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List of Sub-units / Departments
Sub-unit Name   Institution   Country   City   Type   Status   Membreship  
Department of Political Science  Bowling Green State University United States  Department  Non-member 
School of Business Administration  Belarus State Economic University Belarus  220070  Faculty  Non-member 
Department of Political Science  Demstar Denmark  Aarhus  Department  Non-member 
Department of Business Administration  Aarhus University Denmark  Aarhus C  Faculty  Non-member 
The Department of Economics and Business  Aarhus University Denmark  Aarhus C  Faculty  Non-member 
Aberdeen School of Business  Robert Gordon University United Kingdom  Aberdeen  Faculty  Non-member 
Dept. of PA & Public Policy, Faculty of PA & Public Policy  University of Twente Netherlands  AE Enschede  Faculty  Non-member 
Cereer Center  The Academy for Computer-Assisted Technical Sciences, Economics, Law & Administration (AISTEDA) Romania  Alba Iulia  Center  Non-member 
Center for International Development, Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy  State University of New York United States  Albany, NY  Center  Non-member 
Central Asian Resource Center  Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan Kazakhstan  Almaty  Center  Non-member 
Library  Al-Farabi Kazakh National University Kazakhstan  Almaty  Other  Non-member 
Department of Macro & Microeconomics  Kazakh Economic University Kazakhstan  Almaty  Department  Non-member 
Department of Public and Municipal Administration  KIMEP University Kazakhstan  Almaty  Department  Institutional 
Department of Politology & Sociology  Kazakh National Pedagogical University Kazakhstan  Almaty  Center  Non-member 
School of Education  University of Massachusetts United States  Amherst  Faculty  Non-member 
Graduate School of Social Sciences  University of Amsterdam Netherlands  Amsterdam  Faculty  Non-member 
International Relations Department  Andijan State University Uzbekistan  Andijan  Department  Non-member 
Department of Politics and Public Administration, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences  Hacettepe University Turkey  Ankara  Department  Non-member 
Undersecretariat of Treasury  Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Turkey  Ankara  Department  Non-member 
Department of Public Administration  Hankyong National University Republic of Korea  Anseong  Department  Non-member 
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