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Data Protection: Refresher and Advanced Course

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October 17 - October 20, 2023
Introductory and Practitioners’ Seminar: European Public Procurement Rules, Policy and Practice

October 17 - October 19, 2023
Evaluation and Monitoring of EU Structural and Cohesion Funds Programmes

October 18 - October 20, 2023
Internal, External and Performance Audit of the ESIF and NEXTGEN EU Funded Programmes and Projects:

October 25 - October 26, 2023
Fundamental Rights in the European Union

October 25 - October 26, 2023
Artificial Intelligence: Laws, Challenges and Opportunities

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Outputs: Working Group on Politico-Administrative Relations

Fourth phase: 2005 - 2007

NISPAcee Conference Award 2007

The Award NISPAcee Best Graduate Student Paper was presented to the winner Ms. Maria Keris, PhD student at the Tallin University, Estonia for her paper „Minister’s advisors interfacing at the "summit”: the case of Estonia ".

An outcome of the two year project is the  stand-alone publication:

Politico-Administrative Relations at the Centre - Actors, Structures and Processes supporting the Core Executive (2009).
Author(s)/Editor(s): Bernadette Connaughton, Georg Sootla, B. Guy Peters

Politico-administrative Dilemma: Traditional Problems and New Solutions
Author(s)/Editor(s): B. Guy Peters, G. Sootla, B. Connaughton
Date: 2006
ISBN: 80-89013-27-9
Price: 10 EUR + postage
Order mail: nispa@nispa.org
The papers contained in this book address the on-going themes of the NISPAcee working group on politico-administrative relations. The book represents another step in the ongoing development of our understanding of how governments in Central and Eastern Europe are transforming themselves. The papers in the first section cover familiar themes such as policy making roles, accountability mechanisms and politicisation examining the ways in which politicians and bureaucrats in several countries in Central and Eastern Europe are able to work together to govern, or compete over power within government. Cases on Belgium and Ireland also consider similar patterns in western European countries. Papers on the Baltic countries examine the emerging and increasingly significant patterns of interaction between state and society in Central and Eastern Europe.  
Table of Contents

Two papers, presented at the meeeting of the Working Group during the NISPAcee Conference 2006, were selected to be  published in the conference Proceedings:
Nenad Rava, Serbia
„The role of the presidency in ensuring accountability, professionalism, transparency and legitimacy of the policy process: The case of Serbia"
Alexandru-Leonard Ionita, Romania
„The EU impact on reform in Romania: The case of the civil service"

NISPAcee launched a new competition for the NISPAcee Best Graduate Student Paper of the conference from the year 2005.
In the year 2006 t
he award was presented to the winner Ms. Maria Keris, PhD student at the Tallinn University, Estonia, the member of the WG on Politico-administrative Relations for her paper „The role patterns of minister’s personal advisors in politico-administrative dichotomy. Comparative case study of two Estonian ministries.".

Third phase: 2002 -2005

The outcome of the three year project 2002 and 2005: The stand-alone publication of the selected papers presented at the conferences Bucharest 2003, Vilnius 2004, Moscow 2005- will have been published by the end of October 2006. 

Proceedings from the NISPAcee Conference 2005, Moscow, Russia
· Tatiana Majcherkiewicz, Mining and Metallurgy University, Cracow, Poland
Paper: Nomenclature Versus Civil Service in Poland, Defining Politico-administrative Relations Under Leszek Miller’s Government

NISPAcee Proceedings from the NISPAcee Conference 2004, Vilnius, Lithuania
· L. Johannsen, O. Norgaard, University of Aarhus, Denmark
Paper: Policy-making in Central and Eastern Europe: A cross-sectional sector perspective
· Valeriu Mosneaga, State University of Moldova, Chisinau, Moldova
Paper: The territorial - administrative reform in Moldova: How different political interests and groups influences public policies
· Allan Rosenbaum, Florida International University, USA
Natalya Kolishinichenko, National Academy of PA, Odessa, Ukraine
Paper: Central – local politico-administrative and governance relationships
in two Ukrainian cities:, Kievand Odessa
· Markku Temmes, Helsinki University, Finland, B.G. Peters and Georg Sootla
Paper: The Governance discourse in three countries. A comparison of administrative reform activities in Finland, Estonia and Russia

NISPAcee Proceedings from the NISPAcee Conference 2003, Bucharest, Romania
• Analyzing Policy Formulation in the Czech Republic: The Cases of Temelin Nuclear Reactor, Donald Fuller
• Role and Role Perceptions of Senior Officials in Slovakia, Katarína Staroňová
• Democratic, Decentralization and Efficient Regional Governance: Politico-Administrative Relations in Polish Regions from 1989 to 2001,Tatiana Majcherkiewicz
• Challenge for Effective Health Sector Governance in Hungary: Co-operation between the Medical Profession and Government, Pavel Ovseiko


Second phase: 2001-2002

NISPAcee Proceedings from the NISPAcee Conference 2002, Krakow, Poland
• Beyond Max Weber: Emotional Intelligence and Public Leadership, Robert Kramer
• Image IV Institutionalised in a Leadership Structure of International Administration. Administrative and Political Roles of Directorship General of the International Labour Organisation, Maciej Bartkowski
Textbook: "Coalitions of the Unwilling?"
Politicians and Civil Servants in Coalition Governments

Edited by
B.Guy Peters, Tony Verheijen, Laszlo Vass



Table of Contents

1. Introduction

Tony Verheijen

Section I. Central and Eastern European Countries

2. Politico-Administrative Relations under Coalition Government:

Th e Case of Estonia

Georg Sootla

3. Public Administration under Coalition Government:

Some Lessons of the Hungarian Case

Laszlo Vass

4. Politico-Administrative Relations in Poland under Coalition

Governments in the Period 1989 – 2002

Tatiana Majcherkiewicz

5. Coalition governments and policy processes. the case of Romania

Casandra Bischo. and Stefan Deaconu

6. Politico-administrative Relations Under the Coalition

Government in Serbia

Aleksandra Rabrenovic

7. Politico-administrative Relations Under Coalition

Politics in Slovakia

Ludmila Malikova and Katarina Staronova

Section II. West European Countries

8. "Politico-administrative relations under coalition governments:

Th e case of Belgium”

Marlen Brans, Christophe Pelegrims and Dieter Hoot.

9. Politicians and the Civil Servants – a Finnish Case

Markku Temmes

10. Th e Impact of Coalition Government on Politico-Administrative

Relations in Ireland 1981 – 2002

Bernadette Connaughton

11. Conclusion

B. Guy Peters and Laszlo Vass

12. Appendix

Studying Politicians and Bureaucrats – Laszlo Vass


First phase:  1999-2001

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction, Tony Verheijen
Chapter 2: Review of Theory on Politico-Administrative Relations, Aleksandra Rabrenovic
Chapter 3: Politics and Bureaucracy in the Modern Administrative State: comparing Western  and Eastern Europe, David Coombes
Chapter 4: Methodological Frameworks for the Study of Politico-Administrative Relations and their Applicability in Post-Communist Settings, Jan-Hinrik Meyer-Sahling
Chapter 5: Politico-Administrative Relations in Bulgaria, Rumiana Velinova, Vessela Bozhidarova, Vesselina Kolcheva
Chapter 6: Politico-Administrative Relations in the Czech Republic, Olga Vidláková
Chapter 7: Evolution of Roles of Politicians and Civil Servants During the Post-communist  Transition in Estonia, Georg Sootla
Chapter 8: Civil Service Development and Politico-Administrative Relations in Hungary, László Vass
Chapter 9: Politico-Administrative Relations in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia, Askat Dukenbaev, Valimjan Tanyrykov
Chapter 10: Politico-Administrative Relations: The case of Latvia, Dace Jansone, Iveta Reinholde
Chapter 11: P
olitico-Administrative Relations in Lithuania, Ieva Lazareviciute, Jovita Tirviene, Jonas Poniskaitis
Chapter 12: Politico-Administrative Relations: The Case of Slovakia, Ľudmila Malíková, Katarína Staroňová
Chapter 13: Politico-Administrative Relations in Yugoslavia, Željko Ševic
Chapter 14: Organising the Delivery of Policy Advice, Ieva Lazareviciute and Tony Verheijen
Chapter 15: Building Institutions for Public Sector Professionalism in Post Communist States, Alexander Kovryga, Sherman Wyman
Chapter 16: Ethics and Politico-Administrative Relations, Barbara Kudrycka
Chapter 17: The Evolution of Politico-Administrative Relations in Post-Communist States: Main Directions,  Tony Verheijen, Aleksandra Rabrenovic
NISPAcee Proceedings from the NISPAcee Conference 2000, Budapest, Hungary
• Politico-Administrative Relations, Tony Verheijen, Aleksandra Rabrenovic
• Politico-Administrative Relations in Local Governments: The Hungarian case, Tamas Harvath and Jozsef Kiss
• Local Politics and Politico-Administrative Ralationships at Local Government Lvel in Yugoslavia, Zeljko Sevic and Zorica Vukasinovic
• Politico-Administrative Relations: The Slovakian case, Ludmila Malikova, Katarina Staronova
 NISPAcee Proceedings from the NISPAcee Conference 2001, Riga, Latvia
• Prime Minister’s Roles and Sources of Authority in Cabinet Decision-Making: The Case of Estonia, Annika Velthut
• A Case of Disembedded Governance: Relations between Politics and Administration in Kyrgyzstan, David Coombes and Leila Sydykova
• Rebuilding the Village? Or is it Merely a Campground?, B. Guy Peters
NISPAcee Proceedings from the NISPAcee Conference 1999, Sofia, Bulgaria
• Politico-Administrative Relations in Central and Eastern Europe, Tony Verheijen, Aleksandra Rabrenovic
• Political/Administrative Relations at the Central Government Level in the Russian Federation, Alexander Kotchegura
• Government and the State, Politicians and civil Servants: Politico-Administrative Relations in Yugoslavia, Zeljko Sevic
• Evolution of the Roles of Politicians and Civil Servants in the Policy Process: The Estonian case, Georg Sootla and Keit Kasements
• Politico-Administrative Relations in Central and Eastern Europe: An Unsolvable Stalemate?, , Tony Verheijen, Aleksandra Rabrenovic
• Politico-Administrative Relations in Bulgaria at Central Government Level, Vessela Bozhidarova, Vesselina Kolcheva and Rumiana Velinova
The Working Group had been supported by a grant from The Local Government and Public Service Reform Initiative Open Society Institute, Budapest, Hungary http://lgi.osi.hu