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Institution Name   Country   City   Type   Status   Membership  
Andijan regional administration  Uzbekistan  Andijan city,  Governmental Institution (local)  Govern. Agency or Institution  Non-member 
Andijan State University  Uzbekistan  Andijan city  Governmental Institution (central)  Govern. Supported University  Non-member 
Andrássy University Budapest  Hungary  Budapest  University  Other  Non-member 
Andrija Stampar School of Public Health  Croatia  Zagreb  Independent School  Govern. Supported University  Non-member 
Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow University  Poland  Cracow  not defined  not defined  Non-member 
Anglia Ruskin University  United Kingdom  Chelmsford  University  Govern. Supported University  Non-member 
Anglo-American University  Czech Republic  Prague 1  University  Independend Univ. or Institute  Non-member 
Anis NGO  Uzbekistan  Kokand  Other  Other  Non-member 
Ankara University  Turkey  Ankara  University  Other  Non-member 
ANONS Uzbekistan  Uzbekistan  Tashkent  Other  Other  Non-member 
ANSA Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics  Azerbaijan  Baku  Governmental Institution (central)  Govern. Agency or Institution  Non-member 
Antena M Montenegro  Montenegro  Podgorica  Other  Other  Non-member 
Anticorruption Business Council  Kyrgyzstan  Bishkek  not defined  not defined  Non-member 
Anticorruption Business Council under the Agency for Corruption Prevention  Kyrgyzstan  Bishkek  not defined  not defined  Non-member 
Anyksta Lithuania  Lithuania  Anyksciai  Other  Other  Non-member 
APA Azerbaijan  Azerbaijan  Baku  Other  not defined  Non-member 
APK Inform Ukraine  Uganda  Kyiv  Other  Other  Non-member 
Apollo Latvia  Latvia  Riga  Other  Other  Non-member 
Appalachian State University  United States  Boone, North Carolina  University  not defined  Non-member 
APSNY Press Georgia  Georgia  Sukhum  Other  Other  Non-member 
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