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XII. Administration & Manag. of Internal Security Agencies
Author(s)  Peter Krajnyak 
  National University of Public Service
Budapest  Hungary
Paper Name  The International Dimensions of Law Enforcement Training in Budapest-Summary of the ITC’s activity
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Presenter  Peter Krajnyak
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 Preliminary Abstract
The International Dimensions of Law Enforcement Training in Budapest
-Summary of the ITC’s activity

The principal objective of the presentation is to demonstrate how our organization - the International Training Centre (ITC) founded in 1 July 1999 by the decision of the Hungarian Ministry of Interior – works together with international organizations such as the International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA), the Central European Police College (MEPA) and the European Police College (CEPOL).

The Academies organize several training courses for Hungarian and foreign law enforcement employee and leadership members in different general and special or specific topics in Hungary and abroad.

ILEA is maintained by the US and Hungarian governments with the aim of training for senior (police) officers. The academy programs are comprised of six-week courses and shorter (one- to two-week) seminars a year in specific topics (cyber crime, human trafficking, credit card fraud, weapon smuggling, ethics in law enforcement, etc.).
Working language is English, but the interpretation is available for the students in their own mother tongue in most of the trainings. Students come from the region countries where the staff of US Embassies - co-operating with the particular governmental agencies - recruits them.

Ministry of Interior, International Training Centre hosts ILEA and provides all the necessary conditions to the functioning on the basis of the Bilateral Agreement, signed between the Government of the United States of America and the Government of Hungary.

MEPA consists of seven countries (Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary). Primary objective is the promotion of practical cooperation on the field of fighting organized and cross-border crime. The officers are interested can take part professional and language observations (couple of weeks) in the network partners.
Working language is German. Interpretation is not available during the trainings.

CEPOL: The agency of European Union is responsible for achieving common education goals for law enforcement officers in Member States. The trainings are carried out in traditional and e-learning seminars, officer exchange program and other ways. Working language is English without interpretation in the courses.

Due to good reputation of the training courses and the experts of the ITC, the centre has been invited to deliver tailor-made training programs to several countries in and outside Europe. Owing to the success of the courses and international co-operation, the centre works together with numerous institutions in Hungary and abroad on bilateral basis in order to share best practices in law enforcement and educational fields.