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April 24 - April 25, 2019
European Public Procurement, PPP/Private Finance and Concessions

April 24 - April 25, 2019
IASIA Regional Conference "Corruption, Ethics and Culture in Public Administration"

May 6 - May 8, 2019
Internal, External and Performance Audit of EU Funded Programmes and Projects: 2014-2020 and 2021-20

May 6 - May 7, 2019
Seminario Europeo de Contratación Pública

May 7 - May 8, 2019
European Defence and Security Procurement

May 8 - May 9, 2019
GDPR and How to Conduct a Data Protection Audit

May 10 - May 11, 2019
Archetypes and Public Administration: Strategies of Sustainable Development

May 15 - May 16, 2019
Competitive Dialogue and Negotiated Procedures Master Class

May 15 - May 16, 2019
Competitive Dialogue and Negotiated Procedures Master Class

May 20 - May 24, 2019
free Web Tools in Education: Another way to Teach and to Learn

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Platform Economy, Sharing and Regulation

November 21, 2018 - November 23, 2018

Venue: Turin, Italy

Organizer(s): Turin School of Local Regulation

Language: English

Contact: eep@turinschool.eu

Info link: http://turinschool.eu/eep/sharing2018

In the last decade the “platform economy”, has significantly reshaped the relation between needs, services and consumption.

This new economic model, which is based on new forms of collaboration, ownership, trust, sustainability and redistribution, is mainly characterized by technology-driven apps and platforms able to connect and match consumers and suppliers of goods and services in previously unknown ways and at greatly reduced transaction costs.

Platforms are, in a way, self-regulated animals: they control entry/exit mechanism of the markets they operate in, steering at the same time reputational mechanisms, based on the possibility of rating strangers and peers involved in a transaction. Such a model spreads across a wide variety of sectors, including mobility, tourism, logistics, food services, and creates both opportunities and threats: on the one hand, it enables previously excluded actors to enter these markets and exploit new sources of income while determining an expansion of some sectors; on the other, it is disrupting traditional, often heavily regulated economic activities and creating tensions which are difficult to manage.

From a regulatory perspective platforms are posing serious and complex challenges such as fulfillment of tax rules, compliance with labour regulation and their potential ability of abusing of dominant or monopolistic positions thanks to the network externalities which characterize the way such new platforms work.

The need for a new and more adaptive and dynamic regulatory framework seems always more urgent. In fact “copy and paste” regulation appears not able to cope with the emergence of new economic actors and risks inhibiting real competition as well as the provision of better services at reasonable prices.

The Turin School of Local Regulation is promoting a three-day intensive training to analyse the economic and social foundations of platform economy and discuss some of the most problematic issues it raised: regulation challenges will be at the core of the training activities.
Participants will be given the opportunity to attend theoretical and practical classes delivered by experts with different disciplinary backgrounds. Lectures include theory and relevant international case studies.
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