The 24th NISPAcee Annual Conference

Conference photos available

Conference photos available

In the conference participated 317 participants

Conference programme published

Almost 250 conference participants from 36 countries participated

Conference Report

The 28th NISPAcee Annual Conference cancelled

The 29th NISPAcee Annual Conference, Ljubljana, Slovenia, October 21 - October 23, 2021

The 2020 NISPAcee On-line Conference

The 30th NISPAcee Annual Conference, Bucharest, Romania, June 2 - June 4, 2022

Well organized, as always. Excellent conference topic and paper selection.

M.S., Serbia, 23rd Conference 2015, Georgia

Perfect conference. Well organised. Very informative.

M.deV., Netherlands, 22nd Conference 2014, Hungary

Excellent conference. Congratulations!

S. C., United States, 20th Conference 2012, Republic of Macedonia

Thanks for organising the pre-conference activity. I benefited significantly!

R. U., Uzbekistan, 19th Conference, Varna 2011

Each information I got, was received perfectly in time!

L. S., Latvia, 21st Conference 2013, Serbia

The Conference was very academically fruitful!

M. K., Republic of Macedonia, 20th Conference 2012, Republic of Macedonia

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List of accepted papers
for the 24th NISPAcee Annual Conference

Closing Session
Person:  Ms. Gajic Zorana Work Country: Montenegro 
Paper:  Discussion Presentation
Opening Session
Person:  Mr. Hofmann Herwig Work Country: Luxembourg 
Paper:  Key-note Speech: The Future of Public Law in Europe - Integrated Administrations and the Consequences
Person:  Mrs. Jurlina Alibegović Dubravka Work Country: Croatia 
Paper:  Republic of Croatia: Current Challenges of Public Administration Reform in Croatia and the Plans of the Ministry of Public Administration
Person:  Mr. Kauzya John Mary Work Country: United States 
Paper:  United Nations: Public Service Transformation for Effective Integrated Implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
Closing Session
Person:  Mr. Kopric Ivan Work Country: Croatia 
Paper:  Discussion Presentation
Opening Session
Person:  Mr. Kopric Ivan Work Country: Croatia 
Paper:  Alena Brunovska Award: Decentralization as a Precarious Component of Contemporary European Governance
Person:  Ms. Musa Anamarija Work Country: Croatia 
Paper:  Republic of Croatia: The Main Problems, Results and Prospects of Public Administration Reform in Croatia
Closing Session
Person:  Mr. Mustafa Fatos Work Country: Montenegro 
Paper:  Discussion Presentation
Opening Session
Person:  Ms. Savi Riin Work Country: Estonia 
Paper:  Mzia Mikeladze PhD Thesis Award: The Impact of Fiscal Crises on Public Administration: Cutback Management and Changes in Decision-making
Closing Session
Person:  Mr. Verheijen Tony Work Country: Serbia 
Paper:  Discussion Presentation
PhD pre-conference seminar
Person:  Ms. Buda Lorina Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Does Banking Union Resolve the Impossible Trinity of the Eurozone?
Person:  Mrs. Durman Petra Work Country: Croatia 
Paper:  Public Administration Openness: Functions of Citizens Participation and its Influence on Organizational Structure and Fuctions
Person:  Ms. Lescauskaite Vaida Work Country: Lithuania 
Paper:  Explaining Decentralization through the Mirror of “Creeping” Centralization: Evidence from Lithuania
Person:  Mr. Pisz Maciej Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  Integrated Territorial Investments (ITI) as a Mean to Achieve the Cooperation between Local Authorities in the Urban Functional Area of the Voivodship Center in the Polish Legal System
Person:  Mr. Som Zoltán Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Identifying Hindering Factors - How Governmental CISOs Can Be Effectively Improved
Person:  Mrs. Uszkai Andrea Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Mental Borders and Spatial Integration in the Austrian-Slovakian-Hungarian Border Region
Person:  Mr. Vuleta Davor Work Country: Sweden 
Paper:  Economic Security
Main Conference Theme
Person:  Mrs. Held Mateja Work Country: Croatia 
Paper:  Evaluation of the Administrative Courts’ Reform in Croatia
Person:  Ms. Jeretina Ursa Work Country: Austria 
Paper:  Administrative Aspect of Consumer Alternative Dispute Resolution in the EU, Slovenia and Croatia
Person:  Mr. Kettunen Pekka Work Country: Finland 
Paper:  How to Combine National and Local Interests: Alternative Models
Person:  Mr. Kopric Ivan Work Country: Croatia 
Paper:  European Administrative Space - Myth, Reality and Hopes
Person:  Mrs. Kovač Polonca Work Country: Slovenia 
Paper:  Europeanization of Public Administration in Eastern Europe: Case Study of Slovenian and Croatian Specialized Journals
Person:  Mr. Nemeslaki Andras Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Boosting Innovation in Central and Eastern Europe: Capacity Building Using the Triple Helix Concept in Public Policy
Person:  Mr. Pecaric Mirko Work Country: Slovenia 
Paper:  Alternative Dispute Resolution in Administrative Law - The Slovenian Perspective
Person:  Mr. Rosta Miklos Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Cacophony in Public Management - The Relationship between New Public Management and Post-new Public Management
Person:  Ms. Sever Tina Work Country: Slovenia 
Paper:  Accountability of Public Officials as a Key Element of Good Governance - Case of Slovenia
Person:  Ms. Tuskan Ana Work Country: Croatia 
Paper:  The Importance of Cooperation and Mediation in Public Administration - Efficient Solutions for Good Governance in Croatia
General Session
Person:  Mr. Bryer Thomas Work Country: Lithuania 
Paper:  Volunteerism in the EU: A Cross-national Comparison
Person:  Mr. Fuller Donald Work Country: Armenia 
Paper:  Automation: Robots: Crisis or Opportunity
Person:  Ms. Ghonghadze Nino Work Country: Georgia 
Paper:  Perceptions and Awareness of Corruption in Georgia: What Public Servants and the General Public Think
I. Working Group on Local Government
Person:  Mr. Busko Tibor Laszlo Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Actual Problems of City Marketing in Hungary in a Local Development Policy Aspect
Person:  Mr. Copus Colin Work Country: United Kingdom 
Paper:  Direct Election of the Mayor: A Two Nation Study of the Reform of Local Political Leadership
Person:  Mr. Dumitrica Catalin Daniel Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  Is Local Government Ready for Decentralization?
Person:  Mrs. Kastelan Mrak Marija Work Country: Croatia 
Paper:  Issues in Organizing Local Government at Boundaries
Person:  Mr. Klaric Mirko Work Country: Croatia 
Paper:  Municipal Sub-government in Croatia and Decentralization of Local Self-government
Person:  Ms. Krukowska Joanna Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  What about Together...? Motives of Intermunicipal Cooperation in Poland
Person:  Mrs. Lackowska Marta Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  Governance Challenges in the Inter-municipal Cooperation
Person:  Ms. Lescauskaite Vaida Work Country: Lithuania 
Paper:  Explaining Decentralization through the Mirror of “Creeping” Centralization: Evidence from Lithuania
Person:  Mr. Popa Florin Marius Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  The Uprising Level of Public Integrity: An Engine for Local Economic Development
Person:  Ms. Radzik-Maruszak Katarzyna Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  Changes and Challenges: Local Representative Democracy in Poland
Person:  Mr. Saradin Pavel Work Country: Czech Republic 
Paper:  The Local Action Groups As Cure for Municipal Fragmentation and Participation in the Czech Republic
Person:  Mrs. Shumanovska-Spasovska Ivana Work Country: Republic of North Macedonia 
Paper:  Local Self-government and Decentralization in the Republic of Macedonia ahead of the European Challenges
Person:  Ms. Sidor Monika Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  Building Political Capacity in the Management of a Municipality
Person:  Mrs. Somlyodyne Pfeil Edit Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  In the Trap of Centralisation - The Fragmented Structure of Public Administration and Good Governance
Person:  Mr. Sootla Georg Work Country: Estonia 
Paper:  Top Down and Bottom Up Approaches to Local Government Reforms: A Need for Balanced Approach
Person:  Mr. Swianiewicz Pawel Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  Is Small Beautiful? The Impact of Territorial Fragmentation on the Performance of Local Governments in Poland
II. Working Group on e-Government
Person:  Mr. Bochentyn Adam Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  Providing Public Information Online. Analysis of the Study Carried out on Local Government Units in Northern Poland (Pomorskie Voivodeship)
Person:  Mr. Bryer Thomas Work Country: Lithuania 
Paper:  Social Media Adoption and Performance: A First Look at Lithuanian Municipalities
Person:  Mr. Erdosi Peter Mate Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Electronic Signature Technology in Hungarian Governmental IT Projects in 2010-2015
Person:  Mr. Erdosi Peter Mate Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Electronic Signature Technology in Hungarian Governmental IT Projects in 2010-2015
Person:  Mr. Erdosi Peter Mate Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Electronic Signature Technology in Hungarian Governmental IT projects in 2010-2015
Person:  Mr. Hadarics Kálmán Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Methods and Tools for Assessing Organization IT Network Vulnerability
Person:  Mrs. Horvatne Barsi Boglarka Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  New Ways of Delivering Public Services and Making Better Use of Existing Resources and Infrastructure: Smart Cities
Person:  Mrs. Jukic Tina Work Country: Slovenia 
Paper:  Social Media Usage in Slovenian Local Self-government: First Results
Person:  Mr. Leitold Ferenc Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Preparedness for Malware Response at USA Enterprises
Person:  Mr. Memeti Memet Work Country: Republic of North Macedonia 
Paper:  E-service Perspectives in the Local Government, Evidence from the Republic of Macedonia
Person:  Mr. Muller-Torok Robert Work Country: Germany 
Paper:  Germany’s Federal States e-Government Laws Proposed in Summer 2015 and their Effects on Counties and Municipalities - A Failed Interoperability Lesson?
Person:  Ms. Orban Anna Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Quality and Impact in e-Government
Person:  Mr. Prosser Alexander Work Country: Austria 
Paper:  Council of Europe Recommendation 2004(11) on eVoting: Revision or Completely New Approach?
Person:  Ms. Sistero Sara Work Country: Spain 
Paper:  The e-Administration as Regarded by the Spanish New Law on Common Administrative Procedure
Person:  Mr. Špaček David Work Country: Czech Republic 
Paper:  E-government Benchmarking - Score vs. Reality (The Case of EU e-Gov Benchmarking and Czech e-Government)
Person:  Mr. Urs Nicolae Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  Online Services and Social Media Use in Romanian Cities: Can We See a Pattern?
III. Working Group on PA Reform
Person:  Ms. Akimovska Maletic Iskra Work Country: Republic of North Macedonia 
Paper:  Preparing Public Administration in the Republic of Macedonia for European Administrative Space
Person:  Ms. Andreeva Lyubimka Work Country: Bulgaria 
Paper:  The Public Policies and the Governance of Services of General Interest: The New Role of the Administrative Systems
Person:  Mr. Choi Heungsuk Work Country: Republic of Korea 
Paper:  Citizens’ Perceptions of Public Service Privatization and their Determinants
Person:  Mrs. Dobrolyubova Elena Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  How Delegation of Powers Impacts Government Efficiency and Effectiveness: Lessons from Russia
Person:  Ms. Dolidze Nino Work Country: Georgia 
Paper:  Comparison of NPM and Neo-Weberian Approaches to the Public Administration Reform in Georgia
Person:  Mr. Giljevic Teo Work Country: Croatia 
Paper:  Impact of Organization Environment on Administrative Coordination: Ministry of Public Administration as a Case Study
Person:  Mr. Hammerschmid Gerhard Work Country: Germany 
Paper:  Job satisfaction of European public sector leaders: A positive impact of management and administrative reforms?
Person:  Mrs. Iancu Diana - Camelia Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  Democratization and Institutional Destruction in Romania
Person:  Mr. Kroukamp Hendri Work Country: South Africa 
Paper:  Reform, Transformation, Decentralization: Instigator of Corruption in Local Government? The South African Case
Person:  Ms. Lehmbruch Barbara Work Country: Sweden 
Paper:  Explaining Radical Institutional Change Outside of Critical Junctures: The Strange Abolition of Russia's Forest Service
Person:  Ms. Ramasheuskaya Ina Work Country: Belarus 
Paper:  What Motivates Civil Servants in Belarus: Money Can't Buy Happiness
Person:  Ms. Raudla Ringa Work Country: Estonia 
Paper:  Fiscal Crisis and Expenditure Cuts: The Influence of Public Management Practices on Cutback Strategies in Europe
Person:  Ms. Ruso Jelena Work Country: Serbia 
Paper:  How Do Policy Makers Perceive Quality and Quality Initiatives - The Case of Serbia
Person:  Ms. Sobis Iwona Work Country: Sweden 
Paper:  Side Effects of Standards
Person:  Ms. Staronova Katarina Work Country: Slovakia 
Paper:  Remuneration of the Civil Service in Slovakia: Transparency and Predictability of the System
Person:  Ms. Statneckyte Simona Work Country: Lithuania 
Paper:  European Administrative Convergence: Continue (Sustainability) of Lithuanian Civil Service Reform
Person:  Mr. Stumpf Istvan Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  The Character of the Hungarian Territorial Public Administration
Person:  Mr. Urinboyev Rustamjon Work Country: Sweden 
Paper:  Local Government Capacity in Post-soviet Central Asia
Person:  Mr. Verheijen Tony Work Country: Serbia 
Paper:  Serbia’s Difficult Administrative Transition to Join the European Administrative Space: Legacy, Traditions and Constraints
IV. Working Group on Regional Development and Inter-regional Cooperation
Person:  Mr. Akishin Ilia Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  How to Determine the Optimal Staff Size of Municipalities: A Practice-oriented Approach Using Municipal Registries of Functions and Administrative Processes
Person:  Mr. Barabashev Alexey Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Regional and Municipal Strategy Improvement Tool Kit: Variations on Quasi-McKinsey Matrix Usage for Russia
Person:  Ms. Chernyak Tatyana Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Training of Managers as a Factor of Education and Healthcare Sector Development in the Region of Siberian Federal District
Person:  Mr. Copus Colin Work Country: United Kingdom 
Paper:  Inter-municipal Cooperation: Lessons from a Cross National Analysis
Person:  Mrs. Kasperovich Yuliya Work Country: Belarus 
Paper:  Prospects and Challenges of Cooperation between Belarus and the European Union
Person:  Ms. Leonard Carol Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Governance and Cross-regional Coordination in Russia’s Regional Transformation: Towards a More Cooperative Federalism
Person:  Mr. Nemeslaki Andras Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Assessment of Transnational Vocational Training Needs of Public Administration in the Danube Region - Empirical Findings in Hungary
Person:  Mrs. Zaytseva Tatiana Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  The Current State of Human Capital and Regional Development - The Case of the Russian Federation
V. Working Group on Public Finance and Public Finance Management
Person:  Mrs. Godarova Jana Work Country: Czech Republic 
Paper:  Changes in the Czech Family Policy in the Context of Reducing Public Expenditures
Person:  Mrs. Guzikova Liudmila Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Housing Problem, Housing Market and Mortgage in the Regions of Russia
Person:  Mr. Klasinc Jan Work Country: Croatia 
Paper:  Evaluation of the Development of Participatory Budgeting in Croatia
Person:  Ms. Kopanska Agnieszka Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  The Expenditure Decentralization - Measurement and Effects on Spending Behaviours of Local Governments - Analysis for Poland
Person:  Mr. Krivorotko Yuri Work Country: Belarus 
Paper:  Public - Private Cooperation in the Eurasian Economic Union: The Lessons for Belarus
Person:  Mr. Lados Mihaly Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Tax Assignment and Fiscal Autonomy in Hungary
Person:  Mr. Mencinger Jernej Work Country: Slovenia 
Paper:  Fiscal Policy Stance During the Crisis in North and South Europe: A Comparative Approach
Person:  Mr. Naert Frank Work Country: Belgium 
Paper:  EU Governance and the European Fund for Strategic Investment
Person:  Mr. Nemec Juraj Work Country: Czech Republic 
Paper:  National Policies to Combat Social Spatial Inequalities: Slovakia
Person:  Ms. Nyikos Gyorgyi Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Financial Instruments for Better Public Spending - Implementing Mechanisms and Effects
Person:  Mr. Ravšelj Dejan Work Country: Slovenia 
Paper:  The Impact of the Crisis on Internal Financial Control in Public Healthcare: The Case of Slovenia
Person:  Mrs. Sedmihradska Lucie Work Country: Czech Republic 
Paper:  Is There any Tax-fee Dilemma in the Case of Local Waste Management Financing in the Czech Republic?
Person:  Ms. Setnikar-Cankar Stanka Work Country: Slovenia 
Paper:  A Preliminary Evaluation of the Effects of Planned Measures for the Consolidation of Public Finances
Person:  Mrs. Van der Maas Ivana Work Country: Netherlands 
Paper:  Implementation of Rules on Tax Transparency by Croatian Tax Administration: Administrative Capacities on the Test?
VI. Working Group on Public Policy Analysis Development Issues
Person:  Mr. Bozso Gabor Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  The Good State and Governance Report in View of International Examples
Person:  Mrs. Burbulyte-Tsiskarishvili Gabriele Work Country: Lithuania 
Paper:  Assessment of Cooperation Network between the Municipal Administration and the NGOs (The Kretinga District and the Klaipėda City Municipalities Compared)
Person:  Mr. Kilievych Olexandr Work Country: Ukraine 
Paper:  Formation of Policy Analysis Professional Competences and Policy Analysis Performance: A Comparative Case of Ukraine and the Central Asian Countries
Person:  Mr. Kotnik Žiga Work Country: Slovenia 
Paper:  Estimating the Administrative Costs of Environmental Regulations Using Data on Environmental Expenditures in Industry: A Comparison between “Old” and “New” EU Member States
Person:  Mrs. Kotseva-Tikova Maria Work Country: Bulgaria 
Paper:  Bulgarian Renewable Energy Policy
Person:  Mrs. Kravchuk Iryna Work Country: Ukraine 
Paper:  European Evaluative Space in Progress: Towards Evaluation Standards
Person:  Mr. Kreci Veli Work Country: Republic of North Macedonia 
Paper:  Improving the Policymaking Process through the Use of Research in Macedonia
Person:  Mr. Szescilo Dawid Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  Does Decentralization Inevitably Lead to Privatization? The Case of Polish Healthcare System
Person:  Mr. Tertychka Valeriy Work Country: Ukraine 
Paper:  Standards and Templates for Public Policy Analysis: Performance and Obstacles of Implementation
VII. Working Group on Public Administration Education
Person:  Mr. Bryer Thomas Work Country: Lithuania 
Paper:  Volunteerism in the EU: The Role of the University
Person:  Ms. Chernyak Tatyana Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Problems of Formation of Anticorruption Competence of Civil Servants in the Process of Learning
Person:  Mrs. Darida Zsuzsa Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Research on the Efficiency of Obligatory Civil Servant Training in Hungary
Person:  Ms. Juhász Lilla Mária Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Reforming the PA Education System in Hungary - Reflecting the Challenges of the Modern State
Person:  Mrs. Leontjeva Olga Work Country: Latvia 
Paper:  Public Administration Study Programs Development Based on Employers' Competences Requirements: Matrix System of Occupations and Competences
Person:  Mr. Moldovan Octavian Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  Professional Practice/Practicum and BA Public Administration Education
Person:  Mr. Rosenbaum Allan Work Country: United States 
Paper:  In Quest of Excellence: Approaches to Enhancing the Quality of Public Administration Education and Training
Person:  Mrs. Sadreeva Elvira Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Establishing a Networking e-University of State and Municipal Management in Russian Federation
Person:  Mr. Scharifi Omar Work Country: Germany 
Paper:  Person-job Fit Changes as a Consequence of Public Management Reforms in Self-governmental Units
Person:  Mr. Sedlacko Michal Work Country: Austria 
Paper:  What kind of Science Is Useful to Civil Servants and what for? On The Possibility of the Transformative Role of Scientific Competences
Person:  Ms. Sistero Sara Work Country: Spain 
Paper:  The Reform of Administrative Law Teaching and the Construction of a European Administrative Culture
Person:  Ms. Staronova Katarina Work Country: Slovakia 
Paper:  Demand and Supply of Public Administration Education in CEE Countries
Person:  Mr. Torley Gabor Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Information Security Awareness Knowledge of First Grade Public Administration Students
Person:  Mr. Umek Lan Work Country: Slovenia 
Paper:  Students’ Satisfaction and Performance in the Moodle e-Learning Platform: The Case of Public Administration Programmes
VIII. Working Group on Local Services and Infrastructure
Person:  Ms. Bobcheva Nadezhda Work Country: Bulgaria 
Paper:  Management of Municipal Housing Stock in Bulgaria: Ten Years of Experience 2005 - 2015
Person:  Mr. Copus Colin Work Country: United Kingdom 
Paper:  Local Governing Institutions: The Provision of Public Services and the Achievement of Local Political Goals
Person:  Ms. Jovanic Tatjana Work Country: Serbia 
Paper:  Local Administration in National Economic Development and Competitiveness Strategies - Searching for the Appropriate Institutional Framework for Private Infrastructure Development in Western Balkan Countries
Person:  Mr. Mikalauskas Arvydas Work Country: Lithuania 
Paper:  The Mayoral Election Reform in Lithuania: Research of the Citizens’ and Mayors’ Attitudes
Person:  Mr. Sienkiewicz Mariusz Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  Role of NGOs in Public Services Delivery at the Local Level - Case of Poland
Person:  Mrs. Szmigiel-Rawska Katarzyna Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  The Assignment of Responsibility and Manifestations of Climate Change Policy. The Climate Change Policy Mechanisms of Polish Local Governments
IX. Working Group on Transition, Change and Uncertainty
Person:  Mr. Gajduschek Gyorgy Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Mapping Omnipresent Change and Sticky Uncertainty in Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe: A Concept Paper for Future Research
Person:  Ms. Karna Wioleta Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  Ethical Identity of Local Government Employees: The Case of Poland
Person:  Mr. Ropret Marko Work Country: Slovenia 
Paper:  Factors of Innovation in Public Administration: The Case of Emerging Market Economies in Eastern Europe
Person:  Mr. Sandor Sorin Dan Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  Uncertainty, Quality of Governance and the Level of Trust in Public Administration in the European Union's Member States
Person:  Mrs. Taneva Albena Work Country: Bulgaria 
Paper:  Public Image of the State Administration as a Factor for the Sustainable Development of New Democracies in the EU
Person:  Mr. Trochymiak Mateusz Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  Policies without Politics. Politicization and Organizational Learning in Public Administration in Poland
X. Working Group on Non-Governmental Organizations in Central and Eastern Europe
Person:  Mrs. Demczuk Agnieszka Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  The Role and the Development Prospects of Watchdog Organizations in the Context of Good Governance in Poland on the Example of the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights
Person:  Mrs. Khendriche Trhlinova Zuzana Work Country: Czech Republic 
Paper:  Role of Non-governmental Organisations in the Implementation of Local Agenda 21 in the Czech Republic
Person:  Ms. Mathe Reka Zsuzsanna Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  NGO capacity building in the local governmental sector. Is it working? A case study
Person:  Ms. Rabava Natallia Work Country: Lithuania 
Paper:  Advocacy in Belarus: The Experiences of Civil Society Organizations
Person:  Mr. Sienkiewicz Mariusz Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  Practical Dimension of the Cooperation between Local Government and Non-governmental Organizations in Poland
Person:  Ms. Tebeli Izabella Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Financial Consumer Protection and the Role of the NGO’s
Person:  Ms. Uralman Hanzade Work Country: Turkey 
Paper:  Integration of Public Relations with Participatory Practices of Non-governmental Heritage Organizations: A Perspective from Turkey
Panel on Transparent and Open Government: Effective Public Communication in the European Administrative Space
Person:  Ms. Budnik Anna Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  When the Government Says “No”. The Right to Privacy as an Exemption from Freedom of Information in Poland
Person:  Ms. Constantinescu Cristina Mihaela Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  Public Administration - Closer to the Citizens through Social Media
Person:  Mr. Kollarik Martin Work Country: Slovakia 
Paper:  Exploring the Determinants of Transparency of the Slovak Municipalities
Person:  Mrs. Kovač Polonca Work Country: Slovenia 
Paper:  Access to Public Information: Between Principles of Good Administration and Slovene Administrative - Judicial Practice
Person:  Mrs. Selvi-Tasdan Ozgur C. Work Country: Turkey 
Paper:  Local Governments' Use of Facebook in terms of Enhancing Citizen Participation. A Comparative Content Analysis in Turkey
IIAS Panel (International Institute of Administrative Sciences)
Person:  Mrs. Bitoiu Teodora Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  From Wrong to Right: How to Increase the Capacity Use – Costs and Regulations
Person:  Mr. de Vries Michiel Work Country: Netherlands 
Paper:  The Need to Prioritize - Sustainable Development and Governance in a Comparative Perspective
Person:  Mr. Kauzya John Mary Work Country: United States 
Paper:  Developing Public Administration Capacities for the Implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals
Panel of EUROPA (Entretiens Universitaires Reguliers pour L Administration en Europe/Regular Academic Discussions on Public Administration in Europe)
Person:  Mrs. Bonnafous Margot Work Country: Germany 
Paper:  Transnational Capacity Building in Public Administration
Person:  Mr. Profiroiu Marius Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  Building Capacity of Inter-municipal Cooperation Structures in Romania: Practices, Needs and Opportunities
Person:  Mr. Ruano Jose Manuel Work Country: Spain 
Paper:  Decentralisation and Intergovernmental Networks in Europe: Complex Tools for Complex Societies
Person:  Mr. Senimon Michel Work Country: France 
Paper:  Citizen Participation in the Conduct of Public Affairs: Between Dissemination of Innovative Practices and Persistent Forms of Resistance
ReSPA Panel (Regional School of Public Administration)
Person:  Mrs. Djurkovic Jadranka Work Country: Montenegro 
Paper:  ReSPA Achievements and Comparative Studies
Person:  Ms. Gajic Zorana Work Country: Montenegro 
Paper:  ReSPA Strategic Framework 2016-2020
Person:  Mr. Kopric Ivan Work Country: Croatia 
Paper:  Renewal of Concept and Legal Remedies in General Administrative Procedures in the Western Balkans
Person:  Mr. Mustafa Fatos Work Country: Montenegro 
Paper:  Merit Based Recruitment in the Western Balkans