The 29th NISPAcee Annual Conference

The 30th NISPAcee Annual Conference, Bucharest, Romania, June 2 - June 4, 2022

Excellent conference. I really enjoyed the papers, speakers, schedule and location and great staff!

D.B., United States, 27th NISPAcee Annual Conference 2019, Prague

...relating to public administration and policy. Good opportunities for networking.

N.D., Georgia, 27th NISPAcee Annual Conference 2019, Prague

Excellent participants, argument-driven discussions, impartial and supportive Chairs in the Working Group.

D.G., Republic of North Macedonia, 27th NISPAcee Annual Conference 2019, Prague detail and I really enjoyed the supportive and encouraging atmosphere there. Thank you!

R.B., Lithuania, 27th NISPAcee Annual Conference 2019, Prague

...both in terms of academic quality and logistics, and also social events. It was a true joy.

E.Z., Bulgaria, 27th NISPAcee Annual Conference 2019, Prague

...The special programmes were really excellent and we took home many varied experiences.

P.N., Hungary, 27th NISPAcee Annual Conference 2019, Prague

...Sessions were interesting, scholars were engaging and all the social events were amazing!

B.K., Kazakhstan, 26th NISPAcee Annual Conference 2018, Iasi

Excellent organization, excellent food. Compliments to the organizers, they did a wonderful job!

V.J., Netherlands, 26th NISPAcee Annual Conference 2018, Iasi

...I must say that the PhD pre-conference seminar was the most useful seminar of my life. Very well...

K.V., Czech Republic, 26th NISPAcee Annual Conference 2018, Iasi

... I would even argue that they are the very best - both in terms of scientific content and also entertainment…

P.W., Denmark, 26th NISPAcee Annual Conference 2018, Iasi

An opportunity to learn from other researchers and other countries' experiences on certain topics.

G.A.C., Hungary, 25th Conference 2017, Kazan

Very well organised, excellent programme and fruitful discussions.

M.M.S., Slovakia, 25th Conference 2017, Kazan

The NISPAcee conference remains a very interesting conference.

M.D.V., Netherlands, 25th Conference 2017, Kazan

Thank you for the opportunity to be there, and for the work of the organisers.

D.Z., Hungary, 24th Conference 2016, Zagreb

Well organized, as always. Excellent conference topic and paper selection.

M.S., Serbia, 23rd Conference 2015, Georgia

Perfect conference. Well organised. Very informative.

M.deV., Netherlands, 22nd Conference 2014, Hungary

Excellent conference. Congratulations!

S. C., United States, 20th Conference 2012, Republic of Macedonia

Thanks for organising the pre-conference activity. I benefited significantly!

R. U., Uzbekistan, 19th Conference, Varna 2011

Each information I got, was received perfectly in time!

L. S., Latvia, 21st Conference 2013, Serbia

The Conference was very academically fruitful!

M. K., Republic of Macedonia, 20th Conference 2012, Republic of Macedonia

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Registration Terms and Conditions

1. By registration for participation in the NISPAcee Annual Conference, the participant agrees to be bound by, and comply with these Terms and Conditions which are the participant's responsibility to read and understand.

2. Two forms of participation in the conference are possible: physical participation or online participation. The physical participation is strongly preferred by the conference organizers.

3. Scope of the Online participation: the majority of conference sessions will provide an opportunity for an online participation.

4. Conference fees of online participants include an opportunity for an on-line participation in the majority of sessions/WGs/panels, access to all conference on-line materials and the conference e-proceedings to be published after the conference.

5. Adjustments due to the Covid-19 pandemic will need to be followed in the case of physical attendance in the conference valid at the time in Romania, such as the so-called "PCT rule” for public events, meaning that all participants entering Romania and attending the conference events, must be able to provide::
• Proof of Covid-19 recovery (no older than 6 months), or
• Proof of full vaccination (with vaccines authorised by the EMA), or
• A negative PCR (no older than 72 hrs) or HAT (no older than 48 hrs) test
. If there are any changes concerning these requirements, physical participants have to follow all the rules valid in Romania at the time of the conference.

6. The physical participant agrees to follow all local Romanian requirements specified by the local organizer due to the Covid-19 pandemic e.g. safety distance, hand sanitizing, wearing of masks indoors etc. These requirements will be specified based on the national regulations valid in Romania at the time of the conference and will be announced on the conference website.

7. Participants’ registration for the conference will be valid only after payment of the registration fees is received on the NISPAcee account.

8.Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the uncertainty of its development in the upcoming months, NISPAcee reserves the right to change the physical conference with an opportunity for online participation, to a fully online conference prior the term of the conference. In such a case registration for a physical participation will be changed to an online participation. The balance of fees between regular fees and online fees will be reimbursed after the deduction of bank fees. All reimbursements will be made after the conference, upon the participant`s written request with bank details.

9. The participant is responsible for arranging adequate insurance of travel costs, accommodation costs and any other costs related to the physical participation in the conference e.g. visas, etc. In the case of cancellation of participation in the conference for any reason, NISPAcee has no liability to reimburse any related costs of participants. There are Cancellation Conditions applied for conference fees, which are an inseparable part of these Terms and Conditions.

10. The participant agrees with the Conference Cancellation Conditions.

11.The participant is responsible for arranging adequate travel, injury and health insurance in connection with his/her participation in the conference. In the case of any injury or illness during the conference, NISPAcee has no liability to participants.

12. Early On-line Registration deadline April 20, 2022, CET 24:00 is obligatory for all paper holders, coordinators and chairs and voluntary for all other conference participants. In the case of a late registration, the paper can be excluded from the conference programme.

13. Late On-line Registration deadline May 16, 2022, 2021, CET 24:00 is only possible for participants without papers.

14. After successful completion of registration, please wait for a Verification e-mail.

15. The payment of the conference fee should be made as soon as possible after receiving this Verification e-mail, via bank transfer or by credit card. No cheques or cash payments are accepted.

16. Any registration is valid only after the payment is received in the NISPAcee account.

17. In the case of non-payment of the conference fee, a participant`s registration will be cancelled; the participant will be excluded from the list of participants and his/her paper excluded from the conference programme.

18. NISPAcee reserves the right to exclude from the conference registration list any registered participant. The excluded participant will be notified by an e-mail and the conference fee, if already paid, less bank charges will be reimbursed after the conference, upon the participant`s written request, with bank details.

19. The participant agrees with the processing of personal data in accordance with point 25 and agrees to video/sound recording and taking of photographs during the conference and agrees with their publishing for reporting or dissemination purposes.

20. The presenter/author(s) of a paper agrees with NISPAcee Copyright conditions.

21.In the event of any force majeure that NISPAcee reasonably believes to be substantial, or that is outside NISPAcee’s control e.g. restrictions by the Romanian government, NISPAcee reserves the right to change the form, times and dates of the conference at any time prior the conference term without incurring any liability to participants, except those listed in the Cancellation Conditions.

22. The participant, by accepting these Terms and Conditions, hereby does not hold NISPAcee liable for all or any loss or damage, injury, actions, proceedings or claims arising from any act or omission of the participant during the course of the conference. NISPAcee accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to personal property. NISPAcee is governed by Slovak legal regulations.

23. The Conference programme is a subject to change.

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25.Consent to the processing and handling of personal data. In accordance with the Act No. 18/2018 Coll. on the protection of personal data and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 - General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which came into force throughout the European Union on May 24th 2016 and applicable since May 25th 2018, the participant agrees to the processing and handling of her/his personal data contained in the NISPAcee database, based in Bratislava, Slovakia, according to the NISPAcee Privacy Policy valid from May 25th 2018. This consent may be revoked in writing at any time by a participant. The scope of personal data processing related to the conference is: name, surname, position, title, institution and address, professional contact – phone number, e-mail, video/sound recordings, photographs, for publishing, reporting or dissemination purposes.

26. The participant agrees that NISPAcee can use his/her e-mail address for the dissemination of information about the conference and future NISPAcee events unless the participant unsubscribes from the NISPAcee database.

27. The participant is expected to behave professionally. Excessive use of obscene language, abusive or threatening behaviour directed to any other conference participant, is not conducive to the conference environment. In such a case, the participant will be requested to leave the conference.

28. The validity, construction and effect of these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the legal regulations of the Slovak Republic. In the event of a dispute, both sides shall do all that is possible to come to an amicable settlement or – should such a settlement prove impossible – to settle the dispute by means of a mutual agreed mediation, or an arbitration procedure. Any unsettled dispute shall be referred to the Slovak court.

In Bratislava, Slovakia on February 25, 2022