The 27th NISPAcee Annual Conference

Conference photos available

Conference photos available

In the conference participated 317 participants

Conference programme published

Almost 250 conference participants from 36 countries participated

Conference Report

The 28th NISPAcee Annual Conference cancelled

The 29th NISPAcee Annual Conference, Ljubljana, Slovenia, October 21 - October 23, 2021

The 2020 NISPAcee On-line Conference

The 30th NISPAcee Annual Conference, Bucharest, Romania, June 2 - June 4, 2022


...Sessions were interesting, scholars were engaging and all the social events were amazing!

B.K., Kazakhstan, 26th NISPAcee Annual Conference 2018, Iasi

Excellent organization, excellent food. Compliments to the organizers, they did a wonderful job!

V.J., Netherlands, 26th NISPAcee Annual Conference 2018, Iasi

...I must say that the PhD pre-conference seminar was the most useful seminar of my life. Very well...

K.V., Czech Republic, 26th NISPAcee Annual Conference 2018, Iasi

... I would even argue that they are the very best - both in terms of scientific content and also entertainment…

P.W., Denmark, 26th NISPAcee Annual Conference 2018, Iasi

An opportunity to learn from other researchers and other countries' experiences on certain topics.

G.A.C., Hungary, 25th Conference 2017, Kazan

Very well organised, excellent programme and fruitful discussions.

M.M.S., Slovakia, 25th Conference 2017, Kazan

The NISPAcee conference remains a very interesting conference.

M.D.V., Netherlands, 25th Conference 2017, Kazan

Thank you for the opportunity to be there, and for the work of the organisers.

D.Z., Hungary, 24th Conference 2016, Zagreb

Well organized, as always. Excellent conference topic and paper selection.

M.S., Serbia, 23rd Conference 2015, Georgia

Perfect conference. Well organised. Very informative.

M.deV., Netherlands, 22nd Conference 2014, Hungary

Excellent conference. Congratulations!

S. C., United States, 20th Conference 2012, Republic of Macedonia

Thanks for organising the pre-conference activity. I benefited significantly!

R. U., Uzbekistan, 19th Conference, Varna 2011

Each information I got, was received perfectly in time!

L. S., Latvia, 21st Conference 2013, Serbia

The Conference was very academically fruitful!

M. K., Republic of Macedonia, 20th Conference 2012, Republic of Macedonia

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27th NISPAcee Annual Conference - Feedbacks from Conference Participants

Almedina Vukić, Secretariat-General of the Government, Montenegro:
Since I am in between practice and academia, having the possibility to participate in the NISPAcee ERASMUS+ Jean Monnet pre-conference seminar "How to write a good policy paper" has been a great opportunity to understand the difference between an academic and a policy paper. For me it was the first time to hear more on this topic and also the first time to attend a NISPAcee annual conference. My experience was beyond expectation. The seminar gave a very clear and straightforward insight into the "art" of writing policy papers, what to bear in mind while preparing it, and the possible benefits stemming from the process. I am more than happy to have been a part of it and will definitely use the knowledge gained in my future work.
Esien Eddy Bruno, Charles University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Czech Republic:
As a participant, thank you to the NISPAcee organizing committee, not forgetting the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University in Prague for enabling my participation, where we networked and connected the dots with academic peers and remarkable scholars in Public Administration and Policy. It was also a discovery journey to take part, not only in different NISPAcee ERASMUS+ Jean Monnet academic workshops (such as "How to Improve the Quality of your Research Paper?", "How to Write a Good Policy Paper”, and "Capacity Building Workshop: "Evidence-based Policy Making in the European Integration Context”, but also to take part in the different sessions and social events to build bridges, cultivate and nurture an amicable environment with lots of fun and recreation with academics.

Rudolf Wawrzyniec, Associate Professor, University of Lodz, Poland:
In recent years I have participated in the leading world conferences on Public Administration (EGPA, ASPA, IASIA, LAGPA and IIAS) and finally attended the 27th NISPAcee Annual Conference in Prague. Bearing in mind my previous experiences, I can say that it was one of the most exciting and essential scientific meetings I have attended.  Thank you NISPAcee for your hospitality!
Tereza Khechoyan, Vice-Rector for International Relations, Associate Professor, Department of Public Administration, Public Administration Academy of the Republic of Armenia:   
Thank you very much for the very productive and well organised conference!
An excellent opportunity for sharing experiences, knowledge and information.
I enjoy the NISPAcee conferences and appreciate the work that goes into having such a high level professional event in a very friendly atmosphere.

Sovik Mukherjee, Jadavpur University, Department of Economics, India:
An excellent platform to learn and hear about the different perspectives from peer group researchers working in similar areas. The conference organisers deserve a huge round of applause for the excellent arrangements in terms of scientific content, discussions, food  and social evenings — the complete package making it one of the best. A well informed website backed it up by providing daily details of the programme.
I enjoyed my stay with NISPAcee in Prague and will definitely come back again next year !!
Rasa Bortkevičiūtė, University of Vilnius, Lithuania:
The conference really met my expectations and was perfectly organised. It was obvious that the organisers paid a lot of attention to it and I loved the supportive and encouraging atmosphere there. Thank you!

Péter Novoszáth, National University of Public Service and Ágnes Novoszáth, Budapest, Hungary:
Dear Organisers, we are very grateful for the magical atmosphere you provided at the conference. Fanfares welcomed us at the official opening in Carolinum and in Melnik Castle. We would really like to thank you for the fantastic experiences we have had during the few days we were able to spend with you.

Iga Kender-Jeziorska, Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary:
The 27th NISPAcee conference gathered a few hundred top academics and practitioners from all over the world. It was an excellent opportunity to bridge these two worlds, which is especially important to me as someone working in both academia and the NGO sector. I am grateful to the organisers for providing a unique, familiar atmosphere and ensuring high-quality content, with diverse and important topics being covered. I am especially happy that our working group on NGOs in CEE is able to continue its work and I would like to express my gratitude to the authors who submitted papers to our panel - it is extremely important to continue our work in bridging the scholars and practitioners from the third sector, contributing to the development of both. Thank you, NISPAcee!
Evgeny Kapoguzov, Omsk State F.M Dostojevsky University, Russian Federation:
Against the backdrop of the fabulous architecture of ancient Prague, despite the rainy start, a wonderful conference was held with the participation of legends from the world of Public Administration & Management - Guy Peters and (admittedly online) Geert Bouckaert and other colleagues. The high level of scientific discussion, the goodwill of colleagues, openness and interaction, as always, were distinctive features of the annual NISPAcee conference in Prague. And, of course, wonderful memories of the magical Melnik castle! I hope to be able to cooperate and participate in the working groups at future conferences!
Jana Godarová, Masaryk University, Faculty of Economics and Administration, Czech Republic:
The NISPAcee conferences clearly belong to the best in their class. The conference brings together interesting and actual topics within meetings in sections with informal discussions at evening events. Thank you for the great organisation of the conference.