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July 21 - July 27, 2019
IAUP leadership development for new and emerging presidents

July 22 - July 26, 2019
2019 IASIA Conference

July 22 - July 26, 2019
2019 IASIA ConferencePublic Administration’s Missions and Goals for the Achievement of the SDGs

September 2 - September 6, 2019
ICT and free Web Tools in Education: Another way to Teach and to Learn

September 2 - September 13, 2019
Summer School on Regulation of Local Public Services

September 11 - September 12, 2019
National Parliaments and the EU: Improving Scrutiny and Cooperation

September 11 - September 13, 2019
2019 EGPA CONFERENCE Public Administration across Borders

September 18 - September 19, 2019
GDPR and How to Conduct a Data Protection Audit

September 23 - September 24, 2019
The New Regulations for Financial Management and Audit of EU Structural and Cohesion Funds – Challen

September 23 - September 24, 2019
A Practical Guide to EU Law Approximation and Impact Assessment

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Publications / Training Materials

A Manual of Selected Slovak Experience in Public Administration Reform and Management (English version)

Date: 2012

ISBN: 978-80-89013-62-3

Publisher: NISPAcee Press

Price: 0 €(+ mailing costs)

Order contact: Hardcopy not available

This manual presents the rounding-off of a project of foreign aid for members of the Government Coordination Committee for the Implementation of the Public Administration Reform Strategy in Montenegro.

The basic idea behind the project was to contribute to the successful course

of the reform process in Montenegro with selected Slovak experiences arising from

the process of public administration functioning and reform.

The selection of topics included in this manual was carried out by the Government

Commission members, in close cooperation with Slovak experts, in such

a manner as to cover, within their contents, various marginal aspects of public administration reform and to respond to the current problems and major challenges of the Montenegrin reform process. Included in the manual are issues of the proper and efficient functioning of the local state administration, as well as self-government, conceptual and consistent education of civil servants and, last but not least, the issue of quality assessment of the influences of proposals for generally binding legal regulations and the process of making them available to the public.

We believe that a manual structured in this manner and, in particular, the

information it contains, will become an inspiration, not only for members of the

Montenegrin Government Commission, but also for other representatives involved

in the reform of the state administration authorities at a local as well as regional

level, self-government representatives, and the entire professional public.

To download free manual click on the link:


and choose appropriate language version.

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Performance Budgeting (Ukrainian)

Editor(s): Juraj Nemec

ISBN: 978-80-89013-93-7


Date: 2017

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Citizen Engagement (Ukrainian)

Editor(s): Daniel Klimovsky

ISBN: 978-80-89013-92-0


Date: 2017

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Identification of Local Leaders (Ukrainian)

Editor(s): Tomas Jacko

ISBN: 978-80-89013-90-6


Date: 2017

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Participatory Budgeting (Ukrainian)

Editor(s): Daniel Klimovsky

ISBN: 978-80-89013-91-3


Date: 2017

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Reference Guide for HORIZONTAL INTEGRATION (in Serbian)

Peter Goldschmidt, Marta Daruľová, Tóni Niculescu and Anton Stemberger


Date: 2006

Price: 0 €

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