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Project: Capacity Building of NAPA for Open Local Governance
Activity: Project Meeting of SK and UA project teams
Date:     June 12-15, 2017
Venue:   National Academy of Public Administration, Kyiv, Ukraine

NAPA participants:
Vasyl Kuybida
Volodymyr Vakulenko
Hryhorii Borshch
Nataliia Grynchuk
Svitlana Hladkova
Olena Lahrenn
Olena Burba
Natalia Bartosh

NISPAcee participants:
Elena Zakova
Daniel Klimovsky


Teaching modules
- Status of translation
- Questions arised during the translation process 
- Language and technical editing
- Publishing
- Dissemination

UA case studies - review and discussion
- E-petitions in the system of local democracy
- How to turn an ordinary rayon centre in a modern European town
- Co-operation of local communities in local fire protection
- Cooperation of local communities to establish a joint municipal enterprise "Shlyahrembud"
- Evaluation of the Publicity of Local Self-Government
- Performance Program Budgeting (PPB)
- Performance Programme Budgeting in Ukraine at Local Level, 2017
- Participatory budgeting in Lodz (Poland) and Chernihiv (Ukraine)
- The Way to Avoid Hard Knocks at the Very Beginning

Review of project outputs – planned / achieved
Dissemination of project outputs
Questionnaire for NAPA lecturers
– preparation

Financial report
Future plans

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