The 26th NISPAcee Annual Conference

Conference photos available

Conference photos available

In the conference participated 317 participants

Conference programme published

Almost 250 conference participants from 36 countries participated

Conference Report

An opportunity to learn from other researchers and other countries' experiences on certain topics.

G.A.C., Hungary, 25th Conference 2017, Kazan

Very well organised, excellent programme and fruitful discussions.

M.M.S., Slovakia, 25th Conference 2017, Kazan

The NISPAcee conference remains a very interesting conference.

M.D.V., Netherlands, 25th Conference 2017, Kazan

Thank you for the opportunity to be there, and for the work of the organisers.

D.Z., Hungary, 24th Conference 2016, Zagreb

Well organized, as always. Excellent conference topic and paper selection.

M.S., Serbia, 23rd Conference 2015, Georgia

Perfect conference. Well organised. Very informative.

M.deV., Netherlands, 22nd Conference 2014, Hungary

Excellent conference. Congratulations!

S. C., United States, 20th Conference 2012, Republic of Macedonia

Thanks for organising the pre-conference activity. I benefited significantly!

R. U., Uzbekistan, 19th Conference, Varna 2011

Each information I got, was received perfectly in time!

L. S., Latvia, 21st Conference 2013, Serbia

The Conference was very academically fruitful!

M. K., Republic of Macedonia, 20th Conference 2012, Republic of Macedonia

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Preliminary list of submitted papers
for the 21st NISPAcee Annual Conference

Main Conference Theme
Person:  Mr. Barabashev Alexey Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Regionalization of the civil service in Russian federation
Person:  Ms. Belyakova Nina Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  The impacts of Russia-Turkish relations on black sea basin
Person:  Mr. Groenendijk Nico Work Country: Netherlands 
Paper:  Macro-regions: regional integration within and beyond the EU
Person:  Ms. Katunar Jana Work Country: Croatia 
Paper:  Innovation as one of the most important pillar of SME competitiveness in Croatia
Person:  Mr. Markovic Aleksandar Work Country: Serbia 
Paper:  Using social networks for improving e-government services
Person:  Ms. Mikhailova Ekaterina Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Collaboration in the field of public administration among border regions and municipalities
Person:  Mrs. Mikhaylova Anna Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Forms of inter-regional cooperation in Russian Federation
Person:  Mr. Noworol Aleksander Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  The role of hybrid partnerships in the management of development
Person:  Ms. Nyikos Gyorgyi Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Development policy in the age of austerity - result-orientation, effectiveness and sustainability
Person:  Mrs. Safina Svetlana Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Constitutions of the republics in the Russian Federation
General Session
Person:  Mr. Demidenko Daniil Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Model of the optimum plan of expansion of production.
Person:  Mr. Fuller Donald Work Country: Armenia 
Paper:  Poland: Recession model or idiosyncratic traditionalist?
Person:  Ms. Katsamunska Polya Work Country: Bulgaria 
Paper:  Policy of regional development in Bulgaria: Design and implementation
Person:  Mr. Kolesnikov Aleksandr Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Increase of economic stability of the industrial enterprise in the conditions of falling production.
Person:  Ms. Limpok Valeria Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Taxes on the financial sector
Person:  Mrs. Mergaliyeva Liliya Work Country: Kazakhstan 
Paper:  Globalization: The new threat to economic sovereignty
Person:  Mr. Merighi Massimo Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  Renewable energy as glue for regional integration
Person:  Mrs. Mikulskiene Birute Work Country: Lithuania 
Paper:  Public administration readiness for managing in the network: managing the advisory groups. The case of Ministry of Education and Science of Lithuania
Person:  Mr. Pavlov Pavel Work Country: Bulgaria 
Paper:  Regional dimensions of the process of managing infrastructural projects in the northwestern planning region of Bulgaria
Person:  Mrs. Petrovic Natasa Work Country: Serbia 
Paper:  Student centered higher enviromental education: Debate as a road from X to Y
Person:  Mrs. Petrovic Natasa Work Country: Serbia 
Paper:  Benefits of improving business environmental performance
Person:  Mr. Pivovarov Ivan Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  University strategy as a mechanism of regional educational cluster development
Person:  Mrs. Stanus Cristina Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  Creating welfare markets under ESF funding: The case of educational service delivery in Romania
Person:  Mrs. Velikova Maria Work Country: Bulgaria 
Paper:  New approaches and instruments for the governance of specific territories in Bulgaria – key points in a reforming regional policy
I. Working Group on Local Government
Person:  Mrs. Albescu Andrada-Maria Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  The quality of democracy faced with electoral logistics:The electoral register in Romania.
Person:  Mr. Ananiev Jovan Work Country: Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) 
Paper:  Democratic capacities of the municipalities in Macedonia after decentralization process
Person:  Mr. Bartlett William Work Country: United Kingdom 
Paper:  Vocational education, social inclusion and patterns of local governance in the Western Balkans
Person:  Mr. Berezovsky Denis Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Programs of developing municipal service in the regions of Russia
Person:  Mrs. Bitoiu Ioana Teodora Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  Mapping the public decision-making pertaining to the negative externalities through the multilevel governance magnifier – the case of Romania
Person:  Ms. Bobcheva Nadezhda Work Country: Bulgaria 
Paper:  Incentives to inter-municipal co-operation: the case of municipalities of Tutrakan and Slivo pole, Bulgaria
Person:  Mr. Bulajewski Stanislaw Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  Principles of proper legislation in the creation of local law in Poland
Person:  Mrs. Burbulyte-Tsiskarishvili Gabriele Work Country: Lithuania 
Paper:  Local governments as the main actors of regional development in Lithuania
Person:  Ms. Cicvaric Kostic Slavica Work Country: Serbia 
Paper:  The effects of communication activities employed by local government
Person:  Mrs. Drakulic Mirjana Work Country: Serbia 
Paper:  Are citizens of Serbia and Slovenia well informed about the performance of local self-government?
Person:  Mr. Dumitrica Catalin Daniel Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  The metropolitan area as a knee-jerk response to the multilevel governance and its derived national public decisions
Person:  Mrs. Fedorova Irina Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Political competition in the modern Russia in the light of municipal elections 2012.
Person:  Mrs. Frolova Irina Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Problem activity analysis of the information-analytical departments in the municipalities of modern Russia (the Republic of Bashkortostan example)
Person:  Mrs. Gazizova Lira Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  The formation of municipal authority’s public image using electronic means of mass communication
Person:  Mrs. Gramatikova Evgenija Work Country: Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) 
Paper:  Regional and inter regional cooperation of municipality of Strumica
Person:  Ms. Habib Shabnam Work Country: Afghanistan 
Paper:  Local government in Afghanistan
Person:  Ms. Hener Gabriela-Carmen Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  Managing conflicts within organizational culture in local public structures
Person:  Ms. Horvath Agnes Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Appearance of regionalism in the election campaigns between 1998 and 2004
Person:  Mr. Klimovsky Daniel Work Country: Slovakia 
Paper:  Inter-regional cooperation within the Euroregions: Comparison of the Euroregions in Slovakia
Person:  Ms. Kolomycew Anna Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  Enhancing local governance through three-sector partnerships? The case of Podkarpackie region (Poland)
Person:  Mr. Kuzovkin Denis Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Legal framework of econimic resources of local authorities in CIS states: Comparative analysis
Person:  Mr. Lavrentiev Sergey Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  The formation of municipal authority’s public image using electronic means of mass communication
Person:  Ms. Lemanska Joanna Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  regions in Poland - true or fiction?
Person:  Ms. Martino Pamela Work Country: Italy 
Paper:  The normative and political grounds of the central-local relationship: the role of the Courts
Person:  Mr. Mazylis Liudas Work Country: Lithuania 
Paper:  Center-periphery relations: Lithuania's national reform agenda context
Person:  Mr. Nicolae Andrei Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  Waste disposal and water management master plan systems in Romania: a need for regionalisation
Person:  Ms. Omeri Laureta Work Country: Albania 
Paper:  The role of public relations in local government:The case of municipality of Tirana 2000-2011
Person:  Mr. Pevcin Primoz Work Country: Slovenia 
Paper:  Discussion and case study presentation on the size of local government units
Person:  Mr. Pinteric Uros Work Country: Slovenia 
Paper:  Slovenian regionalization after independence
Person:  Mr. Profiroiu Marius Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  The role of local public administration in building up social economy in Romania
Person:  Mr. Raboca Horia Mihai Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  An exploratory analysis of performance measurement evolution in the County Councils of Romania
Person:  Ms. Radzik-Maruszak Katarzyna Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  Re-thinking the roles of regional councillors in Poland. Evidence from Wielkopolskie and Lubelskie regional assemblies
Person:  Mr. Rahmonov Rasul Work Country: Uzbekistan 
Paper:  Reform in overcoming the consequences of the global financial-economic crisis: In case of Uzbekistan Republic
Person:  Mr. Saqib Naqibullah Work Country: Afghanistan 
Paper:  Local governance in Afghanistan
Person:  Mrs. Seimuskane Lilita Work Country: Latvia 
Paper:  Relations between citizen’s trust and participation in local governments in Latvia
Person:  Ms. Sidor Monika Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  The cooperation of local and regional government with non-governmental organizations in Poland
Person:  Mr. Sienkiewicz Mariusz Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  Determinants and effects of strategic management in the local government in Poland and Western Europe.
Person:  Mr. Skalon Vasiliy Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Local governance effectiveness in the highly centralized system of public management
Person:  Mrs. Somlyodyne Pfeil Edit Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  The end of regionalism in Hungary? – An assessment of local governance before and after
Person:  Mr. Sootla Georg Work Country: Estonia 
Paper:  Strategies for consolidation of local capacity: methods, strategies and problems
Person:  Mr. Swianiewicz Pawel Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  Unfinished story of Uggly Duckling: Polish Regions Under the Realm of Europeanisation
Person:  Mr. Szescilo Dawid Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  Market-based mechanisms in public service delivery in local government in Poland
Person:  Mr. Szewczak Marcin Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  The influence of the public administration reforms on inter-regional cooperation
in Poland. Is creating appropriate legal basis is enough ?
Person:  Ms. Tselishcheva Elena Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Increasing of effectiveness at municipal level of government (experience of Russia)
Person:  Mr. Ulper Aivo Work Country: Estonia 
Paper:  Local public services´ demand side factors´ structure in different types of Estonian municipalities
Person:  Ms. Utkina Valeriya Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Knowledge management implementation in Russian local government – impossible or not?
Person:  Mrs. Wasil Justyna Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  The comparative analysis of the rural areas in polish regions. The case study of Lubelski and Dolnośląski region.
Person:  Mr. Wukich Clayton Work Country: United States 
Paper:  Regionalisation during disasters: A comparison of response networks across hazards
Person:  Ms. Yanchuk Elena Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Modernization in Russia - think global, act local?
Person:  Mrs. Zigiene Gerda Work Country: Lithuania 
Paper:  The impact of historical heritage of changing territorial - administrative division on country’s decentralization performance
II. Working Group on e-Government
Person:  Mr. Abazov Rafis Work Country: Kazakhstan 
Paper:  Improving the effectiveness of e-governance in transitional states using new media and communication systems:The case of Kazakhstan
Person:  Ms. Akimovska Maletic Iskra Work Country: Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) 
Paper:  E-government as a key element of public sector reform in Republic of Macedonia
Person:  Ms. Benmansur Jasmina Work Country: Serbia 
Paper:  Electronic civil registries of the Republic of Serbia
Person:  Ms. Bogdanoska Jovanovska Mimoza Work Country: Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) 
Paper:  Evaluating the maturity level of e-government back-office with social network analysis
Person:  Mr. Burgudji Serghei Work Country: Republic of Moldova 
Paper:  Application of information technologies in the work public institutions
Person:  Ms. Cicvaric Kostic Slavica Work Country: Serbia 
Paper:  The potential of e-government development in emerging markets: Perspective of local government
Person:  Mrs. Gaule Egle Work Country: Lithuania 
Paper:  E-governance development factors in Lithuania: The study of municipal websites
Person:  Ms. Havrylets Olha Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  E-government in Poland and Ukraine: Challenges and perspectives
Person:  Ms. Iancu Alexandra Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  The pilot project of computerization of polling stations developed by permanent electoral authority of Romania
Person:  Ms. Jovanovic Svetlana Work Country: Serbia 
Paper:  E-government development assesment survey in the Republic of Serbia in 2012
Person:  Mr. Krivokapic Djordje Work Country: Serbia 
Paper:  Principles of upcoming e-government regulation in the Republic of Serbia
Person:  Mr. Logvinov Valerii Work Country: Ukraine 
Paper:  Principles and approaches of providing electronic state services in Ukraine
Person:  Ms. Mihaleva Svetla Work Country: Bulgaria 
Paper:  Problems and prospects for new quality of the electronic administrative service under the “one-stop shop” model (following the example of a municipality – administrative centre of a Bulgarian region)
Person:  Mr. Milutinovic Milos Work Country: Serbia 
Paper:  Improving e-government services using NFC technology
Person:  Mr. Muximov Salauat Work Country: Kazakhstan 
Paper:  Development of electronic services of the state: The case of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Person:  Ms. Orlova Natalya Work Country: Ukraine 
Paper:  E- government as the basis of development of information society in Ukraine
Person:  Mr. Pinteric Uros Work Country: Slovenia 
Paper:  Political will against e-participation of citizens (case of Slovenia)
Person:  Ms. Saparniene Diana Work Country: Lithuania 
Paper:  From e-government to e-governance: E-initiatives in Europe
Person:  Ms. Savulescu Carmen Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  Assessment of e-government in the Balkans. Towards a common vision?
Person:  Mr. Simic Konstantin Work Country: Serbia 
Paper:  Delivering e-government services by using wireless sensor networks in the cloud environment
Person:  Mr. Stanimirovic Dalibor Work Country: Slovenia 
Paper:  Analysis of e-health development in Slovenia
Person:  Mr. Stoica Ovidiu Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  E-government awareness in Romanian local communities’ administration
Person:  Mr. Todorovski Ljupco Work Country: Slovenia 
Paper:  Catalog of indicators for evaluating e-government policies
Person:  Mr. Vrabie Catalin Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  Shifting to open source is cheaper
Person:  Mrs. Yamukova Pavlina Work Country: Bulgaria 
Paper:  Information and communication conditions for the effective functioning of e-governance ( government )
III. Working Group on Civil Service
Person:  Mr. Balica Dan Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  Professionalized local government. The case of the Romanian city managers
Person:  Ms. Ban Carolyn Work Country: United States 
Paper:  The impact of enlargement on the European commission’s management and culture
Person:  Ms. Batishcheva Maria Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Whistleblowing across Europe: It seems a «gradient» from West to East, from North to South. What lessons to be learned?
Person:  Mrs. Borowska Paula Anna Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  Marocco´s way to modern civil service from legal perspective.
Person:  Ms. Chernyak Tatyana Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Innovation policy and the innovation environment as a condition of the formation of the innovator (for example, the staff training of the Siberian Federal District)
Person:  Ms. Circiumaru Adriana Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  Regional cooperation in Romanian civil service
Person:  Mrs. Creta Simona Claudia Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  Towards a model for public servants’ needs assessment
Person:  Mr. Gajduschek Gyorgy Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Civil service system in Hungary. A typical CEE story?
Person:  Ms. Jezierska Agnieszka Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  Civil service as a corporation caring for public interest – in-depth research on the present and future functioning of the civil service in Poland
Person:  Mrs. Khomutova Olga Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Problems of assessment of efficiency and productivity professional activities of state servants
Person:  Mr. Meyer-Sahling Jan-Hinrik Work Country: United Kingdom 
Paper:  Civil service professionalisation in the Western Balkans
Person:  Ms. Minnigulova Dinara Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Classification problems of legal relations in civil service
Person:  Ms. Nemes Lavinia Claudia Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  Blendend learning - an innovative training solution
Person:  Ms. Nemes Lavinia Claudia Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  Certified ECDL competences for an efficient administration
Person:  Mr. Nica Aser Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  The role of leadership in public sector from Romania and Great Britain. Comparative study.
Person:  Mr. Popa Florin Marius Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  The europeanization of civil service. Comparative analysis
Person:  Ms. Rabrenovic Aleksandra Work Country: Serbia 
Paper:  Main principles and approaches to civil service pay reform: example of Western Balkan countries
Person:  Mr. Radakovic Milan Work Country: Serbia 
Paper:  Balance between formal and informal learning - experience and challenges of civil servants´ training in Serbia
Person:  Ms. Stanova Ludmila Work Country: Slovakia 
Paper:  The Role of Central Structures for Coordination, Management and Control of the Civil Service: the Case of Slovakia
Person:  Ms. Staronova Katarina Work Country: Slovakia 
Paper:  Innovative elements in civil service reform of Slovakia: Road to professionalization?
Person:  Mr. Ticlau Tudor Cristian Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  Transformational leadership in Romania’s local public administration. A study regarding leadership types in decentralized local institutions in Romania
Person:  Mr. Ungureanu Mihai Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  Conditionality and reform reversal: The case of Romanian civil service
Person:  Ms. Zankina Emilia Work Country: Bulgaria 
Paper:  The growing attractiveness of the Bulgarian civil service: Fact or myth?
IV. Working Group on PA Reform
Person:  Mrs. Babinova Olena Work Country: Ukraine 
Paper:  Regional development and current reformation of a system of public administration on regional level in Ukraine
Person:  Mr. Berceanu Ionut-Bogdan Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  Public administration convergence through EU policies. Case study: Romania and Bulgaria
Person:  Mr. Bileisis Mantas Work Country: Lithuania 
Paper:  Government as a factor in the development of national governance: Lithuanian experience.
Person:  Mr. Brandsen Taco Work Country: Netherlands 
Paper:  Social innovation and public administration reform: When good ideas travel (or not)
Person:  Ms. Bukowska Grazyna Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  Quality of public administration and human capital
Person:  Ms. Denkova Jadranka Work Country: Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) 
Paper:  Preconditions for efficient public administration in the Republic of Macedonia
Person:  Ms. Gavkalova Nataliia Work Country: Ukraine 
Paper:  The peculiarities of public administration in Ukraine: Realities and methods of development
Person:  Mr. Gellen Marton Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Centralization and de-agencificacion in Hungary. Towards a crisis-proof public administration? Administrative capacity building in times of fiscal restriction, austerity and economic crisis
Person:  Mr. Gocevski Dragan Work Country: Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) 
Paper:  Frequent legal ammendments, preconditions for succes/failure of public administration reforms
Person:  Ms. Horvath Agnes Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Reform of the election management in Hungary
Person:  Mrs. Iancu Diana - Camelia Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  Good governance building in former Yugoslavia: Did EU help?
Person:  Mr. Jacko Tomas Work Country: Slovakia 
Paper:  A chance to restart public administration reform in Slovakia
Person:  Mr. Jankulovski Zoran Work Country: Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) 
Paper:  Regional cooperation in Republic of Macedonia – model for good governance and municipal development
Person:  Ms. Junjan Veronica Work Country: Netherlands 
Paper:  Social innovations in local government : The case of local development agent
Person:  Mr. Kotchegura Alexander Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Dr. Alexander Kotchegura
Civil service reform in Tajikistan: Does it mark a shift towards modern bureaucracy?
Person:  Ms. Mikolaityte Jurgita Work Country: Lithuania 
Paper:  NGO transformation from peripheral actors to equal partners in public administration in Lithuania: Utopia or reality?
Person:  Mr. Nakrosis Vitalis Work Country: Lithuania 
Paper:  Ex post control and steering of government agencies in Lithuania and Romania
Person:  Mr. Saqib Naqibullah Work Country: Afghanistan 
Paper:  Public administration in Afghanistan as a mechanism for social change
Person:  Ms. Savi Riin Work Country: Estonia 
Paper:  Payment systems and incentives in primary care: implications of recent reforms in Estonia and Romania
Person:  Ms. Sobis Iwona Work Country: Sweden 
Paper:  Consolidation in local government: An international comparison of arguments and practices
Person:  Ms. Suleymanova Gulnara Work Country: Kyrgyzstan 
Paper:  Creation of high-tech park in Kyrgyzstan under pressure of the tax policies
Person:  Mrs. Urbanovic Jolanta Work Country: Lithuania 
Paper:  Development of civil service reforms in Lithuania
Person:  Mr. Urinboyev Rustamjon Work Country: Finland 
Paper:  Living law and political stability in post-soviet Central Asia. A case study of the Ferghana Valley in Uzbekistan
Person:  Mrs. Wojtowicz Dominika Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  Learning ministries - global practices to support organizational learning processes in public administration and Polish experience
Person:  Mrs. Zabolotnaya Galina Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Social partnership between local authorities and civil society as a factor of good governance
V. Working Group on Internationalization and Networking of Public Administration Studies and Civil Servant’s Training Systems
Person:  Ms. Antonie Catalina-Mirona Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  Networking and civil servants training in the context of public administration internationalization: The case of Eastern and Central European countries
Person:  Mr. Barabashev Alexey Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Civil servants training in the US: Example of the open model training system
Person:  Mr. Chlivickas Eugenijus Work Country: Lithuania 
Paper:  Internationalization and inter-regional cooperation for improvement human resources system
Person:  Mr. Chunikhin Gennadii Work Country: Ukraine 
Paper:  Issues regarding a quality of the professional development services within monopolistic organizations
Person:  Mrs. Goverdovskaya Lydia Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  The system of developing the Samara Region administrative human resources for ublic administration.
Person:  Mr. Melkishev Sergey Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Problems of the academic mobility in the Russian universities
Person:  Mr. Melnikas Borisas Work Country: Lithuania 
Paper:  International networking of public management studies and civil servant’s training systems: Interregional cooperation in the Central and Eastern Europe
Person:  Mrs. Prelec Dubravka Work Country: Croatia 
Paper:  Beyond the weberian toolbox: New approaches to capacity building in the public sector
Person:  Ms. Tyasto Marina V. Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  New training program for civil servants and NGO leaders in all regions of Russian Federation
Person:  Mrs. Vanin Elisa Work Country: Italy 
Paper:  International capacity building and training on regulation of local public services: The experience of the Turin School of Local Regulation
Person:  Mrs. Vorontchuk Inesa Work Country: Latvia 
Paper:  Methods of knowledge management for public sector employees
Person:  Mrs. Zaytseva Tatiana Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Efficiency of legislation and legislative procedure: Do members of parliament need professional development?
Person:  Mrs. Zlatanovic Ivana Work Country: Serbia 
Paper:  Challenges of establishing the training system in the context of preparations for the decentralized management of EU funds in the public/state administration of the Republic of Serbia
VI. Working Group on Public Finance and Public Financial Management
Person:  Mrs. Benkovic Sladjana Work Country: Serbia 
Paper:  Benefits of implementing public-private partnerships in local government infrastructure financing- the case of Serbia
Person:  Mrs. Blagoeva Ivanova Viktoryia Work Country: Bulgaria 
Paper:  Taxation challenges for theintegration processes in the EU
Person:  Ms. Boskoska Meri Work Country: Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) 
Paper:  Managing regional public finance towards implementation of the distributed databases
Person:  Ms. Capkova Sona Work Country: Slovakia 
Paper:  Tax sharing as an instrument of interregional fiscal equalization
Person:  Mrs. Godarova Jana Work Country: Czech Republic 
Paper:  Is decision on early retirement influenced by individual life expectancy? And may it influence distributional fairness and budgetary cost of the pension system? First insight into Czech Republic situation using quantitative methods.
Person:  Mrs. Guzikova Liudmila Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Development of national system of mortgage housing crediting in Russia
Person:  Mrs. Houbenova-Delisivkova Tatiana Work Country: Bulgaria 
Paper:  The role of clusters in the regional sustainable development – challenges and opportunities for public governance and fiscal policies (case study of Bulgaria)
Person:  Mrs. Jaansoo Annika Work Country: Estonia 
Paper:  The divergence of working and living place as the factor of municipalities´development in Estonia
Person:  Mr. Jahoda Robert Work Country: Czech Republic 
Paper:  Microsimulation of the mortage interest deduction. The Czech case
Person:  Ms. Jovanovic Tatjana Work Country: Slovenia 
Paper:  Public sector accounting reform
Person:  Mr. Kakai Laszlo Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Is decentralization or recentralization of the local government budget in Hungary?
Person:  Ms. Kalman Judit Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Derangement or development? Political economy of EU structural funds allocation in new member states - Insights from the Hungarian case
Person:  Ms. Kirillova Alexandra Work Country: Ukraine 
Paper:  State target program of financial literacy of the population in Ukraine
Person:  Ms. Kopanska Agnieszka Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  Fly-paper and super fly-paper effect. Education at primary and lower secondary level in Poland- case study
Person:  Mr. Kovacs Gabor Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  The role of Cost/Benefit Analysis in the appraisal of major public infrastructure projects: The case of Hungary
Person:  Mr. Krivorotko Yuri Work Country: Belarus 
Paper:  Financial equalization in Belarus: Whether the formula is need?
Person:  Mr. Mencinger Jernej Work Country: Slovenia 
Paper:  The impact of public debt on growth: A comparative analysis of old and new EU member states
Person:  Mr. Nemec Juraj Work Country: Czech Republic 
Paper:  Efficiency of outsourcing and factors determining it: Slovakia
Person:  Mr. Pavel Jan Work Country: Czech Republic 
Paper:  Comparison of methodical supports in evaluation of 3E: Czech Republic and United Kingdom
Person:  Mrs. Petkovsek Veronika Work Country: Slovenia 
Paper:  Slovenia´s national competitiveness during the economic crisis and the role of public finance
Person:  Mrs. Sedmihradska Lucie Work Country: Czech Republic 
Paper:  Determinants of tax revenue forecasts accuracy in Czech municipalities
Person:  Ms. Sharapova-Hang Olga Work Country: France 
Paper:  Tax competition as consequence of the tax autonomy at the sub-national level: Case study of selected Russian Caucasus regions
Person:  Mr. Slukhai Sergii Work Country: Ukraine 
Paper:  Performance measurement as a key element in evaluation of public expenditure programs: Case of Ukraine
Person:  Mr. Sokal Dzmitry Work Country: Belarus 
Paper:  Public finance: The interaction of state and society
Person:  Mr. Stoica Ovidiu Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  Local budgeting in Romania – A critical approach
Person:  Ms. Suleymanova Gulnara Work Country: Kyrgyzstan 
Paper:  Issues of pension system in Kyrgyzstan
VII. Working Group on Public Policy Analysis Development Issues
Person:  Ms. Bankova Ivanka Work Country: Bulgaria 
Paper:  Conflicts of administrative nature in Bulgarian regional development policy- Status, trends, possible solutions
Person:  Mr. Filimonov Dmitry Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  The state youth policy on decrease in ethnoextremism.
Person:  Ms. Ivan Valentina Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  Is EU energy regulation a platform for policy learning? Implementation of third legislative package: The case of national energy regulators
Person:  Mr. Jorna Franciscus Work Country: Netherlands 
Paper:  Regional governance and community-led development: Miles apart?
Person:  Mr. Kilievych Olexandr Work Country: Ukraine 
Paper:  Performance management systems and policy analysis procedures in public policy-making in Ukraine and CEE countries
Person:  Mr. Kleibrink Alexander Work Country: Germany 
Paper:  Monitoring & evaluation of the new EU cohesion policy 2014-2020: Getting prepared for accession
Person:  Ms. Kuleshova Evgeniya Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Science cities as a special way of the territorial organization of science in Russia
Person:  Mr. Lados Mihaly Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Changing local government finance in Hungary: New directions – an early assessment
Person:  Ms. Lehmbruch Barbara Work Country: Sweden 
Paper:  Donors, analysts and agencies: Aid coordination structures and their impact on domestic policy capacity
Person:  Ms. Musialkowska Ida Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  Legal aspects of the implementation of EU funds 2007-2013 in Poland – practice and challenges
Person:  Ms. Patoska Aleksandra Work Country: Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) 
Paper:  The instrument for pre-accession funds, their usage and implementation: The case of Macedonia
Person:  Mrs. Prakapiene Agne Work Country: Lithuania 
Paper:  Implementation and management European agriculture policy in Lithuania. The case of Ministry of Agriculture of Lithuania,
Person:  Mrs. Radu Bianca Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  A case study on the capacity of Romanian government to formulate public policies
Person:  Mr. Rakar Iztok Work Country: Slovenia 
Paper:  Evaluating procedural aspects of public governance: Case of Slovenia
Person:  Ms. Risteska Marija Work Country: Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) 
Paper:  From better to smart regulation: what could be the impact of the EU’s smart regulation policy for the Macedonian better regulation policy?
Person:  Mr. Tertychka Valeriy Work Country: Ukraine 
Paper:  Professionalization of public policy analysis in Ukraine: A cooperation experience
Person:  Ms. Tuca Mihaela Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  Public policy instruments and themes in the field of social responsibility
Person:  Mr. Znamenskiy Dmitriy Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Interaction between government and society in public scientific policy: Russian case.
VIII. Working Group on Public Administration Education
Person:  Mr. Barnes David Work Country: United States 
Paper:  Regional Partnerships, Foreign Investments and Local Economic Development: A Case Study of Nokia in Cluj County, Romania
Person:  Mrs. Bilynska Maryna Work Country: Ukraine 
Paper:  Bringing global educational standards to Ukraine – creation of Higher School of Public Administration in the National Academy of Public Administration, Office of the President of Ukraine.
Person:  Mrs. Bogovac Jasna Work Country: Croatia 
Paper:  Multinational corporations as one of the challenges of tax administrations in 21st century: The case of Croatia
Person:  Ms. Del Collo Caitlin Work Country: United States 
Paper:  Collaborative Domestic Violence Services: Cases Studies from New Castle County, Delaware, & Cluj County, Romania
Person:  Ms. Habib Shabnam Work Country: Afghanistan 
Paper:  Local Government in Afghanistan: How it works and main challenges
Person:  Mr. Hajnal Gyorgy Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  The disciplinary (re)orientation of public administration education in Europe: A survey
Person:  Mr. Karas David Work Country: United States 
Paper:  Implications of the Media-Public Administration Relationship: Is Mass Media the Watchdog of Democracy in Romania?
Person:  Mr. Manukyan Garegin Work Country: United States 
Paper:  Developing capacities for professionalism, integrity and ethics (PIE) to prevent corruption in the public service
Person:  Ms. Mejere Oksana Work Country: Lithuania 
Paper:  The curriculum transformations of public administration study programs in the context of public sector reforms: Case of Lithuania
Person:  Ms. Menshova Vera Work Country: Russian Federation 
Paper:  Public administration education quality and inter-regional cooperation:past experience and new perspectives
Person:  Mr. Sandor Sorin Dan Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  Plagiarism within Academia
Person:  Ms. Suleymanova Gulnara Work Country: Kyrgyzstan 
Paper:  Public administration education in Kyrgyzstan: The case of financial education
Person:  Mr. van der Krogt Theo Work Country: Netherlands 
Paper:  Public Administration Education and Accreditation in Europe: a Balance
Person:  Ms. Voican Avram Madalina Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  Evolution of Romanian civil servant's training system
Person:  Ms. Williams Ethel Work Country: United States 
Paper:  Global collaboration to promote standards of quality in public administration, public affairs and public policy education
IX. Working group on Administration and Management of Internal Security Agencies
Person:  Mr. Aristovnik Aleksander Work Country: Slovenia 
Paper:  Performance measurement in Slovenian police at local level: A DEA approach
Person:  Ms. Krstevska Katerina Work Country: Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) 
Paper:  Macedonia’s fifth violation of the positive obligation of the article 3 of the European convention for the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms
Person:  Ms. Malish Sazdovska Marina Work Country: Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) 
Paper:  Management of the police in the Republic of Macedonia in crisis
Person:  Mr. Pawlowski Konrad Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  The role and activities of the Polish Border Guard
Person:  Mr. Pollumae Sander Work Country: Estonia 
Paper:  Disciplinary proceedings of convicts in prisons of Estonia
Person:  Mr. Stojanovski Sasho Work Country: Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) 
Paper:  International cooperation in the area of justice and home affairs combat against organized crime- institutions and instruments
Person:  Mrs. Tomazevic Nina Work Country: Slovenia 
Paper:  The common assessment framework (CAF) and employee satisfaction: The case of the Slovenian police service
X. Working Group on Good Governance, Human Rights and Development
Person:  Mr. Abazov Rafis Work Country: Kazakhstan 
Paper:  The evolution of the concept of e-Governance: The history of creation of the blog platform of Kazakhstan’s government
Person:  Mr. Abdurahimov Ravshanbek Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  Ethnic conflicts and authoritarian regimes: The case of Uzbekistan
Person:  Ms. Alenkina Natalia Work Country: Kyrgyzstan 
Paper:  Informal justice and official legal system: The compatibility problem in the light of trends in the Central Asia region
Person:  Mr. Bahman Nasim Work Country: Afghanistan 
Paper:  Good governance in Afghanistan: Challenges and solutions
Person:  Ms. Bukowska Grazyna Work Country: Poland 
Paper:  Education and the quality of government. The case of transition countries
Person:  Mr. Checa Hidalgo Diego Work Country: United Kingdom 
Paper:  Strengthening human security: Non-violent protection of empowerment processes in socio-environmental conflicts.
Person:  Ms. Chechel Anna Work Country: Ukraine 
Paper:  Sustainable Development and Human Security Strategy for Old-Industrial Territories
Person:  Mr. Farzam Farid Ahmad Work Country: Japan 
Paper:  Role of community activities on rural development in Afghanistan
Person:  Mrs. Lyebyedyeva Yaroslavna Work Country: Ukraine 
Paper:  Problems of migrants’ integration into Ukrainian society
Person:  Ms. Malyarenko Tetyana Work Country: Sweden 
Paper:  Getting the connections right: Human rights human security and good governance in the EU´s Eastern neighbourhood
Person:  Ms. Mambetalieva Erkaiym Work Country: Kyrgyzstan 
Paper:  Corruption in higher education: Sources, scale and solutions
Person:  Ms. Mambetalieva Erkaiym Work Country: Kyrgyzstan 
Paper:  Mechanisms of interaction of a civil society and the state.
Person:  Mrs. Mitrevska Marina Work Country: Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) 
Paper:  Human security: Notion for security of individual in the society
Person:  Mr. Nikolovski Dimitar Work Country: Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) 
Paper:  Rewards or reparations? Transitional justice approaches in post-conflict Macedonia
Person:  Ms. Prijon Lea Work Country: Slovenia 
Paper:  Role of political and administrative elite in human security: Cases Slovenia and Slovakia
Person:  Ms. Remenski Frosina Work Country: Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) 
Paper:  The challenges of policing in multiethnic societies: The case of Republic of Macedonia
Person:  Mrs. Sandu Cristina Work Country: Romania 
Paper:  Comparative good practices of social enterprise in South-Eastern Europe
Person:  Mr. Sarnyai Csaba Work Country: Hungary 
Paper:  Structural tensions between regional and non-regional forms of local politics in Serbia:The possible roles of personal autonomy and regionalism in the reduction of inter-ethnic conflicts in the West-Balkan
Person:  Ms. Sever Tina Work Country: Slovenia 
Paper:  Human rights assurance principles in administrative procedures in selected Central and Eastern European states
Person:  Ms. Zakirova Venera Work Country: Nigeria 
Paper:  Poverty and participatory approaches in poverty reduction in Russia: Oxfam GB case study.