The 27th NISPAcee Annual Conference

Conference photos available

Conference photos available

In the conference participated 317 participants

Conference programme published

Almost 250 conference participants from 36 countries participated

Conference Report

The 28th NISPAcee Annual Conference will be organised in Split, Croatia in May 2020


...Sessions were interesting, scholars were engaging and all the social events were amazing!

B.K., Kazakhstan, 26th NISPAcee Annual Conference 2018, Iasi

Excellent organization, excellent food. Compliments to the organizers, they did a wonderful job!

V.J., Netherlands, 26th NISPAcee Annual Conference 2018, Iasi

...I must say that the PhD pre-conference seminar was the most useful seminar of my life. Very well...

K.V., Czech Republic, 26th NISPAcee Annual Conference 2018, Iasi

... I would even argue that they are the very best - both in terms of scientific content and also entertainment…

P.W., Denmark, 26th NISPAcee Annual Conference 2018, Iasi

An opportunity to learn from other researchers and other countries' experiences on certain topics.

G.A.C., Hungary, 25th Conference 2017, Kazan

Very well organised, excellent programme and fruitful discussions.

M.M.S., Slovakia, 25th Conference 2017, Kazan

The NISPAcee conference remains a very interesting conference.

M.D.V., Netherlands, 25th Conference 2017, Kazan

Thank you for the opportunity to be there, and for the work of the organisers.

D.Z., Hungary, 24th Conference 2016, Zagreb

Well organized, as always. Excellent conference topic and paper selection.

M.S., Serbia, 23rd Conference 2015, Georgia

Perfect conference. Well organised. Very informative.

M.deV., Netherlands, 22nd Conference 2014, Hungary

Excellent conference. Congratulations!

S. C., United States, 20th Conference 2012, Republic of Macedonia

Thanks for organising the pre-conference activity. I benefited significantly!

R. U., Uzbekistan, 19th Conference, Varna 2011

Each information I got, was received perfectly in time!

L. S., Latvia, 21st Conference 2013, Serbia

The Conference was very academically fruitful!

M. K., Republic of Macedonia, 20th Conference 2012, Republic of Macedonia

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Preliminary list of submitted papers
for the 22nd NISPAcee Annual Conference

Main Conference Theme
Person:  Mr. Delaneuville  Frederic Work Country: Slovakia 
Paper:  Europeanization of the Local Governance in Central Europe and in France: Comparative Aproaches
Person:  Mr. Hajnal Gyorgy Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Unorthodoxy at work: An assessment of Hungary’s post-2010 governance reforms
Person:  Mr. Koht Harald Work Country: Norway 
Paper:  From Pre-Weber to Post-NPM: Challenges to Modernization of Public Administration in Latvia and Norway
Person:  Mrs. Kovac Polona Work Country: Slovenia 
Paper:  Administrative Procedures as a Good Governance Tool in CEE
Person:  Mr. Krzyszkowski Jerzy Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  Government vs Governance in Social Policy. The Case of Poland
Person:  Mr. Mikulowski Witold Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  Government vs. Governance in Central and Eastern Europe
Person:  Ms. Plesea-Cretan Alexandra Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  The Interaction between the National Fiscal Policies and the European One. Which Type of Fiscal Governance Suits European Union the Best?
Person:  Mr. Stumpf Istvan Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Why we Need a Strong but Constitutionally Limited State? Paradigm of Good Government
Person:  Mrs. Tomova Tatiana Work Country: Bulgaria 
Paper:  Private Organizations in the Policy Implementation: The Problems of Bulgarian Pension System
General Session
Person:  Ms. Banushaj Aseda Work Country: Albania 
Paper:  Alternative Trading
Person:  Mr. Fuller Donald Work Country: Armenia 
Paper:  Visegrad Four Recession Analysis: Idiosyncratic or Predictable?
Person:  Mr. Gheorghe Gutu Work Country: Republic of Moldova 
Paper:  The Public Domain - Manifestation of the Public Law Regime
Person:  Ms. Gjoka Eri Work Country: Albania 
Paper:  Interest Rates in Albania: Determining Factors and Their Impact on GDP
Person:  Mr. Gyimesi Peter Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  From Decentralized to Centralized Education System - The Case of Hungary
Person:  Ms. Hrecska Renata Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Responsibility of public prosecutors in Hungary in terms of damages resulting from the breach of obligations arising from the employment
Person:  Ms. Katsamunska Polya Work Country: Bulgaria 
Paper:  Control of Corruption as an Indicator of Governance Effectiveness in Bulgaria
Person:  Mrs. Lackowska Marta Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  Urban Strategies of Political Rescaling
Person:  Ms. Limpok Valeria Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Good Governance in the Field of Taxation
Person:  Mr. Pavlov Pavel Work Country: Bulgaria 
Paper:  The European Funds in Bulgaria 2007-2013 – Problems and Lessons for the Administration and the Civil Structures
Person:  Mrs. Ristea Bianca Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  Leadership in the decentralized education system: The case of Romania
Person:  Mrs. Tretiacov Olga Work Country: Republic of Moldova 
Paper:  Participation of public authorities in setting up legal entities for profit
Person:  Mr. Vass Laszlo Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  New System Change in Civil Service: Old-New Ethos in the Hungarian Bureaucracy
Person:  Mrs. Velikova Maria Work Country: Bulgaria 
Paper:  Civil Monitoring over the Provision of Municipal Services – Practical Aspects of Transparency, Accountability and Efficient Functioning
Person:  Mr. Volodin Dmytro Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  Deliberation Democracy Activities on Local Level - The Way of Effective Governance Creation
Panel on 'Max Weber and Public Administration Today'
Person:  Ms. Burchard Gretha Work Country: United States 
Paper:  Max Weber and Representative Bureaucracy – Antitheses or Reconcilable Models?
Person:  Mr. Gajduschek Gyorgy Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Weber’s Theory of Bureaucracy and the ‘good old’ New Public Management
Person:  Mr. Gal Mark Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  The Afterlife of Weber’s Bureaucratic Model
Person:  Ms. Gimazova Uliya Work Country: Russian Federation 
Person:  Mr. Jenei Gyorgy Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Rationality and buraucracy in Hungary before and after the transition
Person:  Mr. Kaesler Dirk Work Country: Germany 
Paper:  Universal Rationalization: Max Weber‘s Great Narrative
Person:  Mr. Temmes Markku Work Country: Finland 
Paper:  Nordic Countries as an Example of Weberian and Neo-Weberian Welfare States
Joint ASPA-NASPAA-NISPAcee Study Group on Cutback Management
Person:  Mr. Cepilovs Aleksandrs Work Country: Estonia 
Paper:  The Role of Agencies and Street Level Workers in Cutback Management: Comparing the Cases of Estonia and Latvia
Person:  Mrs. Randma-Liiv Tiina Work Country: Estonia 
Paper:  Politics of Fiscal Consolidation in Europe: A Comparative Analysis
Person:  Ms. Raudla Ringa Work Country: Estonia 
Paper:  The Impact of Fiscal Crisis on Decision Making Processes in European Governments
Person:  Mrs. Tatrai Tunde Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Cutback Management through Public Procurement – The Hungarian Case
Panel on Governance of Territories and Regional Development
Person:  Mr. Barabashev Alexey Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Strategies of Municipal Development
Person:  Mr. Busko Tibor Laszlo Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Beginnings of Urbanisation Processes as Exemplified by the Budapest Metropolitan Area: Preface to a Historical Model of Urbanisation
Person:  Mr. Eremin Vladimir Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Regions’ Development Management
Person:  Mr. Kaiser Tamas Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  New Forms of Governance in the Transnational Cooperations: The Importance of the Territorial Dimension
Person:  Ms. Kalman Judit Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Public and Private Resources for Regional Development in the Least-Developed, Most Deprived Micro-Regions in Hungary
Person:  Mrs. Klimova Anna Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Structure, strategy and effectiveness in local government – Investigating organizational pathologies in two local authorities in Russia and the UK
Person:  Mr. Kravets Igor Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Territorial administration in the municipality and the consideration appeals of citizens
Person:   Leonard Carol Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Resource Abundance and Regional Fiscal Cooperation
Person:  Mr. Sienkiewicz Mariusz Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  Policy Planning for Regional Development in Poland and other Selected Countries of European Union
Person:  Ms. Stirbu Diana Work Country: United Kingdom 
Paper:  Spaces for Change: Devolution in the UK and the Changing Nature of the Policy Landscape
Person:  Mrs. Utkina Valeriya Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Knowledge Management as a Tool for Inter-Regional Cooperation
Colloquium for practitioners
Person:  Mrs. Balogh-Bekesi Nora Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  The law of the European Union in the practice of the Hungarian Constitutional Court
Panel on Projects Relevant for the Region
Person:  Mr. Cernenko Tomas Work Country: Slovakia 
Paper:  Satisfaction with Public Services and Consumption of them
ASPA Panel: Interest Groups, Public Protest and the Shaping of Public Policy
Person:  Mrs. Fink-Hafner Danica Work Country: Slovenia 
Paper:  Europeanisation as a fractor of national interest-group policy cultural change: The case of interest groups in Slovenia
Panel on Projects Relevant for the Region
Person:  Mrs. Gajdosova Ludmila Work Country: Slovakia 
Paper:  Europe for Citizens Programme
ASPA Panel: Interest Groups, Public Protest and the Shaping of Public Policy
Person:  Mr. Gallai Sandor Work Country: Hungary 
Panel on Projects Relevant for the Region
Person:  Mr. Kapanadze Sergi Work Country: Georgia 
Paper:  Capacity Building of Caucasus Academic PA Programmes on the basis of EU Administrative Principles
Person:  Mr. Kapanadze Sergi Work Country: Georgia 
Paper:  Development of a PhD in Public Administration and the Development of a Centre of Peace Studies
Person:  Mr. Klimovsky Daniel Work Country: Slovakia 
Paper:  4th POL-LOC Summer School in Prague, Czech Republic
Person:  Ms. Mihaleva Daniela Work Country: Bulgaria 
Paper:  Opportunities and Guidelines for Improvement of the Internal Control of the Administration in Bulgaria through Applying Risk-Based Approach to Control Activities
Colloquium for practitioners
Person:  Mr. Mouraviev Nikolai Work Country: Kazakhstan 
Paper:  Breaking the barriers between partners from the public and private sectors: Success factors for effective public–private partnership governance
Panel on Islamic Public Administration
Person:  Mrs. Aleryani Aysha Work Country: United Arab Emirates 
Paper:  Policy for Citizenship and National Identity of Emirati Students in UAE private and International Schools in Dubai
Person:  Ms. Dadze-Arthur Abena Work Country: United Kingdom 
Paper:  Homo Subjectivo: The Human Factor in Public Management Reform in the Case of Abu Dhabi Government
Person:   Deligoz Halil Work Country: Turkey 
Paper:  The Legacy of Vakıf Institutions and the Management of Social Policy after the 2001 Crisis Period in Turkey
Person:  Mr. Drechsler Wolfgang Work Country: Estonia 
Paper:  What is Islamic PA and why and how should we study it in the NISPAcee Region?
Person:  Mr. Klebleyev Aziz Work Country: United States 
Paper:  Ideology in Transition: The Search for Legitimacy in Post-Soviet Uzbekistan
Panel: The next innovation frontier in public service education
Person:  Mr. Nemeslaki Andras Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  The Next Innovation Frontier in Public Service Education:E-Learning Methodology Center at the National University of Public Service. Practical Experiences and Emipirical Research Results of an EU Operative Program
Panel on Islamic Public Administration
Person:  Mr. Noh Abdillah Work Country: Malaysia 
Paper:  Islam and Public Administration in Malaysia: A Historical Review
Person:   Samier Eugenie Work Country: United Kingdom 
Paper:  Designing Public Administration Curriculum for the United Arab Emirates: Principles for Graduate PA Programmes for a Modernising Arab Islamic State
Person:  Mr. Saqib Naqibullah Work Country: Afghanistan 
Person:  Mr. Urinboyev Rustamjon Work Country: Finland 
Paper:  Is there an Islamic PA legacy in Post-Soviet Central Asia? Ethnographic Study of Everyday Mahalla Life in Rural Ferghana, Uzbekistan
Panel: Politicization or Political Control of Bureaucracy: Where Should we Draw the Line?
Person:  Ms. Ban Carolyn Work Country: United States 
Paper:  Drawing the Line between Political Control and Politicization: An analysis of Public Administration Theory
Person:  Mr. Meyer-Sahling Jan-Hinrik Work Country: United Kingdom 
Paper:  Senior Civil Service Politicisation in Central and Eastern Europe and the Western Balkans
Person:  Mr. Nakrosis Vitalis Work Country: Lithuania 
Paper:  Turnover and Politicisation of Lithuanian Agency Managers: The Impact of Europeanisation and Domestic Political Changes
Person:  Mr. Ramos Conrado Work Country: Uruguay 
Paper:  Counselors, Political Operators and Clients: Towards a typology of modalities of patronage. Latin America and Central and Eastern Europe in a comparative context
Person:  Ms. Zankina Emilia Work Country: Bulgaria 
Paper:  Civil Service Reform and Elite Transformation in Bulgaria: Whose Political Control?
Panel: The role of interest groups in governance in Central and Eastern Europe
Person:  Mrs. Guasti Petra Work Country: Czech Republic 
Paper:  IImpact of Europeanisation on National Interest-Group Policy Behaviour: The Case of Interest Groups and Civil Society in the Czech Republic
I. Working Group on Local Government
Person:  Ms. Antonie Catalina-Mirona Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  The new public management, a matter of complexity theory
Person:  Ms. Arva Zsuzsanna Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  In Search of the Sanction Power of Local Self-Governments
Person:  Mr. Bąkowski Tomasz Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  General overview of 25 years of functioning local self-government in democratic Republic of Poland
Person:  Mrs. Barczewska-Dziobek Agata Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  Public participation in operations of local government in Poland
Person:  Ms. Batorova Michaela Work Country: Finland 
Paper:  From Local Government to Local Governance and Back: Critical Reflections on Governance Ideas in CEE Countries
Person:  Mr. Berezovsky Denis Work Country: Russian Federation 
Person:  Mrs. Burbulyte-Tsiskarishvili Gabriele Work Country: Lithuania 
Paper:  Matter of Size for Local Governance: Lithuania and Latvia Compared
Person:  Ms. Dumitrescu Adelina Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  Optimizing Public Audit Activities in Romania. Balance Between Government and Governance Orientated Approaches
Person:  Mr. Dumitrica Catalin Daniel Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  The Regionalization Process in Romania. The First Step towards a Regional Government
Person:  Mrs. Gazizova Lira Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Resolution of Legal Collisions in the Sphere of Local Self-Government as an Important Condition for Improving Municipal Governance
Person:  Mr. Grynenko Volodymyr Work Country: Ukraine 
Person:  Ms. Hintea Cristina Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  Leadership and Organizational Culture in Romanian Local Public Administration
Person:  Mr. Hoffman Istvan Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Inter-Municipal Cooperations in the European Local Government Systems: Government AND Governance (?)
Person:  Ms. Kakubava Nino Work Country: Georgia 
Paper:  Citizen Participation and Transforming Local Self-Governance in Georgia - the Way to Good Governance
Person:  Ms. Kiisla Aet Work Country: Estonia 
Paper:  Differences in the Administration of Titular and Non -Titular Concentrated Municipalities
Person:  Mrs. Kiuriene Violeta Work Country: Lithuania 
Paper:  The Diversity of Administrative Supervision of Local Self-Government in the Baltic States
Person:  Ms. Kolomycew Anna Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  Challenges of Governance in the Field of Local Education - Evidence from Poland
Person:  Mr. Kroukamp Hendri Work Country: South Africa 
Paper:  Ensuring financially viable local government: The South African case
Person:  Mr. Maeltsmees Sulev Work Country: Estonia 
Paper:  Increasing Competitiveness of Cities
Person:  Mrs. Malecka-Lyszczek Magdalena Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  Public administration cooperation with subjects of social economy in level of the local government.

Person:  Mrs. Matei Lucica Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  Social Innovation in the Local Public Sector: A Cross-Regional Approach for Romania
Person:  Mr. Minelli Alessandro Work Country: Italy 
Paper:  Turning a deaf ear to citizen or how to translate citizen feedback into continuous improvement: a 30 + years literature review
Person:  Mr. Modrzejewski Artur Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  Municipal waste management system. From free market to service monopolization - Polish example
Person:  Mrs. Mortelmans Dana Mihaela Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  The Road from Government to Governance in Romania. Case Study: Regionalization
Person:  Ms. Papp Olga Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Relations between the Collective Right to Local Self-Government and the Autonomy of the Local Governments
Person:  Mr. Rakar Iztok Work Country: Slovenia 
Paper:  Good Governance at Local Level – Case of Slovenia
Person:  Ms. Reisinger Adrienn Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Local Governance or Government – Do the Hungarian Local Governments Involve Citizens and Civil Organisations in Decision-Making?
Person:  Ms. Rootamm-Valter Jelena Work Country: Estonia 
Paper:  Correlations between the Wealth and Public Services in Local Government: Case of Ida-Virumaa County, Estonia
Person:  Mrs. Seimuskane Lilita Work Country: Latvia 
Paper:  Citizen Participation - Appearance or Reality
Person:  Ms. Sidor Monika Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  Participatory Budget - A New Mechanism for Local Governance by Inhabitants in Poland
Person:  Mrs. Stankovic Mirjana Work Country: Serbia 
Paper:  Competitiveness-Centered Approach to Introducing HR Management Function at the Local Level: a Changed Perspective
Person:  Mrs. Stanus Cristina Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  Political Representation and Governance-Oriented Reforms at the Second Tier of Local Government in Romania
Person:  Ms. Strelcova Veronika Work Country: Slovakia 
Paper:  Community Work and Civil Society Empowerment: The Case Study of Community-Based Civil Engagement at the Local Level in Slovakia
Person:  Mr. Szabo Septimiu-Rares Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  The first steps towards a real fiscal decentralisation in Romania
Person:  Mr. Szescilo Dawid Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  Participatory budgeting movement in Poland: a real breakthrough or poor substitute for collaborative governance?
Person:  Mr. Szlachetko Jakub Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  General overview of 25 years of functioning local self-government in democratic Republic of Poland
Person:  Mrs. Tudose Elena Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  Benchmarking - Performance Management of Local Public Utilities Services. Case study: Romania
Person:  Mrs. Utkina Valeriya Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Professional Development of Municipal Servants as "Knowledge Workers" in Transnational Economy: Problems and Prospects
II. Working Group on e-Government
Person:  Mrs. Aranyossy Marta Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  The Quest for Success of e-Government: What Structure and Allocation of IT Spending Tell us
Person:  Mr. Botan Cristian Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  Taking Civil Service Recruitment to the Digital Era in Romania
Person:  Mr. Fenes Mate Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  E-government Systems in International Comparison - In Hungary and Estonia
Person:  Mrs. Gataullina Gulchachak Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Use of Modern Technologies as a Way to Protect from Right Abuse in Civil Legal Proceeding (Comparative Analysis of Norms of Commercial and Civil Procedure Codes of the Russian Federation)
Person:  Mr. Kalvet Tarmo Work Country: Estonia 
Paper:  Impact Assessment of the e-Government Services: Theoretical Framework and the Case of Estonia
Person:  Mr. Klaric Mirko Work Country: Croatia 
Paper:  The right of access to the public information: conflict between public interest and right of public on information. Situation in Croatia
Person:  Mr. Klasinc Jan Work Country: Croatia 
Paper:  Curbing Grey Economy and Corruption - Governance Vs. Government
Person:  Mr. Konig Balazs Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  The Hungarian system of e-government – changes in recent years, comparison to Germany
Person:  Mr. Labadze Merab Work Country: Georgia 
Paper:  Reforming Civil Registry Services in Georgia: a quick e-Government modernization case
Person:  Mr. Logvinov Valerii Work Country: Ukraine 

New Public Management and Good Governance in the Conditions of e-Government
Person:  Ms. Mihaleva Svetla Work Country: Bulgaria 
Paper:  Varna e-Region Platform – Factor for New Quality of Administrative Services
Person:  Ms. Mikolaityte Jurgita Work Country: Lithuania 
Paper:  E-participation at Local Self-Government in Lithuania: NGO´s Perspective
Person:  Ms. Monda Eszter Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Scenario Planning of Hungarian Government’s Education
Person:  Mr. Nemeslaki Andras Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  The Human Side of Information Security : Employer Demand and Employee Awareness in the Hungarian Public Sector
Person:  Mrs. Peka Nejla Work Country: Albania 
Person:  Mrs. Piotrowska Aldona Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  The role of information on the websites in the good governance
Person:  Mr. Safarov Igbal Work Country: Azerbaijan 
Paper:  Open Government Data: Opportunities for Using and Re-using Government Data for Better Public Administration.
Person:  Ms. Saparniene Diana Work Country: Lithuania 
Paper:  E-Governance and Citizens Participation in Local Self-Government: The Lithuanian Case
Person:  Mr. Spacek David Work Country: Czech Republic 
Paper:  E-Participation and Web Pages of Czech Regions
Person:  Mr. Todorovski Ljupco Work Country: Slovenia 
Paper:  Catalog of Indicators for Evaluating e-Government Policies
Person:  Mrs. Tykwinska-Rutkowska Dominika Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  E-access to public information and reuse of public sector information. Selected issues.
Person:  Mr. Vrabie Catalin Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  Why Online and not in Line?
Person:  Mrs. Wasil Justyna Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  The Information Policy of the Local Self-Government in Poland – The Analysis of Selected Web Pages
III. Working Group on Civil Service
Person:  Ms. Al-Tammar Shahed Work Country: United States 
Paper:  Practices in Human Resource Management / Civil Service Reform: The Case of Kuwait
Person:  Ms. Chernyak Tatyana Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  The Development of Innovative Competencies of Management Personnel of the Siberian Federal District
Person:  Ms. Ciobanu Alina Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  Challenges and Solutions for Human Resources Management in Romanian Public Institutions
Person:  Mrs. Dragos Florina Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  Regional Cooperation in Romanian Civil Service
Person:  Mr. Fazekas Janos Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Stability or Uncertainty? The Legal Status of Personnel of National Regulatory Authorities and Autonomous Bodies in CEE Countries
Person:  Mr. Filimonov Dmitry Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Manager or Bureaucrat? Key Contradictions of Training of Civil Servants in Russia
Person:  Mrs. Goverdovskaya Lydia Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Forming the Public Service Succession Pool in Terms of the Public Administration New Concept
Person:  Ms. Karna Wioleta Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  Restrictions on the Effective Management of People in the Public Service: The Case of Poland
Person:  Mr. Lako Christiaan Work Country: Netherlands 
Paper:  Determinants of the Expected Retirement Age of Dutch Elderly Civil Servants: Results from surveys among Dutch civil servants
Person:  Ms. Linder Viktoria Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Balancing between Models: Job Security as a Determinant Factor for Classification. The Hungarian Civil Service System in a European Comparative Context
Person:  Ms. Medrala Malgorzata Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  Gwarancje w zakresie profesjonalizmu i kwalifikacji moralnych na stanowiskach urzędniczych w administracji publicznej
Person:  Mr. Rahmani Abdul Latif Work Country: Afghanistan 
Paper:  Challenges of Public Service Reform in Afghanistan
Person:  Mr. Rinnert David Work Country: United Kingdom 
Paper:  The Politics of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms in Transitioning and Developing Countries - Explaining Within-country Variation of Reform Outcomes in Georgia after the Rose Revolution
Person:  Ms. Stanova Ludmila Work Country: Slovakia 
Paper:  Development of Civil service management competences in Slovakia from 1989 – 2006: How does the Civil Service Office fit into the picture?
Person:  Ms. Staronova Katarina Work Country: Slovakia 
Paper:  The Impact of EU on Civil Service Systems in CEE Countries: The Case of Hungary, Romania and Slovakia
Person:  Ms. Stefanovska Vesna Work Country: Republic of North Macedonia 
Paper:  Civil Society in Protection of Crime Victims in the Republic of Macedonia
Person:  Mr. Van de Walle Steven Work Country: Netherlands 
Paper:  Extrinsic Motivation, PSM and Labour Market Characteristics: A Multilevel Model of Public Sector Employment Preference in 26 countries
Person:  Ms. Volkova Anna Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  “Humanitarian Technologies” in Public Administration: Challenges and Opportunities for Civil servants. The Case of North-West Region of Russia Federation
Person:  Mrs. Yamukova Pavlina Work Country: Bulgaria 
Paper:  Civil Servant Status - From Changes to the Uncertainty
IV. Working Group on PA Reform
Person:  Ms. Bankova Ivanka Work Country: Bulgaria 
Person:  Ms. Buskeviciute Jolanta Work Country: Lithuania 
Paper:  What does Smartness in Public Governance Mean? Smart Public Governance Conceptualization
Person:  Mr. Dan Sorin Work Country: Belgium 
Paper:  Contextualizing Reform in Public Hospital Systems: The Case of Estonia
Person:  Ms. Davitkovska Elena Work Country: Republic of North Macedonia 
Paper:  Protection of the contracting parties for efficient implementation of the administrative contracts
Person:  Ms. Gavkalova Nataliia Work Country: Ukraine 
Paper:  Interaction between public authorities and civil society institutions
Person:  Mr. Gellen Marton Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Mobility between public sector and private sector in Hungary. Do reform models influence individual career strategies in a traditionally Weberian setting?
Person:  Mr. Henderson Alexander Work Country: United States 
Paper:  Public Administration Reform in Montenegro, 2002-2016
Person:  Ms. Iancu Alexandra Work Country: Romania 
Person:  Mr. Jacko Tomas Work Country: Slovakia 
Paper:  Public Administration Reform in Slovakia – From Weberianism to Neo-Weberianism?
Person:  Mrs. Jakubek-Lalik Jowanka Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  The transformation of Polish administration to meet EU membership challenges – is domestic administrative law a facilitator or an obstacle?
Person:  Mrs. Janenova Saltanat Work Country: Kazakhstan 
Paper:  Applicability of NPM Principles in Kazakhstan Central Government
Person:  Mrs. Junusbekova Gulsara Work Country: Kazakhstan 
Paper:  Improving Trends Evaluate the Effectiveness of Public Administration in the Republic of Kazakhstan
Person:  Mr. Karini Artan Work Country: Egypt 
Paper:  Aid Effectiveness Lost in Translation: A Case Study of the Informalities of Formal Aid Institutions/Mechanisms and their Implications for Domestic Administrative Reform in the Western Balkans: The Case of Albania
Person:  Mrs. Khomutova Olga Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Monitoring of quality of providing the state and municipal services as criterion of success of administrative reform.
Person:  Ms. Kovacs Eva Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Public Administration Reforms for the Better Coordination within the Central Govenment in Hungary
Person:  Ms. Lehmbruch Barbara Work Country: Sweden 
Paper:  USSR, Not-So-Incorporated: Soviet Notions of Publicness and their Impact on Administrative Reform
Person:  Ms. Mandak Fanni Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Signs of Presidentialization in Hungarian Government Reforms - Reinforcement of the Prime Minister´s Office
Person:  Mr. Maslov Dmitry Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Raising Effectiveness and Quality in Public Administration through Application of the Common Assessment Framework (CAF model): Tatarstan Case
Person:  Ms. Mihaleva Daniela Work Country: Bulgaria 
Paper:  Opportunities and Guidelines for Improvement of the Internal Control of the Administration in Bulgaria through Applying Risk-Based Approach to Control Activities
Person:  Mr. Obolonsky Alexander Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  The Current Crisis of Governmental Capacities to Act Effectively and Quest of New State Paradigm in Modern Public Administrations
Person:  Mrs. Pedersen Karin Hilmer Work Country: Denmark 
Paper:  Citizens’ Participation and Corruption: Is there a Dilemma between Deliberative Governance and Risk for Misuse in Public Office?
Person:  Ms. Ramasheuskaya Ina Work Country: Belarus 
Paper:  The state governance in Belarus: policy paralysis and the potential for reform
Person:  Mrs. Rea-Soiver Viola Work Country: Estonia 
Paper:  Developing models of horizontal co-ordination: the case of Estonia
Person:  Mr. Rixer Adam Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  The Relationship Between Civil Organisations and Public Administration in Hungary, With Special Regard to Their Participation in Legislation
Person:  Mrs. Sicakova-Beblava Emilia Work Country: Slovakia 
Paper:  Lessons Learned From Public Administration Reforms in CEE Countries: Politico-Administrative Relations (De-Politicization)
Person:  Ms. Sobis Iwona Work Country: Sweden 
Paper:  Who is Afraid for the Polish Plumber and Rumanian Strawberry Picker? The Causes and Effects of Labour Mobility within the EU
Person:  Mrs. Somlyodyne Pfeil Edit Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  An Evaluation of the Reform Tendencies in Public Administration of two Decades from the Aspect of Cooperation – The Type of Post-Socialist State in Hungary
Person:  Mr. Ungureanu Mihai Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  Regressing Democracy: Public Administration Reforms at Fault
Person:  Mrs. Urbanovic Jolanta Work Country: Lithuania 
Paper:  Evidence-Based Education Policy. Case Study of Lithuania
Person:  Mr. Urinboyev Rustamjon Work Country: Finland 
Paper:  Everyday Experiences of Energy in Rural Ferghana, Uzbekistan: Reconstructing the Notions of ‘Community’ and the ‘State’
Person:  Mr. Van de Walle Steven Work Country: Netherlands 
Paper:  How do Top Public Officials Evaluate Public Sector Reforms? Findings from the 18-Country COCOPS Survey
V. Working Group on Internationalization and Networking of Public Administration Studies and Civil Servant's Training Systems
Person:  Mr. Barabashev Alexey Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Corporative Training and Corporative University: Is it Possible to Apply its Principles for Civil Servants Training?
Person:  Mr. Chlivickas Eugenijus Work Country: Lithuania 
Paper:  Development of Civil Servants Training System and Public Administration Studies: Internationalization Processes
Person:  Mr. Melnikas Borisas Work Country: Lithuania 
Paper:  Public Management Studies Internationalization and Life-Long Learning Systems in the Context of Challenges of Globalization and the Knowledge Based Society Creation
Person:  Mr. Povazhnii Oleksandr Work Country: Ukraine 
Paper:  Development of Civil Servants Training at Donetsk State University of Management in the Context of the ‘Governance’ Concepts
Person:  Ms. Suleimenova Gulimzhan Work Country: Kazakhstan 
Paper:  Training of Civil Servants at the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan
VI. Working Group on Public Finance and Public Financial Management
Person:  Mr. Aristovnik Aleksander Work Country: Slovenia 
Paper:  The Effects of Sectorial Decomposition of Debt on Economic Growth in the EU
Person:  Ms. Beltyukova Anastasia Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Tax Expenditures or the Right not to Tax: An Evaluation of Impact on Implementing Non-Tax Policy in Comparison with Direct Governmental Spending
Person:  Mrs. Blagoeva Ivanova Viktoryia Work Country: Bulgaria 
Paper:  Liberalization of the Relations between the State and the Economic Players – Advantages and Contradictions
Person:  Ms. Dumitrescu Adelina Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  Challenges of the financial crisis – a learning lesson for rethinking the local budgeting in Romania
Person:  Mrs. Godarova Jana Work Country: Czech Republic 
Paper:  The Municipality View on Tax Revenue. The Czech Case
Person:  Mrs. Guzikova Liudmila Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Optimization of the Governmental Participation in Housing Problem Solving in Russia
Person:  Mrs. Ilchenko-Syuyva Lesya Work Country: Ukraine 
Paper:  Public Private Partnership Initiatives in Ukraine: Is there Real Correspondence between Theory, Legislation and Implementation Practices?
Person:  Mr. Jahoda Robert Work Country: Czech Republic 
Paper:  Specifics of output-oriented method of research funding in the Czech Republic
Person:  Mr. Jurkonis Liudas Work Country: Lithuania 
Paper:  Effect of Better Corporate Governance to the Management Efficiency of State-Owned Companies in Lithuania
Person:  Mrs. Kadyrova Margarita Work Country: Kazakhstan 
Paper:  The Budgetary Processes in System of Public Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan: Management Efficiency, Modern Trends and Approaches
Person:  Ms. Kirillova Alexandra Work Country: Ukraine 
Paper:  The Role of Educational Programs in Financial Competence in the System of Social Oriented Economy of Ukraine
Person:  Mr. Krivorotko Yuri Work Country: Belarus 
Paper:  Public Procurement System in Belarus: Administrative Aspect
Person:  Mr. Lentner Csaba Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Unconventional Fiscal Governance in Hungary
Person:  Ms. Matraku Doriana Work Country: Albania 
Paper:  Public debt in Albania
Person:  Mr. Moldovan Octavian Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  Does the Type of Community Really Matter? Analyzing Revenue Collection Levels of Romanian Local Authorities for the 2008-2011 Period
Person:  Mrs. Mortelmans Dana Mihaela Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  The Rational Assignment of Resources in the Romanian Public Sector. From Failure to Possible Success
Person:  Mr. Nemec Juraj Work Country: Czech Republic 
Paper:  Procurement Management and its Impact on the Results of Externalisation
Person:  Ms. Nyikos Gyorgyi Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Better Spending in Public Investments - Blending PPP with EU Funds in the 2014-2020 Financial Period
Person:  Mrs. Petkovsek Veronika Work Country: Slovenia 
Paper:  Economic Effects of Austerity Measures on Public Finances in Slovenia
Person:  Mr. Pevcin Primoz Work Country: Slovenia 
Paper:  Optimal Size and Number of Local Government Units: A Case Study for Slovenia
Person:  Ms. Plotnikova Ekatherina Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  The Effectiveness of the Distribution of Home Ownership right among the Population in Russia
Person:  Ms. Prysmakova Palina Work Country: United States 
Paper:  Chinese Loans for Infrastructure Projects in Developing Countries: The Connection between Short-Term Payoffs to the Chinese Local Governments and Long-Term Obligations of the Belarusian Nation
Person:  Ms. Rogic Lugaric Tereza Work Country: Croatia 
Paper:  Assessing Possible Effects of Organizing Tax Administration on the Competing Tax Law and Policy Values
Person:  Mrs. Roncakova Lucia Work Country: Slovakia 
Paper:  Local Tax Competition and Horizontal Fiscal Imbalance: Case Study of Slovakia
Person:  Mrs. Sedmihradska Lucie Work Country: Czech Republic 
Paper:  Application of Local Tax Autonomy in Case of the Czech Property Tax
Person:  Ms. Sharapova-Hang Olga Work Country: France 
Paper:  Tax Federalism: Necessary Condition of Tax Autonomy at the Sub-national Level?
Person:  Mr. Slukhai Sergii Work Country: Ukraine 
Paper:  Improving Mechanisms of Public Procurement: Case of Health Product Market in Ukraine
Person:  Mr. Sultani Farhad Work Country: Afghanistan 
Paper:  Study of Obstacles & Challenges to the Implementation of Operational Budgeting Systems in Organizations in Afghanistan
Person:  Mr. Swianiewicz Pawel Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  Local Tax Competition in Poland?
Person:  Mr. Swianiewicz Pawel Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  Local Tax Policies in the Limited Autonomy of Revenue Collection System in Poland
Person:  Mr. Zulkarnay Ildar Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Formula-based allocation of grants in Russia: critical analysis
Person:  Mr. Zulkarnay Ildar Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Formula-based allocation of grants in Russia: critical analysis from point of effeciency of governmental spending
VII. Working Group on Public Policy Analysis Development Issues
Person:  Ms. Como Nevila Work Country: Albania 
Paper:  The Impact of Integrated Planning System implementation on Good Governance in Albania
Person:  Ms. Dogaru (Cruceanu) Tatiana-Camelia Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  Development and Implementation of Public Policy in the Invisible Hand of Street-Level Bureaucrats
Person:  Mr. Dvorak Jaroslav Work Country: Lithuania 
Paper:  Institutional and Policy Arrangements for Evaluation of the European Union Structural Funds in Lithuania
Person:  Mr. Findor Andrej Work Country: Slovakia 
Paper:  Do We Need Randomized Controlled Trials for Crafting Effective Behaviorally Informed Evidence-Based Policies?
Person:  Mrs. Jas-Nowopolska Magdalena Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  Status, role, scope of activity of the President of the Energy Regulatory Office in the light of the third energy package. Polish case
Person:  Mr. Kilievych Olexandr Work Country: Ukraine 
Paper:  Evidence based policy analysis techniques: impact assessment cases
Person:  Mrs. Kravchuk Iryna Work Country: Ukraine 
Paper:  Evaluation Capacities Development in Public Sector
Person:  Ms. Krukowska Joanna Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  Regional Approaches to the Implementation of EU Cohesion Policy in Poland
Person:  Mr. Kuprii Volodymyr Work Country: Ukraine 
Paper:  Performance Auditing as a Method to Improve Public Policy
Person:  Mr. Muzik Roman Work Country: Slovakia 
Paper:  Waiting times as an instrument of competition in health care: case study from Slovakia
Person:  Mr. Nekola Martin Work Country: Czech Republic 
Paper:  The policy analytical capacity of state central administration in the Czech Republic
Person:  Ms. Nyikos Gyorgyi Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Cohesion Policy in Transition - Comparative Aspects of Polish and Hungarian System of Implementation
Person:  Ms. Ruso Jelena Work Country: Serbia 
Person:  Mr. Sedlacko Michal Work Country: Austria 
Paper:  Materiality of Learning: Objects in Science–Policy Interface
Person:  Mr. Sienkiewicz Mariusz Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  Tools and Forms of Public Consultation in the Process of Planning and Implementation of Local Development Strategies in Poland Based on Analysis Selected Local Governments of Lublin Region.
Person:  Ms. Staronova Katarina Work Country: Slovakia 
Paper:  The Production and Use of Knowledge in Regulatory Impact Assessment: The Case of Slovakia
Person:  Ms. Stevove Katarina Work Country: Slovakia 
Paper:  The importance of ordinary knowledge obtained through public participation
Person:  Mr. Tertychka Valeriy Work Country: Ukraine 
Paper:  Democratic Governance and Policy Analysis: Interpenetration or Confrontation of Procedures
Person:  Mr. Zahid Abdul Ahad Work Country: Afghanistan 
Paper:  Unemployment as major development issue in Afghanistan
Person:  Ms. Zakirova Venera Work Country: Nigeria 
Paper:  Gender Equality in Russia? The Perspectives of Participatory Gender Budgeting: Comparative Approach.
VIII. Working Group on Public Administration Education
Person:  Ms. Danko Manica Work Country: Slovenia 
Paper:  Administration Graduates Competences in the European Context: A Case of a Faculty
Person:  Mr. Dvorak Jaroslav Work Country: Lithuania 
Paper:  Competent Public Servants in the Age of Uncertainties (old - New Skills of Public Servants in the Age of Uncertainties)
Person:  Ms. Menshova Vera Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Public Administration Education and Quality Standards: Search of New Opportunities
Person:  Mr. Murdock Alex Work Country: United Kingdom 
Paper:  Exploring the History and Issues of Competence Based Education in Management and its Application to Public Administration
Person:  Mr. Nemeslaki Andras Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Comprehensive HR Development in the Public Sector: The Case of National University of Public Service as an Innovative Institutional Framework
Person:  Mrs. Parashkevova Alexandra Work Country: Bulgaria 
Paper:  Outsourcing of Educational Services for the Needs of Local Administration in Bulgaria – Research of Actual Practices by the Implementation of Projects under the“Administrative Capacity” Programme 2007-2013
Person:  Mr. Profiroiu Marius Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  Students´Assessment in Romanian Public Administration Programs: Lecturers and Students Perspective
Person:  Mr. Saqib Naqibullah Work Country: Afghanistan 
Person:  Mrs. Soshnikova (Krtyan) Ruzanna Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  The Explanation of the Difference Between “Government” and “Governance” for Public Administration Students at English Classes for Professional Use
Person:  Mr. Szadeczky Tamas Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Postgraduate Information Security Education in the Hungarian Public Sector
Person:  Mr. van der Krogt Theo Work Country: Netherlands 
Paper:  Towards a set of specific competences for academic degree programmes in Public Administration in Europe
Person:  Mrs. Vorontchuk Inesa Work Country: Latvia 
Paper:  Socially Responsible Organisations’ Training on Employer Brand Creation
Person:  Mr. Wooldridge Blue Work Country: United States 
Paper:  Pedagogical Research in Public Affairs Education: Possibilities Suggested by the Strategic Contingency Approach to Instructional Design
IX. Working Group on Local Public Policies
Person:  Ms. Al-Tammar Shahed Work Country: United States 
Paper:  .
Person:  Mr. Amborski David Work Country: Canada 
Paper:  Municipal Policy Priority Setting, Implementation and Evaluation through Effective Budget Tools
Person:  Mr. Becchis Franco Work Country: Italy 
Paper:  FIELD: A Methodology for the Analysis of Local Actors, Incentives and Information Endowment in the Context of Local Public Services
Person:  Ms. Bilbokaite Renata Work Country: Lithuania 
Paper:  Ethics Management in the Context of Good Governance:The Case of Lithuania
Person:  Mr. Cupka Matus Work Country: Slovakia 
Paper:  Local Municipalities Featuring Volunteer Groups in Tackling Environmental Issues of Urbanized Communities in Slovakia
Person:  Mr. Franzke Jochen Work Country: Germany 
Paper:  Four Tools to Improve the Role of Municipalities in the Ger-man Energiewende: Re-Municipalisation of Local Energy Utilities, Energy Self-Sufficient Municipalities, Bioenergy Vil-lages and Energy Cooperatives
Person:  Ms. Jovanic Tatjana Work Country: Serbia 
Paper:  Institutional Framework as the Key Catalyzer for the Public-Private Partnership Projects and Concessions – The Case of Serbia
Person:  Ms. Kichigina Anastasiya Work Country: United Kingdom 
Paper:  Challenges in the Implementation of Performance Management System to the Russian Local Governance. Case Study of Krasnoyarsk City, Russia
Person:  Mr. Klimovsky Daniel Work Country: Slovakia 
Paper:  Different Types of Inter-Municipal Cooperation in Slovakia and the Czech Republic: Sufficient Solutions or Potemkin Villages?
Person:  Ms. Kurniewicz Anna Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  The Service Catchment Areas around Polish Cities with a County Status. The Problem of Providing Services within Under-Bounded Structures
Person:  Ms. Mejere Oksana Work Country: Lithuania 
Paper:  Inter-Municipal Cooperation in Lithuania and Slovakia: Does Size Structure Matter?
Person:  Mrs. Normante Inga Work Country: Lithuania 
Paper:  Optimization of Urban and Sub-Urban Public Transport System at the Klaipeda City Municipality: Strategies and Perspectives
Person:  Mr. Pinteric Uros Work Country: Slovenia 
Paper:  Inabiltiy to Develop Local Policies: Case of Slovenia
Person:  Mrs. Sebova Miriam Work Country: Slovakia 
Paper:  The Evaluation of European Capital of Culture in Košice City
Person:  Ms. Sharapova-Hang Olga Work Country: France 
Paper:  Local Tax Policies in the Highly Fragmented Countries: State Paternalism or Real Tax Autonomy?
Person:  Mrs. Sokolova Ekaterina Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Public Transport in Urban Agglomerations: Transport Policy Issues for the Communication Between City and Suburbs (the Case of St. Petersburg)
Person:  Mrs. Taneva Albena Work Country: Bulgaria 
Paper:  Application of the Leadership Approach in Local Public Policy Implementation: Three Cases
Person:  Mrs. Wenclik Malgorzata Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  Consultations on a local level as an ellement of creating local policies
X. Working Group on Good Governance, Human Rights and Development
Person:  Mr. Alexander Yudin Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Governments Serving People: The Changing Roles of Public Administration in Democratic Governance
Person:  Ms. Bilbokaite Renata Work Country: Lithuania 
Paper:  The Problem of Establishing Quality Management System in Public Institutions
Person:  Mr. Dodyal Mohd Bashir Work Country: Afghanistan 
Paper:  The Quest for Stability in Afghanistan: A Domestic and Regional Perspective
Person:  Mrs. Gavva Alina Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Modernization of the Russian Civil and Land Legislation as a Prerequisite for Good Governance of Property and Land Relations
Person:  Mrs. Karadjova Milena Work Country: Bulgaria 
Paper:  Nationalization or Privatization or how to Find the Balance in the Scope of Public Property in Former Socialist Countries so as to Ensure Citizens' Social Rights
Person:  Ms. Malyarenko Tetyana Work Country: Sweden 
Paper:  Another Revolution in Ukraine? Dynamics of the Mass Protests in Weak and Failing States
Person:  Mr. Memeti Memet Work Country: Republic of North Macedonia 
Paper:  Good Governance Conditio Sine Qua Non for Social Inclusion in the Sector of Education. The Case of the Republic of Macedonia
Person:  Mrs. Rozsnyai Krisztina Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  From Government to Governance: The Courts as Promoters of Good Governance
Person:  Mrs. Safina Svetlana Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Citizenship of the Subjects of a Federation: Russian and World Practice
Person:  Mr. Saqib Naqibullah Work Country: Afghanistan 
Paper:  Public Administration and Violation of Human Rights in Afghanistan
Person:  Ms. Sever Tina Work Country: Slovenia 
Paper:  Judicia Protection of Timely Decision-Making in Adinistrative Matters in the Light of European Convention on Human Rights in Slovenia and Croatia
Person:  Mr. Varga Andras Zs. Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Beyond Rule of Law
XI. Working Group on Public Administration During Transition, Change and Uncertainty
Person:  Mrs. Bauer Lilla Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Educational Public Policy in the Years of Transition - Hungarian Experiences
Person:  Mr. Cziprian-Kovacs Lorand Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  Comparative study on organizational culture in public libraries, secondary schools and local public authorities
Person:  Mr. Erakovich Rod Work Country: United States 
Paper:  Organizational Ecological Perspective of Cross Sector Collaboration
Person:  Mr. Horvath Tamas M. Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Effect of Western Governance Models in East:: After Transition, Enlargement and Crises
Person:  Mr. Janhani Firooz Work Country: Afghanistan 
Paper:  Outcome of Free Market Economy in Afghanistan
Person:  Mrs. Kolobova Guzel Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Political and state regulatory mechanisms in transition economy: post-Soviet Russia experience
Person:  Ms. Matin  Zuhal Work Country: Afghanistan 
Paper:  Needs and Obstacles of Privatization in Afghanistan
Person:  Mr. Minderman Goos Work Country: Netherlands 
Paper:  Innovation in governance: The development of internal supervision in non-profit organizations in the Netherlands
Person:  Ms. Prysmakova Palina Work Country: United States 
Paper:  Development of Inter-Sectoral Dialogues on Ethics
Person:  Mr. Sandor Sorin Dan Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  Resistance to Change in Romanian Local Public Administration Institutions
Person:  Mr. Smorgunov Leonid Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Government-Society Relations in Russia and Building Capacity for Collaboration
Person:  Ms. Szabo Ildiko Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  The changing tax structure (the advance tax ruling) and tax collection efficiency in Hungary during the global financial crises
Person:  Mr. Tanev Todor Work Country: Bulgaria 
Paper:  Circumventing the European Periphery Strategic Impasse: Exploring Means of Bolstering the Development of Strategic Networks in the Region
Person:  Mr. Verevkin Anton Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Electoral design change under conditions of uncertainty (the case of Russia of 2000s)
XII. Working Group on Administration & Management of Internal Security Agencies
Person:  Mr. Ambrusz Jozsef Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  The Hungarian System of Reconstruction and Recovery Tasks Following Natural Disasters
Person:  Ms. Bodonyi Ilona Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Police in the Diverse Society
Person:  Mr. Dobor Jozsef Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  The Importance of the Teaching of Chemistry and the Related Special Knowledge in the Disaster Management Education
Person:  Mr. Endrodi Istvan Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  The Place and Role of the Information System in the Structure of Disaster Management and its Importance in the Execution of Civil Protection Tasks
Person:  Ms. Horvath Hermina Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Safety Aspects of Marshalling Yards Related to Disaster Management
Person:  Mr. Horvath Lajos Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Disaster Management in Building Design
Person:  Mr. Kabat Ladislav Work Country: Slovakia 
Paper:  Creative Accounting and Tax Evasion and New Tools of their Detection
Person:  Mr. Katai-Urban Lajos Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Review of the Experience of Hungarian Industrial Safety Authority during the Supervision of Hazardous Activities
Person:  Mr. Komjathy Laszlo Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Fire Protection of Border Settlements
Person:  Mr. Korodi Gyula Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  The role of the Institute of Disaster Management of National University of Public Service in the System of the Hungarian Voluntary Rescue Organizations: Searching, Rescue and First Aid
Person:  Mr. Kovacs Gabor Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  The Training and Education System of National University of Public Service Hungary
Person:  Mr. Krajnc Zoltan Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Transformation of military leader training in Hungary at bachelor level
Person:  Mr. Krajnyak Peter Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  The International Dimensions of Law Enforcement Training in Budapest-Summary of the ITC’s activity
Person:  Mrs. Nagy  Judit Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Threatening Challenges - Internal Security Strategies in Terms of International Law Enforcement Cooperation
Person:  Mr. Pantya Peter Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  The Issue of Safety during the Interventions of Fire Fighting Units of Disaster Management
Person:  Mr. Patzay Gyorgy Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Aspects of Industrial Safety in Nuclear and Radioactive Material Use in Hungary
Person:  Mr. Pollumae Sander Work Country: Estonia 
Paper:  Reforms of Administration of Security Agencies in Estonia
Person:  Mr. Restas Agoston Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Special Decision Making Method of Internal Security Managers at Tactical Level
Person:  Mr. Restas Agoston Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Drone Applications for Internal Security Agencies? Let’s talk about Disaster Management
Person:  Mr. Restas Agoston Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  New Training for Disaster Management at University Level in Hungary
Person:  Mr. Schweiskhardt Gotthilf Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Recent Changes in the Authority Activities of Disaster Management in Hungary
Person:  Mr. Szekely Zoltan Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Schengen: At the Borders and beyond - Past, Present and Future
Person:  Mr. Teknos Laszlo Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  The Psychological Effects of Extreme Weather Conditions - The Importance of Crisis Intervention in Disaster Management
Person:  Mrs. Tomazevic Nina Work Country: Slovenia 
Paper:  Evaluation of the CAF Model in the Slovenian Police Service: A Non-parametric Approach
Person:  Mr. Varga Janos Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  International Training Cooperation for Schengen-Compatible Border Security