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Sub-unit Name   Institution   Country   City   Type   Status   Membreship  
Financial Department  Bashkir Academy of PA & Management under the Head of the Republic of Bashkortostan Russian Federation  Ufa  Department  Non-member 
Social and Political Bases of Management Department  Academy of State and Social Construction under the President of Uzbekistan Uzbekistan  Tashkent  Department  Non-member 
State Construction and Law Department  Academy of State and Social Construction under the President of Uzbekistan Uzbekistan  Tashkent  Department  Non-member 
“Management of Projects and Programmes” Directorate  Ministry of State Administration and Administrative Reform of Bulgaria Bulgaria  Sofia  Department  Non-member 
Structural Funds and Health Programmes Unit  Ministry of Health of Lithuania Lithuania  Vilnius  not defined  Non-member 
Centre for International Programmes  State University of Management Russian Federation  Moscow  Center  Non-member 
Fiscal Trainig Unit  Training Institute of Public Administration Albania  Tirana  Department  Non-member 
Department for HR Management, Development  Ministry of Administration of Croatia Croatia  Zagreb  Department  Non-member 
Department of Education  Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of Czech Republic Czech Republic  Prague 2  Department  Non-member 
Public Policy Unit  General Secretariat of the Government Romania  Bucharest  Department  Non-member 
Department for Citizens’ Appeals  Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Secretariat Ukraine  Kyiv  Department  Non-member 
Faculty of Social Security  Federal University of Applied Administrative Sciences Germany  Berlin  Faculty  Non-member 
Independent Board of Advisors  Parliament of Georgia Georgia  Tbilisi  Other  Non-member 
Department of EU-Competencies  Federal Academy of Public Administration at the Ministry of Interior Germany  Brühl  Department  Non-member 
Human Resource Management Service  Government of Serbia Serbia  Belgrade  Other  Non-member 
CERA - Center for Expertise and Research on Public-sector Administration  French National School of Administration - ENA France  Strasbourg  Center  Non-member 
Financial Research Institute  Ukraine  Kiev  Institute  Non-member 
Laboratory of Economy of Saint-Denis (LED)  University of Paris 8 France  Paris 8  Department  Non-member 
Office for Technical Assistance for Ukraine  Office of the Committee for European Integration Poland  Warsaw  Other  Non-member 
Department of Public Administration  National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine Ukraine  Kiev  Faculty  Non-member 
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