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Programme Performance and Implementation of the EU Structural Funds Regulations, 2014-2020 – Results, Delivery Challenges, Programme Lessons, and the New OMNIBUS Regulation

May 23, 2018 - May 24, 2018

Venue: Prague (CZ), DZS Rezidence, DZS Rezidence, CZ-11000 Prague (CZ), www.rezidencedlouha17.cz

Organizer(s): EIPA Maastricht (NL), OLV plein 22, NL 6211 HE Maastricht, Netherlands

Language: English

Contact: European Institute of Public Administration, Maastricht (NL)
Tel.: +31 43 3296 212
E-mail: n.vermeulen@eipa.eu

Info link: https://www.eipa.eu/product/programme-performance-implementation-eu-structural-funds-regulations/

Four years into the current programming period and absorption of ESI Funds is relatively slow in many Member States. So are Authorities successfully managing operational programmes and implementing the 2014-2020 ESIF regulations? What have been the key challenges to date? What results are being achieved and what is the best practice being developed? What might the implications be for future Structural Funds regulations?

In this seminar we focus on issues within 3 broad areas: 1) programme finance and planning; 2) financial management and financial control of programmes and projects; 3) programme performance. We refer extensively to Member State cases and good practice and consider live issues, for example:
•How has the new result-orientation emphasis affected targeting, project selection and implementation?
•Are Member States having problems in achieving milestones in their Performance Frameworks? Have many Authorities had to amend OPs?
•Is the new accounting year working smoothly?
•Are programmes facing automatic de-commitment under the n+3 rule and how does pre-financing help?
•What is the burden of Management Verifications and are simplified cost options being developed and used?

There will be keynote interventions from senior managers at Czech Managing Authorities, assessing the challenges and lessons learnt for programme implementation. This will include reference to financial planning, targeting and sectors, achieving results and targets, financial control and complying with EU rules.

Plus you will learn the highlights of the new OMNIBUS regulation, designed to simplify financial management across EU co-funded programmes. The seminar also examines the new evaluation requirements and considers how we measure progress, impact and value for money. Other implementation issues will be discussed, including achieving synergies with other funding sources.

How will it help you?
You will enjoy comprehensive sessions with Marco Lopriore and Robin Smail, experienced Structural Funds experts who have worked across the EU, and gathered numerous case studies and examples of good practice. You will meet with other national and regional practitioners and have the opportunity to exchange experience and put new ideas into practice.

The seminar provides ample time for question and answer sessions and discussions. There will be practical workshops and exercises on n+3, simplified cost options and the Performance Framework and evaluation questions.

Who will benefit most?
This seminar is aimed principally at practitioners from Member State national, regional and local authorities working with ESI Funds, but it is also open to the full range of economic and social partners working with the Funds – including universities, NGOs, employers’ associations, consultants.
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