The 12th NISPAcee Annual Conference
Central and Eastern European Countries inside and outside the European Union: Avoiding a new divide 
Vilnius, Lithuania, May 13 - May 15, 2004  
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Total of Selected Papers:  138 
Topic A: Problems facing the new Member States
 Author:  Mrs. Benini Roberta,  Bologna, Italy  
Co-authors:   Diana Eerma- University of Tartu, Estonia
Paper:  The Effectiveness of the Structural Funds Implementation Capacity in the Accession Countries: The Case of the Three Baltic States. Critical Economic and Institutional Issues  
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 Author:  Ms. Daszuta Anna,  Bialystok, Poland  
   Stanislaw Staszic School of Public Administration in Bialystok 
Co-authors:   -
Paper:  The Problem of the So-called Readiness as the Determinant of the Effective Absorption of Structural Funds, Based on the Example of the Podlaskie Region in Poland  
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  Download paper file: The conference paper.doc
 Author:  Ms. Jarvalt Jane,  Tallinn, Estonia  
   Tallinn University of Technology 
Ragnar Nurkse Department of Innovation and Governance, School of Business and Governance
Paper:  Restructuring Career Management in New EU Member States: The Case of the Estonian Civil Service  
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  Download paper file: NISPAPaper09.04.04.doc
 Author:  Mrs. Kun-Buczko Magdalena,  Bialystok, Poland  
   Stanislaw Staszic School of Public Administration in Bialystok 
Paper:  The Capacity Building of the Institutional System as One of the Elements Necessary to the Effective Structural Funds Absorption  
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 Author:  Mr. Lobatch Andrei,  Minsk, Belarus  
   Belarus State Economic University 
Department of International Business
Paper:  EU Membership and Growing Regional Disparities: Poland’s Strategy Options to Optimise Structural Transfers from the Union  
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  Download paper file: Article NISPA Lobatch.doc
 Author:  Mr. Nakrosis Vitalis,  Vilnius, Lithuania  
   University of Vilnius 
Institute of International Relations and Political Science
Paper:  The capacities of new member states to manage EU funds: from absorption to value added  
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  Download paper file: nispaceevilnius.doc
 Author:  Mr. Oppi Tanel,  Tallinn, Estonia  
   Estonian Academy of Security Sciences (EASS) 
Centre for Public Service Training and Development (ATAK)
Co-authors:   Erik Moora, BA, Estonian Public Service Academy, lecturer
Paper:  The Failure of the EU Regional Policy In Estonia?  
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  Download paper file: The Failure of the EU Regional Policy.rtf
 Author:  Mr. Runde Andris,  Riga, Latvia  
   Mirabella SIA 
Marketig Department
Co-authors:   Andris Runde
Paper:  Perspectives and problems of local Baltic brands in the context of the European integration.  
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 Author:  Ms. Sekeresova Eva,  Banská Bystrica, Slovakia  
   University of Matej Bel 
Faculty of Economics
Co-authors:   Mariana Hagaryová, Jozef Krnáč
Paper:  Regional public administration structures and the EU funds in Slovakia  
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 Author:  Ms. Sloat Amanda,  Belfast, United Kingdom  
   Queen´s University 
Institute of Governance
Paper:  Fixing an Old Divide: The Political Participation of Women in an Enlarged Europe  
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  Download paper file: NISPA-Sloat.doc
 Author:  Mr. Stanek Rafal,  Cracow, Poland  
Co-authors:   David Toft
Paper:  Preparing Local and Regional Governments for Implementation of Environmental Investment Heavy European Union Directives: Experience from Poland  
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  Download paper file: Stanek_Toft.rtf
 Author:  Ms. Sumpikova Marketa,  Jindrichuv Hradec, Czech Republic  
   University of Economics of Prague 
Faculty of Management
Co-authors:   Jan Pavel, Stanislav Klazar
Paper:  EU Funds: Absorption Capacity and Effectiveness of Their Use, with Focus on Regional Level in the Czech Republic  
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  Download paper file: Sumpikova-Pavel-Klazar.doc
 Author:  Mr. Szczerski Krzysztof,  Nowy Sacz, Poland  
   National Louis University 
Business High School
Paper:  The EU Multi-Level Governance in Post-Communist Conditions - Institutional Challenges  
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  Download paper file: szczerski.rtf
 Author:  Mr. Vanags Edvins,  Riga, Latvia  
   University of Latvia 
Faculty of Business, Management and Economics
Co-authors:   Inga Vilka
Paper:  Identification of Assisted Areas within Regional Policy in Latvia  
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  Download paper file: Vanags-A.doc
Topic B: Problems facing the States outside the enlarged European Union
 Author:  Mr. Jaliu Dragos,  Bucharest, Romania  
   National School of Political Studies and Public Administration 
Faculty of Public Administration
Co-authors:   Dragos Jaliu, Jr. Lecturer National School of Political Science and Public Administration, Bucharest, Romania
Paper:  Assessing the "International Funds" Management Capacity at the Central Public Administration Level: Romanian Case  
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  Download paper file: nispa_paper_eng.doc
 Author:  Mr. Li Tchon,  Grodno, Belarus  
   Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno 
Commerce Department, Center of Technologies Transfer
Paper:  Base Line EU Enlargement Sudy  
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  Download paper file: Li_Tchon.doc
 Author:  Mrs. Zeqiraj Nehare,  Pristina Kosovo, Serbia  
   Office of KPC Coordinator UNMIK/Pristina- Kosovo 
Co-authors:   no
Paper:  Convention for Workers Right, Gender Equality and Chalanges in Kosovo as a Country in Transition  
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  Download paper file: Zeqiraj.doc
Topic C: Common problems
 Author:  Mr. Afanasjev Valentin,  Moscow, Russian Federation  
   State University of Management 
Co-authors:   natalia Kozyreva
Paper:  The ways of improving the training of public servants in the process of reforming public service  
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  Download paper file: Afanasjev.doc
 Author:  Mr. Balogh Zoltan,  Budapest, Hungary  
   Corvinus University of Budapest 
Economic Geography Department
Paper:  Implementation of New Regionalism in the CEECs  
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  Download paper file: NISPA2004VilniusZoltanBalogh.doc
 Author:  Mr. Bruce Raymon,  Arlington, Texas, United States  
   University of Texas at Arlington 
School of Urban and Public Affairs
Paper:  Hooking-Up: Reconciling Local Market Transaction Disconnects between Western and Non-Western European Countries in order to Reduce Preceived Corruption  
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  Download paper file: Lithuania Paper - economic transactions Presentation 02.doc
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