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Feedbacks from the participants of the study tour to Slovakia
Alma Imamović, Federal Ministry for Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry, Bosna i Hercegovina:
In the framework of the project "Effective Project Management in the Water Sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina" a group of participants from BiH, an entity of the Federation BH, visited Slovakia on April 2-7 this spring.  The study tour was organized by our host, the NISPAcee organization, and the goal was to share Slovakian experience in the preparation and implementation of the projects in the water sector financed by EU funds/grants. As a member of this group I would like to express my gratitude to our host, NISPAcee, for their incredible hospitality during that week, and special respect to Ms. Elena Zakova, as she spent most of the time with us, and saw to all our needs and wishes outside the official part of the tour.
Apart from visits to the most important institutions in the water and environment sector in Slovakia, during the study tour the group visited several wastewater treatment plants. The site visits were a great support in collecting practical knowledge and experience in water projects and management. I hope this will only be the first step in future work with NISPAcee, and we are looking forward to hosting the NISPA Project team in Sarajevo this autumn.

Aziz Hodzic, Development and energy efficiency department, Gradacac Municipality, Bosna i Hercegovina:
This visit was very fruitful for me, especially learning about the methodology of managing a project and preparing each phase of it so that we can better plan our future activities.
It was really a surprise to hear that you have a Museum of Water in Bratislava and it was very interesting to learn about the history of the water supply system in the city.
Visiting WWTPs in Slovakia was very useful, hearing about the various experiences, the maintenance costs of WWTP, and energy consumption so we can now compare these with the solutions we have in our WWTP in Gradacac.
I really hope we will work together on future similar projects.
I believe that our knowledge of how to apply for EU funds is something that is really missing in our country, at least at the municipality level.

Mila Eminović-Rizvanović, Head of Department of Legal Affairs, City of Sarajevo, BiH:
Training and extracurricular activities during the study trip in Bratislava enlarged my view and understanding regarding project management in general and the implementation of EU tendering procedures in practice. Through contacts with other participants, I learned a lot about their experiences in similar projects, which will be very helpful for my local community. These experiences were definitely invaluable and I learned a lot in a short period of time.
I sincerely appreciate all the hard work that NISPAcee and the Civil Service Agency of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina put into this visit and I am looking forward to the continuation of the project in Bosnia.

Samra Ljuca, Head of Training and Development Department, Civil Service Agency of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina:
The Civil Service Agency of the Federation of BIH is NISPAcee’s partner in the realisation of this project.
The added value of the study visit was networking and sharing knowledge, mutual cooperation and permanent learning through discussions and site visits.
CSAFBIH now has a number of future trainers who will transfer their knowledge to colleagues in future. Their proactive role will further contribute to the development and implementation of new infrastructure projects.
My thanks go to Slovak Aid and Elena for the excellent organisation.

Miroslav Lucić, Assistant mayor, Municipality of Domaljevac-Šamac, Bosna i Hercegovina:
The study visit to Bratislava meant a lot to me because of the exemplary examples of the functioning of certain systems. The visit to the town of Modra and the functioning of a local community with 15,000 inhabitants was a special experience. Thank you for your mentoring and for giving me the opportunity to acquire new knowledge.

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