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About: Working Group on Public Administration during Transition, Change and Uncertainty

This proposed working group intends to deal with the often unpredictable nature of the CEE/FIS transitional context. It will explore the consequences of large-scale changes and prolonged uncertainty (i.e., in a political, economic, and systemic sense, etc.) in CEE/FIS countries on administrative behavior and, thus, on the wider governance environment.

This investigation is particularly pressing in light of the fragile state of transition throughout much of the region-- marked by (to name a few) frequent large-scale changes, unpredictable flux, and deep political and societal divisions. This phenomenon has been most recently and considerably accentuated by the global economic and financial (Euro) crisis. Undoubtedly, this chaotic environment carries implications for the internal resilience and stability of both newer and more established public organizations. Some examples of large-scale change and sources of prolonged uncertainty may include high political polarization, low economic performance and recession, major fiscal constraints, transnational pressure and influence (e.g., EU, IMF), government centralization or decentralization, turnovers in personnel and leadership, institutional reorganization and restructuring, expansions or reductions in organizational autonomy and independence, changing legal regulations and frameworks, new public administration reform programs, etc.