The 22nd NISPAcee Annual Conference

Conference photos available

Conference photos available

In the conference participated 317 participants

Conference programme published

Almost 250 conference participants from 36 countries participated

Conference Report

Perfect conference. Well organised. Very informative.

M.deV., Netherlands, 22nd Conference 2014, Hungary

Thanks to the NISPAcee Conference organisers and best wishes for the further suc cess of our common cause.

L.G., Russian Federation, 22nd Conference 2014, Hungary

The conference was well organised. I enjoyed it very much. The panels were inter esting and I enjoyed all of the events. I hope to make it to Georgia next year.

J.D., Estonia, 22nd Conference 2014, Hungary

It was a very efficiently organised conference and also very productive. I met s everal advanced scientists and discussed my project with them.

I.S., Azerbaijan, 22nd Conference 2014, Hungary

The Conference was very academically fruitful!

M. K., Republic of Macedonia, 20th Conference 2012, Republic of Macedonia

Thanks for organising the pre-conference activity. I benefited significantl y!

R. U., Uzbekistan, 19th Conference, Varna 2011

Each information I got, was received perfectly in time!

L. S., Latvia, 21st Conference 2013, Serbia

All parts of the conference were very useful. Thank you very much for the excell ent organisation of this event!

O. B., Ukraine, 19th Conference, Varna 2011

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 Meeting DETAILS of Conference Program  

for the  22nd NISPAcee Annual Conference
    Program Overview

Saturday, May 24, 2014            9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

IX. Working Group on Local Public Policies 
Meeting 4: Governance of Local Public Budget
Room E 328 3rd floor
Related to IX. Local Public Policies 
WG Programme Coordinators:
  Daniel Klimovsky, Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia
Franco Becchis, Turin School of Local Regulation, Torino, Italy


Paper: Municipal Policy Priority Setting, Implementation and Evaluation through Effective Budget Tools
David Amborski, Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada
David Amborski, Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada

Paper: Ethics Management in the Context of Good Governance:The Case of Lithuania
Renata Bilbokaite, Siauliai University, Siauliai, Lithuania
Rita Toleikienė PhD student, lecturer at Social science faculty in Šiauliai University, Lithuania, e-mail:

Paper: Challenges in the Implementation of Performance Management System to the Russian Local Governance. Case Study of Krasnoyarsk City, Russia
Anastasiya Kichigina, London Metropolitan University, London, United Kingdom
Dr Diana Silvia Stirbu, London Metropolitan University, UK

Paper: Local Tax Policies in the Highly Fragmented Countries: State Paternalism or Real Tax Autonomy?
Olga Sharapova-Hang, Paris Descartes University, Paris, France
Sasa Drezgic, University of Rijeka, Rijeka, CroatiaDaniel Klimovsky, Technical University of Kosice, Kosice, Slovakia
Olga Sharapova-Hang, Paris Descartes University, Paris, France