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Resavska 15, Belgrade, Serbia
Deadline for submission of paper title proposal and abstract: no later than September 30, 2023. Deadline for delivery of the working version of the paper: no later than one month after the conference.
Instructions for authors: https://eurosfera.org/blog/arhive/1142


Dear colleagues,
The regional conference "Analysis of the Law on General Administrative Procedure in the Function of the Economy and Citizens" is being prepared, organized by the consulting company "Eurosfera", from Belgrade, in co-operation with support of the National Assembly of Republic of Serbia, National Academy for Public Administration of Serbia and other various organisations. The conference will be held in Belgrade, on Friday, October 13, 2023, in the large hall of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Resavska 15, and it will be possible to participate in the meeting via the zoom application.
On that occasion, dr Vladimir Orlic, president of the National Assembly said for Eurosfera web portal:

"The National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, as part of its competence to enact laws and other general acts, supports professional, collegial and reasoned discussion on all current aspects of this Law, and especially on the effects of its application.

Given that the upcoming conference gathers experts of various profiles who will, each from their own angle, shed light on certain administrative and legal issues, I am convinced that all participants will make a significant contribution to quality analysis, important conclusions and useful proposals”.

The analysis of legal regulations is an important tool for assessing its effects and can then be used by competent authorities - decision-makers in order to approach an important strategic goal: "establishing a modern, orderly, efficient and effective state", in accordance with European principles.

The starting point for the conference is the position of the Serbian Ministry of State Administration and Local Self-Government, that "the Law on General Administrative Procedure is a strong mechanism of the long-awaited enforceable policy of transformation of public administration into a service for citizens and the economy", because it is crucial for the realization of the rule of law, but also "for ensuring more efficient and quality services to citizens and at the same time important for the contribution to the improvement of legal security and the improvement of the economic environment".

Therefore, the upcoming conference is a very good opportunity to praise good solutions and point out the places where "fine tuning" or "general service” needs to be done. The special attention of the conference participants is attracted by the consideration of new institutes as part of administrative activities, as well as how far we have come and what remains to be done, when it comes to harmonizing special laws with the ZUP. It would be appropriate to offer answers to the question in which areas further training of administrative officers is needed for the implementation of ZUP.

The conference provides a strong opportunity for each of the conference participants, from their own methodological point of view, to offer an analysis of one or more articles of the ZUP, presenting in an argumentative manner more or less expedient aspects of the legal text. A few announcement speeches are available at www.eurosfera.org

The desired outcome of the analysis is:
1) A well-founded conclusion that certain provisions have proven to be effective or
2) A proposal to amend or supplement the appropriate part of the legal text based on relevant scientific and professional insights.

The forthcoming conference is attracting attention of employees of the administrative procedure in theory and in practice, starting from professors of administrative law, through representatives of administrative organizations, the judiciary, to state and private companies and professional and citizens' associations, all who are involved in the administrative procedure in some way and want to contribute to its further modernization. and more correct application.

On the occasion of the Conference, a thematic compendium of international value (in English) will be published with papers that have passed expert review. Papers can be within one of the given areas of the conference (chapters of the Law):

- Basic rules of procedure; first instance procedure; solution and conclusion; legal means; special cases of changing decisions; execution and penal provisions; law enforcement; transitional and final provisions.

Comparison of the two laws in different countries is, also, welcome, as well as presentation of foreign experiences.

The following panels are also planned in the working version of the program: - 1. Legal nature of administrative activities; 2. Administrative inspections; 3. Single administrative place, 4. The relationship between ZUP and special administrative procedures, and 5. The relationship between the two laws.

Papers are submitted within the established deadlines, according to the instructions on the website www.eurosfera.org, in order to be published in the thematic collection after review.
Deadline for submission of paper title proposal and abstract: no later than September 30, 2023. Deadline for delivery of the working version of the paper: no later than one month after the conference.

We are available for any additional consultations.

Having on mind your knowledge, experience and achievement in the field of administrative law, it would be a great honor for us that you consider involvement in conference, as a speaker in panel and or presenting abstract of the scientific paper.

In the hope of achieving cooperation, we send our best regards.

On behalf of The Conference Organizing Committee
Prof. dr Mihajlo Rabrenović
Mobile 064 105 40 85

On behalf ot The Conference Programme Committee
Prof. dr Predrag Dimitrijević
Full Professor
Member of the Board for legal, economic and political issues of the Ministry of education